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This movie was screwed up by the directors, 10 February 1999

First of all being a Hywel Bennett fan from his "Shelley" days, I knew within the first 3 minutes that he played the bad guy. The director's first mistake was not understanding that Mr. Bennett wore leather jackets quite a lot in his hit comedy, "Shelley". A Change of costrums would have added to the mystery needed in the beginning.

Secondly, Garfield Morgan, (Inspector Moss) who also played in the later episodes of "Shelley", directly give the bad guy away within minutes of his first appearance. I felt this was a script sabotage. Unfortunately, two very hard working and famed deservant actor/actress career's suffered in due course. Hywel Bennett and Billie Whitelaw deserve much better co-actors and actresses to work along with them.

I was confused as to what kind of personality Jimmy Fower was suppose to have. Did he have the mind of a killer or a retarded person, or psychotic? I believe Jimmy Fower was suppose to be mentally handicapped in some way. But Mr. Bennetts insight of the mentally handicap was greatly misunderstood along with the direction of this film. Mr. Bennett acted more like a person with "lawjaw" then mentally handicapped.

Ali MacGraw (DianeBaker) and her English sister played by Billie Whitelaw didn't seem to make much sense. Even if a person was born in Great Britain and lived away in America wouldn't necessarily completely loose her native accent. Ali gave me the impression she was coached into remembering her speaking lines. Her attention was not focused naturally into the part. It seemed like she was looking away all the time, perhaps reading the script instead of memorizing it.

Although there were some serious flaws with the action and direction of this film. Hywel Bennett took his role very seriously in the end as the mad killer. It gave me the creeps as he held the dead german shepherd. The ending was superb for actor Hywel Bennett. Wow! What passion! But over all the movie was a screw-up.

No wonder Hollywood never gave this actor a chance. Sakhu.

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Christopher Walken great, Hywel Bennett chip on his shoulders., 9 February 1999

Back when Deadline was playing at the movies I went to see it with my husband. I have been a Christopher Walken fan for a long time. It really was a very good documentary in a way. But I rented it again about 2 years ago for my analysis of Hywel Bennett as an actor. I knew about Hywel's great ability as an actor from Shelly. I thought Hywel acted with a chip on his shoulders playing 2nd to Christopher Walken. He really looked and acted disgusted playing his role as the British reporter. It may be his personal life reflected through his acting. It was obvious to me as a great admirer of Hywel Bennett that he was in some kind of mental anguish. Perhaps like so many actors vanity got in the way of his professionalism.

It did not take me long to figure out that he had a face lift prior to being cast in Deadline. Before, when his face started to sag he held more heart into his roles. His acting has been superior to some American and British cast in other films such as "Endless Night", and "Murder Elite.

I'm writing a novel which I hope will some day soon be turned into a feature/future movie script. I hope someday I'll be able to get him casted as my main lead male for my novel. But, in the meantime he has to come out of his shell. He has Hollywood potential, but Hollywood has so far turned their backs on this veteran actor from Wales. Hywel take charge from here. Obviously you've let too many people give you professional advice which didn't work out to your expectations of a real Hollywood role call.

I have a dream of meeting this actor some day, but it will be under professional circumstances not as a fan Sincerely, Sakhu