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A bleak trip and fall down memory lane, 31 October 2008

There does seem to be something about the 1970's that leads to awkward TV movies and specials. Just one year later the Star Wars holiday special was inflicted upon the public. But anyway...this reunion of the original cast is the best thing going to recommend this show. The direction is very slow. Many scenes just sit there leading to nothing as the gags have long since worn out their welcome. Still however I do enjoy watching this thing no pun intended. The daylight scenes have a bleak gray sky background which lends an odd almost sad air to the proceedings. And the laugh track sounds as if it can't decide whether to join in or sit this one out. So there you have it. I can't imagine anyone is going to finish this movie and declare it a triumph of TV comedy but it will do for a Halloween nostalgia trip. I recall seeing this when it ran the first time and then seeing it on afternoon movie slots during Halloween weeks for a few years after.

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A lot of activity but still a little dull, 14 September 2008

There are a lot of happenings crammed into this 66 minute film. Despite all the comings and goings, running around, fire fighting, ship sailing, natives running and danger escaping the overall film just does not move along at a very fast pace. Scenes go on for too long where there is nothing but dialog to carry them. Action scenes are shorter and leave the film feeling a bit out of balance.

The print I watched was in black and white, a little soft in the focus and too dark. Such a shame too. I would have liked to have seen clear color footage of Rhonda Fleming rising out of the ocean surf in a clinging dress. Also the ending copyright date was 1942. So either the date on this site is wrong or the film was held back from release for five years.

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Relatively flat comedy, 14 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are very few genuine laughs in this movie. For most of the running time I was somewhat amused. Overall the direction seemed pretty lackadaisical. Scenes that call for some quick cutting just sit there until they run out of steam. But still I did like to see Ginger Rogers and Jack Carson interact. They deserved better material. The film could have used more scenes with Jack Carson being shown up as the phony cowboy he was and that he did not aspire to be. Getting help mounting his horse was amusing and Jack does a nice job. Had they milked and added ideas such as that this could have been much more enjoyable.

Joan Davis provides some nice comic bits to enliven things. However the scene with her erstwhile boyfriend in which they work on an alarm clock thus making it ring at inopportune moments is just painful to watch due to the sheer mugging required. There again the direction is sorely lacking.

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When two scams collide, 16 June 2007

The plot for this movie has been used numerous times before and numerous times since. It's the old 'poor girl' passes herself off as 'rich girl' in order to meet 'rich guy' who in turn is not so rich himself and is hoping to meet a 'rich girl' of his own.

It was nice to see Edward Gargan in one of his usual slow witted character roles. This time around he plays a truck driver who has a very short almost non existent fuse which offsets some of his geniality.

The early scenes between Irene Ware and Sidney Blackmer have some nice repartee particularly in the cooking scene. However most of the later dialogue in the film is fairly flat and standard.

It all wraps up in about 64 minutes so you won't invest a whole lot of time or effort into seeing this through to the end.

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Crime does not pay as is made obvious, 18 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** This almost feels like the kind of movie shown to kids in school so that they don't grow up to be criminals. Everything is fairly cut and dry. Perhaps Bonnie and Clyde inspired the studio to make this as a public service. Oh well whatever the source Lionel Atwill strolls through from time to time to drive home the point in case anyone has a short attention span.

The stars of this film (or Public Service Announcement perhaps) decide that life is too tough and they are owed certain things. Those "things" being a lot of easy cash accompanied by no work. Clever people that they are they decide to rob the bank the man works at and stash the money. They will then confess all, serve their time, retrieve their loot and live happily ever after. Two guesses as to how well that all works.

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Some Wiggler, 19 August 2004

"Some wiggler huh?" Oliver Hardy says while both he and Stan Laurel ogle Anita Garvin's swaying backside (and quite an ogle inducing backside it is).

Quite refreshing to see a pre-code comedy that shows that men were not indifferent to female charms despite what most films from 1935 to 1950-something would have us believe. Nothing smutty like you would see today. Just an appreciation of the female form in all it's glory.

And besides, it's Laurel & Hardy.

d:) d:)

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Creak, 8 August 2004

Pretty creaky film by 1938 standards. Seems like it would be more at home circa 1930. While you watch this remember that Gone With The Wind would be released just one year later. Sure Double Danger had a low budget but really...this plays like one of the early talkies. The ones before they figured out how to use sound.

The character of "The Gentleman" jewel thief appears to be a royalty free way to use the character of "The Saint". But then since when has the movie industry been worried about such things? "The Falcon" anyone?

Nice to see a pre-Blondie Arthur Lake acting pretty much the same as he would 15+ years later in that series.

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Jane, where did you go?, 10 November 2002

Jane Wyman is given top billing on screen but she sits out most of the movie off screen. It's left up to her co-star Jerome Cowan to carry the load. He has a certain oily/sleazy charm but I wouldn't like to have my life or freedom depend on his detective abilities. It was amusing to observe the way he did anything he felt appropriate to help his client. No matter the legality of it. Hiding witnesses, disturbing evidence at a crime scene, and even downright stealing evidence right from the Sheriff's office.

This movie must be noted for having one of the bloodiest crime scenes in a pre-1960's film. It's a wonder the censors passed it.

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Reminded me of ffolkes, 15 October 2002

The scenes where Lloyd Bridges is putting some commandos through their paces reminded of ffolkes. Roger Moore had his commandos running an obstacle course and clambering over large scaffolding as well. Perhaps one of the ffolks film makers was inspired by this?

The trivia about Ron Goodwin's score being reused might explain the occasional times where the music seems to be out of sync with the action or overly dramatic for a particular scene.

All in all a mildly entertaining 1960's WWII movie.

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Smoke 'em if you got 'em, 4 October 2002

My favorite moments in this film are:

- While the Inspector awaits the results of an examination of cigarette ash found at a crime scene he stands a few feet away from this delicate process, smoking his own cigarette dropping who knows how much ash.

- At a murder scene he once again lights up a cigarette and even flicks his spent match onto the floor.

With this kind of law enforcement it's a wonder France didn't descend into criminal anarchy.

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