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Scooby-Doo (2002)
For the fans, 14 June 2002

This movie was made with fans of Scooby-Doo in mind. It has in jokes galore about the things that you never thought about until you got older, like why fred always goes with Daphne when they split up, and other stuff I wont give away. The Scrappy Doo appearance was genius. Kids may enjoy this movie as they would the cartoon, and not realize that it is a spoof of the cartoon, while still staying mostly true to it. It does to Scooby what the Brady Bunch movies did to that show. If you like watching the cartoon for fun, even though the stories are horrible at times, and just enjoy the absurdity of it all, this movie grasps that and makes fun of it at the same time. Your average movie goer might not get the jokes though, it requires a good bit of scooby knowledge to understand, but I'm glad they did it for the fans and not to please the masses. The only thing missing was a scene where shaggy and scooby fool the monsters by pretending to be waiters or barbers or something. They did that a lot in the cartoon but not in the movie. The whole scrappy thing makes up for it though. As I said, kids will enjoy it just as they do the cartoon, but I think it was made especially for older people that are big fans of scooby and love it for how absurd it is, and how fun it is when you realize it makes no sense at times.

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Entertaining, though nothing extraordinary, 1 March 2002

I enjoyed this movie a lot, the characters seemed to be the same characters they were in the original Peter Pan, especially Peter and Hook. Captain Hook is just a great villain, and shows a few examples of how ruthless he really is. The animation was done well, perhaps the fact that it didn't have the budget of something like The Lion King helped its look, as it mostly sticks to traditional animation. It has a good bit of computer generated graphics, but none of them are really distracting. I liked how Hook's octopus has its eyes pop out of the water, moving up and down, making the same tick-tock noise as the clock in the crocodile. The biggest downside of this movie is the songs, they all sound basically the same, nothing really catchy, and the lyrics are just saying what we already know about the plot. They don't even say it in a very stylish way, they just tell us what is happening or what needs to happen, plain and simple. They could have been cut out completely and it would have made the movie even better. You could tell that it was originally intended for direct-to-video, mainly from the songs, but the animation was better than it probably would have been on a direct-to-video movie. I give it a 7 out of 10... I'm glad I saw it, and it would be worth my time to watch it again, though I probably wouldn't buy the DVD. I work at a theater, and if we get it, I'll watch it again for free. Not that it wasn't worth paying to see once, just that I doubt I'd get more out of a second viewing.

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Great parody of the old series., 20 January 2002

This show is a great parody of the original Scooby Doo series. You can tell that the writers really loved the original show and it made a lot of inside jokes. If you don't know a lot about the original series, you probably wont find it as funny. For example no episode goes by without fred saying "lets split up, gang", even if its the last line in the episode. Those who think this show is a rip off just don't get it.

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Pure B movie goodness., 20 January 2002

Everyone says this movie is bad, of course it is... do you think the people were actually serious when they made it? NO! It is to be enjoyed as a B movie. It shows a T-rex make a phone call, then check the pay phone for change after he's done, then it shows him crying with tears pouring from his eyes. I assure you no one thought they were making a great cinematic moment, they were just being silly. If you can't appreciate this movie for what it is, then you shouldn't be reviewing B-movies. They weren't made for you.

How High (2001)
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Enough great scenes mixed in to other stuff to make it worth watching., 14 January 2002

I saw this movie for free at the theater where I work, and it was definately worth the time I spent watching it. I dunno if I would have paid $7 to see it, but I'd probably rent it for $3. It is one of the funnier recent weed movies. It is better than half-baked, if for no other reason, it doesnt end with the characters giving up weed. Of course it did seem to scream the fact that its main audience would be black, and overuses the black-hating white guy skits a bit. I don't see how they get away with portraying harvard teachers and faculty as racist dumbasses, but apparently it isnt considered slander in any way. I laughed a lot during this movie, the funny scenes are really funny, the rest of the movie just seems to be filler, scenes with characters reminding the target black audience that they are black too.

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A high budget B movie, 20 July 2001

This movie seems like a B movie that got a big special effects budget. I dont mean that as a bad thing though. Just dont overanalyze the plot. It's just there to take you to the dinosaurs. Its a showcase of special effects, that needed a plot so they could call it a movie. Its a bit silly, a lot more so than the other two. If you can enjoy a good special effects show, you'll like it. If it wasnt for the effects, it probably would have been straight to video, but is worth seeing on the big screen to see what the effects artists could do. I'll watch it again!

Freaked (1993)
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The funniest movie I've seen in a long time!, 4 June 2001

I cant try to explain what makes this movie great. I guess I could try, but it wouldnt come across right in words. Thats because this movie is original. Its style of comedy, everything about it... there's nothing to compare it to. Look at the cover of the video box, it has a quote from John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren and Stimpy, saying its the funniest film in years. If you ever read any interviews with John K, he's not an easy man to please, and he takes the art of comedy very seriously... how else could have he made Ren and Stimpy? I dont see how this movie has escaped me all this years. Its definately on my top 10 now! It might be hard to find a copy of it, but its worth whatever you have to go through to get it. It shows up on ebay on occaision, and I just got the laserdisc for 3 dollars. Just find it and watch it!

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This stuff is great, 4 June 2001

I'm giving this a 10 for entertainment value. Of course it isn't entertaining in the way it was meant to be, but its definately great to watch! Where do I start? Well for one you get Mr. T explaining the chains he wears around his neck, and how they are about his roots. Notice how he says it, "these changes" - yes he's talking about "chains" but says "changes" just cause thats Mr. T talk! Also, when fussing about kids eating junk food, you get the great line "Whats this? Popcorn! Tato Chip!" Then you have the great scene where the kids find a full, unopened beer, AND a pack of cigarettes, in the trash can! If only I was so lucky! Then the kids of course sip on the beer and smoke the cigarettes, and try to talk the only "smart" kid into doing it, while Mr. T is off to the side shaking his head, apparently only seen by the one kid. Then enters the line of black guys singing "peer pressure!" Oh and I cant forget the scene where Mr. T gets mad at a fly and slaps his hand into the potato salad, then into his own face, covering himself in potato salad. And, ok, just one more thing! There is a part where Mr. T talks about being yourself, and not worrying about brand names, cause they are stupid and meaningless, just wear what clothes you like! Then in the very next segment he's sporting a jacket with a huge Adidas logo on it! Trust me this stuff is GREAT! Go find a copy now!

Freaked (1993)
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The funniest movie I've seen in a long time, 4 June 2001

I just saw this movie the other day, and I dont know how a movie this great has gone so unnoticed by me and everyone else. I can't really explain the comedy or why it is great, simply because its original. The overall style has never been done quite this way. Just look at the cover of the video box, the quote on it is from John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren and Stimpy, and he calls it the funniest film in years! If you read any interviews with John Krifalusi, you'll know that he can support what he likes with valid reasons, and that he doesnt like just anything. In fact, he takes the art of comedy very serious, and wouldnt let his name be put on just anything. Just see this movie for yourself. It can be hard to find, but you can probably find it on ebay. I just got the laserdisc for 3 dollars!

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Really freakin funny movie!, 19 May 2001

Its been a while since I saw this movie, I'm about to go look for it on ebay though. It is far from your typical hollywood comedy. It's nothing that your crowd that treats MTV as a religion is going to enjoy. But if you can enjoy something like Cannibal: The Musical, you'd probably like this. It isnt a musical, but it has that type of comedy that is so bad that it had to take a lot of thought and creativity to achieve such badness, and it can be enjoyed on that level. It is obviously low budget, and that just adds to the overall feel. If you're a fan of Full Moon or Troma movies, especially their lesser known pick-ups such as "Invasion of the Space Preachers" - then you'll love this movie!

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