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Fun, and unique., 3 June 1999

If you're looking for unique characters, a twisted plot, and low brow laughs,than this is your movie. It's entertainment, pure and simple, and if you are a haughty critic that is looking for substance, please go elsewhere. Not everything can be "Jane Eyre"(but than again, "Jane Eyre" could never make you laugh). FUN MOVIE.

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Vampire film Par Excellence!, 14 February 1999

I cannot stress how wonderful this movie is. Everything, the ensemble, the effects, the cinematography, everything. It basically follows the original's story: Charley(William Ragsdale) is now in college, with a new girlfriend Alex,(Traci Lin)and he is trying to get over his vampire attack a few years ago, and telling himself it isn't real. But one night after visiting his old friend Peter Vincent(the late and great Roddy McDowall), he sees a sultry, beautiful women walking down the hall, and can't help but notice her. He soons find out that this is Regine Danderidge(Julie Carmen), sister of the slain vampire Jerry Danderidge, and she is out for revenge. The battle then insues, and the classic fight between good and evil grabs you and won't let you go. Stand outs of the film are Julie Carmen's exotic performance as Regine(especially the dance, and the tv show), and Traci Lin and Roddy McDowall's feeding off each other's acting. The point is, see this movie! It's probably the best vampire film you'll ever see.

The Club (1994)
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The Club is Cool, 13 February 1999

This movie is pretty good, even though it has a Backstreet Boy look alike in it. A bunch of kids go to an old house, and meet this freaky kid with greasy hair who yells a lot (but is funny). The special effects aren't good, but watching the people die will make you pee your pants (I DID!)