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A Millennium Muck-up............, 2 October 2000

Oh dear - we had waited over ten years for another chapter in the fantastic Blackadder series - and what did we get?? Well, something that even though it was a VERY poor comedy - it was a slickly done TV movie - which I saw last night on SKY tv, but there was no bite to it; the Blackadder series has a lot more potential than what I saw. The only redeeming features was the re-aquaintance of some old favorite characters - but even these were only on screen for a fleeting time. I'm sad to say it - but this was worse than Blackadder III - surely the worst of the series'.

U-571 (2000)
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Just one thing.............., 10 June 2000

Right - it was a good film - but one thing, how many British soldiers died to get a hold of the Enigma decoder?? Just wondering, and also wondering what would happen if a British film desecrated the memories of American heros who died to save the allied forces?? I'm not usualy this gripy - but I was just wondering........

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What's all the Hysteria about???, 8 January 2000

I don't know the answer to the title of this comment - I really don't. I went to the Cinema to see this "Masterpiece" of Horror and came out wondering where the last couple of hours had went. Cinematicaly the film is good, the acting good but nothing out of the ordinary but the most important thing is...... IT WASN'T SCARY! Now, You may think I've nurtured on Horrors but I'm terrified of the things - Ghostbuster still scares me! It just isn't scary. There is nothing in the movie that terrifies the soul or even made me flinch. A friend of mine that saw the movie with me laughed most of the way through!! A good film if your after a pop-corn muncher but that is all.

Red Dwarf (1992) (TV)
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Smeee - Heeeeeeed, 5 September 1999

Oh dear. They tried, but I'm afraid that a 28 minute pilot in Britain DOES NOT GO INTO 22 minutes. Well it would if you didn't have an extra character, more plot and changing lines like "My library books are overdue" to some rubbish about Baseball cards. Too rushed, too short - the only redeeming features being Jane Leeves and of course the always excellent Llewelyn.

Deacon Brodie (1997) (TV)
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Love it or Loath it!, 14 May 1999

This will not be to everyone's taste - but Deacon Brodie is a masterpiece of British, nae - Scottish television. It has all the qualities of a movie, especially the period scenery (Lovingly supplied by modern Edinburgh).

Billy Connoly is a scream as the man of the title, a rogue of the highest order but with a heart of gold (Cliche alert!!) who wants nothing more than to have a couple of quid in his pocket to keep him comfy in his coming years. It also has Ewen Bremner (Spud of Trainspotting fame) in a cameo as the local idiot.

It may be a comedy but it has it's serious take, like when Brodie's lover (a prostitute) has a nervous breakdown and goes into a coma because of all his broken promises to her (a recurring theme in the program).

I would recommend this for anyone who likes a good laugh and a bit of drama, a lovingly produced masterpiece!

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Round The Bend More Like!, 12 May 1999

I remember watching this series when I was still at school. It was a completely mad dash of 25 minutes of escapism - from Ghosts to... everything else that is good about kiddies tv.!

If they ever release it on video - I would buy it!!

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Real Rockin Roll to me!, 12 April 1999

This is truly a great collection of music for any Joel fan, almost all the tracks will be recognised and it'll have you humming away. The nice touch is the way they have Billy talking about the music and videos and not having some boring commentator going "So billy - what was your motivation for this song" half a dozen times.

Many of the videos are nicely shot, different styles for almost every one and just hook your tv to your stereo and crank it up!

Godzilla (1998/I)
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Ummmmmm?????, 23 March 1999

Ah right - I'm supposed to say something positive am I about the expierience of going to see Godzilla? Well the pop-corn was half-price that night at the cinema. That's about all. This was such a dreadful movie that I didn't even say my immortal line to my friend "Well, it's a pop-corn &leave your brain behind" movie. You would have to BE the pop-corn.

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Superlatives Galore, 23 March 1999

I could talk about this film all day, it has to be the most perfect film in existence, I'd seen Nikita and thought that this'd be same thing with a bloke (Although Nikita is regularly in my video) I was so wrong it hurt, this is even better.

Natalie Portman brings innocence & strength to the part and Jean Reno hasn't done anything better than this. The star though has to the psycotic Gary Oldman as the crazed killer D.A. officer who has a lust for drugs in measure with his love for classical music.

I bought the Wide screen version for the panoramic scenes that Luc Besson has graciously given to us and can only hope that the un-cut (and apparently more seedy) version becomes available in the U.K. Go and see this film now!

SpaceCamp (1986)
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Hurrah!, 23 March 1999

Hurrah! A space film that doesn't take itself too seriously and everyone can come along for the exciting ride that is space camp. The film starts slowly, the usual mix of idiots and high-fliers mixed together into a dodgy soup. But when the going gets tough - the tough get themselves sorted out and it's not an un-believable change in the characters as you can believe that there's some responsibility in their young minds.

The only flaw in the film is that Kate Capshaw is EXTREMELY annoying as the "I'm right and you're all wrong" instructor. I would recommend this as a nice night in movie and a 7 Vote.

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