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Great Awards Ceremony, 27 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hosted by The Rock, this 2 hour broadcast featured lots of great clips of movie stunts. Mr. T was the show's announcer. The show also featured a series of comedy sketches with The Rock and a number of people (Doris Roberts, Eric Estrada and Mr. T) trying to kill him- so they can host the next awards show. There were a number of celebrities on hand (Gov. Schwarzenegger, Dennis Hopper, Bruce Willis, David Spade, Burt Reynolds and more) who all had a lot of fun with the show and their own image. Schwarzenegger was seen in "actual" footage of his ski accident. The idea of using Mr. T as the voice of the stunt show was an inspired choice. Gerard Butler won Action Star of the year (presented by Dennis Hopper) and Gov. Schwarzenegger presented Burt Reynolds with a lifetime achievement.

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Fantastic!, 24 January 2007

This was an outstanding documentary that tells the story of a handful of Catholic priests and other anti-war protesters who broke into a draft board office in New Jersey to destroy files.

What I liked best about the film was how fair the documentary was to both sides of the story. This was not one of those films that tells you what to think on a subject, rather it lets you decide for yourself.

It was a subject that could have been dull in the wrong hands, but was engrossing throughout. Most interesting is the vast amount of vintage photos and audio shown on screen. The makers did a lot of research, and this shows.

There is also a great "twist" that shows up about halfway through the film. It really surprised me and the audience I saw it with.

If you get a chance to watch this, don't miss it!

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Lots of fun, 20 April 2005

This documentary has been shown on TCM. It is entirely in black and white and made up of home movie footage shot by actor Ken Murray. Kenstarted making home movies when he came to Hollywood. He narrates the silent films and tells stories about "the old days". There is great footage of Hollywood Blvd., Chaplin Studios and Paramount.

The documentary also features many celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin and Bob Hope. Chaplin, ever the ham, tries to ride on one of those bicycles with the giant front tire.

Another great shot features two legends mugging for the camera: Jimmy Durante and Sid Grauman.

The documentary runs just under an hour and closes with a shot of Ken's star on Hollywood Blvd.

I would recommend this to any film who wants to look back at old historic Hollywood.

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A wonderful children's classic, 26 March 2004

Not many cartoons can be so touching in less than 30 minutes. Puff, manages to movie the audience a great deal despite its scant running time.

Jackie Draper is a young boy who wont communicate with anyone. Through wonderful images and the beautiful music Puff helps Jackie help himself. The cartoon is funny and follows the song very well. The late Burgess Meredith lends his voice to the green dragon. This was followed by 2 other specials "Puff The Magic Dragon and The Land Of The Living Lies" and "Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody". I highly recommend all three, not just for children but for everyone with an imagination.

Shameless self-promotion, but oh what fun!, 6 July 2002

This two-hour program originated from NBC studios in New York and featured an amazing list of current and former NBC personalities. The show featured several segments on different shows, genres and moments in NBC's 75 years. Some of the highlights of show included: Mr. T's NBC star pity list (`I pity ALF, you never did get to eat the cat; I pity Screech, because we all pity Screech), Conan O'Brien with a look at late night on NBC, and the cast of Cheers, E.R., the Cosby Show reunited on stage. Well worth a look if you can find it!

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A nice funny film., 10 January 2002

I saw this film at a film festival and was floored by it. I laughed from start to finish, and found the ending touching. The highlight of the film were the duo of Buscuit and Gil(Trevor Fehrman and Jeff Anderson.) They spend much of the film bantering back and forth about pop culture topics, without seeming forced. The film featured some very funny scenes, amazing directing and camera work, and a great cast. Highly recommended.

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The Toughest Man in the World starring the Toughest Man in the World., 21 October 2001

This is a very cool film starring the Toughest Man in the World, Mr. T. Directed by Dick Lowry (Project ALF, Smokey and The Bandit 3) the film tells the story of Bruise Brubaker, a tough as nails bouncer with a heart of gold. Brubaker, played with gusto by real life tough-guy and former bouncer Mr. T, decides to enter a toughman contest, but it will take every thing he has to prevail. An exciting treat for fans of Mr. T. Hard to find, but if you do, check it out!

I.Q. (1994)
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A funny romantic comedy, with an unusual story., 21 October 2001

This film tells the story of a romance between Albert Einstien niece and a gas station attendant. In order to get the two together, Einstien agrees to help Ed(Hudsucker Proxy's Tim Robbins) learn to act more intelligent. This impresses Catherine (Meg Ryan). Unfortunately Einstien goes too far and Ed is considered to be a genius. Hilarity ensues. Not to be missed. Filmed in Mercer county New Jersey at Princeton University, Lawrenceville Prep School (doubling for Princeton University) as well as a beautiful vintage gas station in Hopewell.

Starrcade (1994) (TV)
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Average wrestling video, highlighted by Mr. T match., 21 October 2001

This was an average card with few matches of note. Particularly bad is the main event with the aging Hulk Hogan squaring off against the Butcher. The highlight of the card is the ONLY singles wrestling match ever for Mr. T. Mr. T battles Kevin Sullivan, it may not be a battle for the ages, but at least it is a good battle for the 5 or so minutes it is on the screen. Although he's tied up by his own sweatshirt for most of the match, as always Mr. T is fun to watch. If only you could say that about the rest of this tape.

The Bees (1978)
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The Bees is pretty bad, but a lot of fun to watch., 28 September 1999

O.K. heres the basic plot: we have been poisoning the air for so many years that nature has fought back by sending us KILLER BEES. Now if that doesn't grab you how about this: This film features a swarm of bees addressing the United Nations, as Angel Thompkin's screams "You have to listen! You have to listen (sic) what the bees are trying to tell you!" I really had fun watching this, but I am truly amazed at how bad it is. There are surprising continuity errors. (In one scene hit men shoot a man as he is sitting in a chair. In the next shot, it's a different older chair.) Many of the shot's of the bee swarms look like they are just clouds of smoke. However, Nightmare On Elm Street's John Saxon is in it, and Claudio Brooks gets hit in the head with a rock. All in all I highly recommend it.

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