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One of the better Bond films, 20 November 1999

This is one of the better Bond films and certainly the best with Pierce Brosnan in the lead. The plot, typically, is secondary to the action. Sophie Marceau plays a delicious villainous but Denise Richards, however beautiful, won't win any acting awards. The one low point of the film perhaps is her scenes. Nevertheless, the rest of the cast, including a short cameo by John Cleese add up to make this a very enjoyable film for Bond fans everywhere.

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Charlie Spradling is the only redeeming feature, 5 July 1999

This movie features Charlie Spradling dancing in a strip club. Beyond that, it features a truly bad script with dull, unrealistic dialogue. That it got as many positive votes suggests some people may be joking.

Jakarta (1988)
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Not TRULY Awful..., 6 June 1999

An interesting story on an apparently limited budget. Though filmed in an exotic local, the film was riddled with bad cuts. For example, a character is bare headed during a struggle and then appears with a hat a split second later. However, as B-movies go it was better than most. Though it features a token, drop-dead gorgeous femme fatale (Sue Francis Pai), she had an intelligent role and was actually one of the better actors in the film. If you want an entertaining but not mentally taxing action-adventure flick, this is it.