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Mag Wheels (1978)
Man,whats not to like..., 22 June 2017

Hot '70s chicks,cool vans,Paradise Cove beach in Malibu,some pinball,some skateboarding,some good music and some boobs! And if you look hard enough you'll notice gas was .59 cents a gallon and you will see the Paradise Cove pier before it was destroyed a couple years after filming(from high surf and never rebuilt).

Not really a comedy and maybe less boobs than you'd like, but its good 'ol 70's fun (at least until the third act when there are a some not fun things) Would have liked to seen more of Shelly Horner,movie-wise and topless-wise.

Drive-In style fun with great 1970s vibe. If you've got 81 minutes to spare...check it out!

Not Your Average T&A film, 4 April 2015

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Weird but enjoyable obscure early 80's T&A comedy. Not so much a movie as an advertisement for sunny southern California.

The "plot" (which is just an excuse to show things women do in so Cal)is that a local DJ sees his ratings dropping so he comes up with a $10k contest to find the most exciting girl in California. 3 cute girls are listing and try to figure out how to win. They decide being nude is the way to go and first try nude horse riding,then nude roller skating and finally nude skydiving.

There is barely any of the movie,its about 2/3 various stock footage. This film is filled with stock footage of events and places around the Los Angeles area with an awesome (mostly new wave) song behind each "scene". We see Venice beach,the LA Rams cheerleaders,the LA T-birds,mud wrestling,aerobics classes,kung fu classes,skydiving,hang gliding,wind surfing in Malibu,Knotts Berry Farm,Madame Wongs West,Foxy Boxing,lots of roller-blading and more.

Great soundtrack,not sure how they were able use all these big name groups in such a low budget film

Not as much nudity as you'd expect in this kind of film,but he 3 girls all go full frontal.

Grab a VHS if can find it,this will never make it to DVD

Bottoms Up (1977)
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Horrid...even for a low budget T&A film, 24 March 2013

Wow was this bad. I am a fan of cheesy T&A comedy's,especially from the 70's,so finally getting an original VHS copy of Bottom's Up was somewhat exciting (I know,i need to get a life!). Well let me tell you,this is a terrible movie even by low budget T&A film standards.

The cover makes it seem like another goofy fun movie with naked girls...the cover couldn't be more misleading. There is little comedy and what is there falls flat every time. no laughs. Not only is there almost zero nudity (one quick topless scene towards the end if you can even make it that far) but none of the girls are particularly good looking.

The "plot" is summed up on the main IMDb page and is really non existent. There are MANY long scenes with no dialog of just driving around and/or on the beach + MANY slow-motion scenes (painful to watch) that are both meant to pad the movies running time which clocks in at a measly 82 min despite wasting about 15 min on nothing. this film is 82 min too long.

Avoid this film,it is god awful. You've been warned!


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Some funny moments and a lot of boobs, 25 November 2012

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Slightly better than average 80's sex comedy. A group of friends (including a virgin) are sick of striking out with the ladies so they come up with the idea to cast for a porn video so they can see naked women.They get a set,set up camera & lights but for some idiotic reason don't actually want to film so they don't have any tape and they just pretend to film. Well,one of the girls they film (actually don't film) just happens to be the big local Mafia Don's daughter who wants to be a star and soon the mob comes after them and demands the video. They are told the video is "at the lab" and give the guys a short time to come up with the tape. Now the fun begins since the guys now have to shoot a real video with the Mafia Don's daughter but not have her compromised in the movie. OK,got all that? There are a few genuine funny moments,decent acting (for this type of film) and a fairly steady array of boobs and even some bush. Don't go out of your way to see Screen Test,but check it out if it comes your way.


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Good 70's drive-in fun, 27 August 2012

Pretty much a typical 1970's drive-in feature with cute girls,cool cars,good music and some nudity. A foxy girl's uncle gets sick so she gets her hot girlfriends to help her run his gas station in half cut t-shirts and short shorts. The station starts doing well so naturally the mob run gas station across the street doesn't like this at all and hijinks ensue. If you enjoy these kinds of films this one is worth watching.Not much humor but the acting is better than most these type of films and its very watchable.

Gas was .79 cents a gallon in this film,which along with the girls and the cars really makes me long for the 70's.

Sex Appeal (1986)
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Not very Appealing, 25 August 2012

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Decent idea not carried out well. Loser dork buys a sex appeal "how to" book and decides to do everything it says. He starts by renting his own apartment from a weirdo landlord who wants to write the all American novel.The landlord spies on his new tenant to get ideas for his book and mistakenly believes this loser is a Casanova with women and ends up writing a hit book. Meanwhile our loser dork is actually trying and failing at everything in the book that is supposed to make him score,while lusting for his new blonde neighbor. What little humor there is falls flat,the print is dark and the sets are plain and drab while the acting is average for this type of film. There is some nudity but most of the girls are not very attractive. This is one of the many 80's teen sex comedy's that can be avoided even for fans of the genre.

a good T&A film but not really a comedy, 18 August 2012

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The cover makes it seem this is another teen sex comedy,but in reality there is little humor and its actually kinda a teen sex horror film. the plot: First as a young boy he is caught by his mother spying on his neighbor and is ridiculed by her.Flash forward to adult and he is ridiculed by his scientist peers when his invisibility experiment does not go as planned.He flips out on them and ends up in the mental hospital,where he later escapes,changes his name and ends up teaching high school science to a class full of A-holes and hot chicks that constantly ridicule & pull pranks on him. When he finally perfects his invisibility serum of course he immediately heads for the girls locker room shower,and finds other ways to see girls boobs too.After eavesdropping on what the students are saying about them he starts to kill them all while still seeing the girls bare breasts. Can he be stopped?? How many nice boobs will he see?? You will have to watch to find out! The movie is fun,and there is CONSTANT female nudity and most the girls are very good looking. A nice one for the t&a movie fan.

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Do yourself a favor and avoid this waste., 19 May 2011

Wow is this a bad film,even by T&A standards. Other reviews have said it well...Not funny at all,creepy/sleazy story (this coming from a fan of R rated teen sex comedies),bland acting and ALMOST NO NUDITY. To make things even worse the film is shot poorly and the print is very dark and flat,i'm sure at least partly due to next to zero budget.

Who came up with the brilliant idea to make a T&A comedy about a guy secretly video taping women undressing,and then make it not funny with barely any nudity!?

I am telling you as a T&A connoisseur-avoid this movie at all costs,its a complete waste and there is nothing to see here.The DVD cover is the only thing good about Getting It On.

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Should be in every teen sex comedy collection!, 15 May 2011

Wish every t&a teen sex comedy could be as good as Private School! Rare combination of good humor,above average acting,good music,beautiful girls and LOTS of nudity.

Phoebe Cates looks spectacular in this film,but sadly does not have a nude scene (although she comes close in an erotic beach scene).I wish she had become a bigger star,i never get tired of looking at her.

Betsy Russell also looks awesome and has multiple nude scenes including full frontal.Her acting is much better,and she looks quite different than in Tomboy which came out 2 years later.

The girls shower scene in Private School is even better than the famous one in Porky's...Full frontal paradise!

Not only is the comedy good,but so is the music! A lot of these movies had terrible generic 80's sounding dance/new wave but not Private School! 80's bands like Stray Cats and Bow Wow Wow raise the quality of this already great movie and Phoebe Cates even has a good original song.

If you like these kind of films,Private School is about as good as they get.In fact it may be the best of its kind from the 80's,its at least up there with Lunch Wagon,Hot Moves and The Beach Girls.

Tomboy (1985)
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Lots of boobs & bad acting with little humor, 14 May 2011

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Tomboy is just another entry in a sea of indistinguishable 1980's T&A films. Bad music,bad clothes,bad hair,bad acting and lots of boobs are the requirements for 80's teen sex films and Tomboys got em all.

There is something like-able about Betsy Russell but her acting in Tomboy is just awful.She is totally stiff,and her lines are delivered with no emotion and are often delivered too early or too late and don't feel natural at all.Seems like she is just repeating memorized lines like someone who's just starting acting school.There are a few cringe worthy scenes where she has no lines but has to act like she's laughing hysterically and its so fake that its painful to watch.She also emits some bizarre noises when she laughs.

The race at the end is so bad,it looks like they are going about 40 mph and the cars that i guess where supposed to look bad-ass look like awful kit cars that were made in Mexico and are about to fall apart.

Dumb movie with enough boob scenes to get you through 90 min but one viewing is enough. Movie 3/10 boobs 7/10 overall 5/10

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