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11:14 (2003)
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Outstanding film which has action, comedy, and intelligence, 23 February 2004

I saw this movie at the Florida State University's Seven Days of Opening Nights festival in Tallahassee, Florida. The director, Greg Marcks, is a Florida State film school graduate. I was fortunate to attend a question and answer session with him. His attention to detail is stunning. This is the type of movie where lots of gaffs could occur because the movie is about five stories that eventually come together. I did not notice any gaffs. The movie re-visits previous scenes from a different perspective. By 11:14 pm, all of the events come together. The attention to detail is important because the whole movie must tie together at the end. This movie perfectly ties together.

The acting, dialogue and action sequences are great. It's amazing how well this movie flows. As Mr. Marcks pointed out during the Q&A session, this movie should be seen as a black comedy. The movie is funny. This movie was influenced by "Cops" and other shows that show not-so-intelligent people. But the movie is intelligent. If it weren't, it wouldn't be good. Based on the reaction of the audience, this movie should be well received.

Manfast (2003)
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Bad script, bad acting, bad movie, 27 May 2006

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This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The script was boring and trivial. The script was endless and yet said nothing. It failed to convey its message. It certainly made men, and women, look pretty stupid. Some of the actors didn't seem to be real actors. They were just reading lines. I think one or two of the actors may have been in some bad MST3000 films. Considering that this movie was filmed in Tallahassee, Florida where Florida State University has one of the best film and theater schools, you'd think the film maker would have found more actors and technical staff. In addition, unless you live in Tallahassee, much of the movie will mean nothing to you.

I had a similar experience, 5 August 2004

Seeing this movie and its predecessor made me think of a similar night that I had in 1991 at Disney World. The first movie almost paralleled the night I met a woman with whom I connected. Unfortunately, as we were both poor college students and lived a long way from each other, we decided not to contact each other for the exact reasons that Jesse and Celine didn't in Before Sunrise. People who have not had this situation may think the reasons are stupid. When you are young,you have met the one, and have little time, you don't think too clearly. That is the brilliance and reality of the first film.

I never met this woman again. However, Before Sunset has dialogue that I think would happen if we met again. The characters felt the same feelings that I had. Like the characters, I wondered what my life would have been if we had stayed in touch. Unlike the characters, I have a great relationship with someone else. This movie helped me to appreciate this relationship.

10 out of 10!

A great mystery movie, 10 March 1999

When I went to see this movie, I had no knowledge of the plot or content. I'm really glad I did not know the plot was a mystery and suspense. By not knowing about the movie, I was somewhat in the same position as the Campbell Scott character. There were events that were occurring or about to occur and neither he nor I expected it. As I was unaware of the plotting as his character was, we both seemed to respond the same way to the events. This is one of those movies in which you must pay attention to every detail. In a movie as good as this, maintaining attention is not a problem. The whole scheme, which I won't elaborate, is done remarkably well. You don't really know who the schemers are until the movie tells you. What is really good about this movie are the performances, especially Campbell Scott. There was great chemistry. One criticism that some movie critics had was that the movie never defined "the process." To me, it is irrelevant knowing what "the process" is because the film makes it clear that "the process" is important and that people will do anything to get it. This is a must see movie.

A truly original movie with great script, 17 February 1999

I loved this movie. It is one of my all-time favorities. It is one of the most cleverly crafted, well acted movies. I can't think of a movie that it resembles. It is that original. And it is hilarious. The characters are very likeable and real. Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, and Joey Lauren Adams had great chemistry. They all should have won awards. Kevin Smith certainly should have won a screenplay award. One thing I really liked about this movie is that it explored why people are attracted to each other. This isn't the simple, boy meets girl and falls in love. We get to learn why Affleck's and Adam's character care about each other. It made me think of why I'm with my girlfriend. It is a very thought-provoking movie.

Kids (1995)
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Kids is Kiddie Porn, 17 February 1999

This is the most vile and pathetic movie I have ever seen. First of all, the movie is child exploitation, if not pornography. I didn't need to see a 13 year old having sex. I didn't need to see a guy going to the bathroom. I didn't need to see a girl who is passed out be raped. Second, all the characters were the same. Each character spoke the same dialogue. Usually, characters are different. In this worthless movie, Tully spoke and acted exactly the same as Casper or any of the other losers in this movie. Third, the acting was horrible. Of course, the actors had nothing to work with but still did nothing that resembled acting. Fourth, the dialogue was idiotic. Who wrote this movie, a 7th grader? Who talks or acts like these idiots?? I never knew anybody like these people. Yes, we talked a lot about sex but a whole day of it? No. Even after Tully has sex, the next thing on his mind is which girl he is he going to bang that night. Most guys usually don't obsess with sex immediately after they've had it. I don't know anyone who was as mean-spirited as the whole group of characters in this waste of film. All of the characters were one dimensional. Even the meanest people I knew had some redeeming qualities. Fifth, who in their right mind would have sex with such a goofball as Tully? Where I grew up, guys like Tully got beaten up and spent many a lonely night watching the tube. While I have bashed this movie, I do appreciate other opinions. One person's trash is another person's art.

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Horrible, 31 July 2004

First, I must state that I love Mario Van Peeple's "Badass." It is a far better film than this joke of a movie. Mario gave this movie far, far more credit than it deserved. Horrible acting, dialogue, editing... Heck, everything was horrible. I would love to see this on Mystery Science Theater.

This movie manages to insult just about everyone. Blacks, whites, hispanics, and women are not spared from some level of stupidity. This movie also proudly exploits children (Mario performing child porn) and women (performing lots of porn). The women in this movie are treated the same as they are in rap and metal videos. If this is Melvin's social statement, he doesn't think too highly of women.

This movie may have started the blaxploition genre but that doesn't mean this was a good movie. This movie had such potential because Melvin was the first black filmmaker to attempt to address serious social issues but failed miserably. Mario's movie did a great job of addressing the social injustices of the time. In the end, this movie had no point.

If this movie had been made by a white guy, it would have been called the most racist movie of all time.