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The Blot (1921)
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Well-made silent., 3 September 1999

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THE BLOT is a surprisingly well made film for being so little known. Well shot, with fine composition and lighting, it features an excellent cast; and it is interesting to see a YOUNG Louis Calhern. The ending is undecided, and may reflect the director's being a woman. The professor's daughter has two sutors, one rich, the other poor, and both are equally suitable. The final shot shows her saying farewell to both, and sitting quietly on her front porch. Her choice and her fate are both unresolved, and we are left (seemingly) to make the choice ourselves.

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A childhood fright, 12 August 1999

I was frightened by this film as a child and still retain wonderful nightmare- like memories. The stone women turn around attached to the machinery of an old windmill. At the climax the mill catches fire and they continue to turn around- but now on fire. I haven't seen it since, and I suspect that it wouldn't live up to the memory.

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An entertaining B picture, 17 June 1999

BUNCO SQUAD concerns the efforts of a young policeman to protect a rich widow from a gang of fake spiritualists. This well made B programmer boasts good production values and a brisk pace. Chief among the competent cast is Ricardo Cortez doing his usual best as slick villain, and a small supporting role by Dante the Magician. Attractive locations and such details as 1940's streamlined cars make this film a nice small surprise.

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Very Boring, 23 April 1999

A typical documentary of its type - earnestly made, but tiresome. Consists primarily of stock footage separated by talk.