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good low budget movie with nice character detail, 4 May 2004

Try to see this film, a good well acted wittily scripted low budget british flick with a strong ensemble cast and a penchant for good comic scenes and amusing and original characters.Interesting to see a movie shot on digital technology but looking this cinematic and well lit.Tom harper, stuart bunce and sorcha cusack all excellent. Quite theatrical in a sense but in the best way.Good detail in the mise en scene and the plot and charatcter development unpredictable. I laughed , i cried, i forgot the iron was on. Oh and nicholas irons was good aswell and that bloke off of the telly. and that woman who used to be in holby or something. I liked it alot.Get to see it, or get the dvd if it comes out because its funny and thats a good reason to i think.Dont get out some rubbish from blockbinkers video shop with steven seagal.Actually he should have been in this.

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Fantastic, enthralling, mysterious. Stuart Bunce is a new star., 23 February 1999

Stuart Bunce is at the heart of this mysterious compelling new film that has resonances of Antonioni about it. A complex and emotional love triangle that is dreamlike and subtle, evoking the feeling of the wider political world bearing down on the lives of the protagonists. Superb. Stuart Bunce is a major discovery, like a new Montgomery Clift.