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Ellen Burstyn was robbed, 29 October 2001

I finally saw this movie on Sundance and I was mesmerized. There must be a million movies out there about drug addictions but this one just grabbed and pulled you into the world of these four people as they struggle with their addictions. The 3 twenty-somethings - Jared Leto, Jennifer Connolly and Marlon Wayans all struggle with their addiction to Herion. However, the most incredible role was Ellen Burstyn, the mother of Jared Leto and suffering through her own addiction to diet pills (speed).

Up until this point I though Julia Roberts did a good job with Erin Brockovict and winning the Oscar. But I realize now that the best actress award should have went to Ellen Burstyn from 'Requiem of a Dream'. Maybe the Academy felt that they had to give to a mainstream actress after indie actress Hillary Swank won last year, but I think that Ellen was robbed. She was incredible.

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I have never seen anything as bad as this, 18 July 2001

When Battlefield Earth was shown on HBO, I decided I'd attempt to watch this movie to see just how abd it really was. (no way I'd pay even a penny to watch this movie - sure HBO isnt free, but I get it for the Sopranos and Sex in the City)

Awesome, beyond awful. Anything I've ever posted before and critized as being bad can't even compare to how awful this was.

And it wasn't just the acting that was bad.

The special affects were cheap looking, the makeup and wardrobes was bad too, but you know, what really caught me was that there was no catchy score that helped move this movie along (a bull dozer couldn't move it).

It's just that bad of a movie. Really bad!

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What an embarassment for Harrisburg PA, 2 May 2001

I probably would not have rented this movie many because of the string of stinker movies recently released with John Travolta. However, I was born and raised in Harrisburg and I remember the Lottery Scam. Plus my mother, who is not a movie buff like myself, was asking about the movie and whether she should watch it. After viewing it, I let her know this was the worse piece of trash that could ever be put out on movie.

First, maybe I was still kind of young (but it happened while I was in HS) and I just don't remember any kind of nudie bar involved in the movie. I'm not some sort of prude that needs to have all the nudity removed from their movie, but there was absolutely no need for this any nudity in this movie to move the plot along. Plus it's a major disappointment to see a good director like Nora Eprhron (Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry met Sally) to have to use such tactics in her movie. Sure, we wanted to make Tim Roth look like a bad guy from the seamy under-society of Harrisburg. However, there are many ways it could have been done without the nudity. Tim is such an excellent actor he could have ran a Florist Shop and still come off as the bad guy.

What really embarrassed me was just how bad this movie made Harrisburg look. I know Harrisburg isn't the first small city/town/location to have a bad movie associated with it, but the advertising made such a big deal that the movie was in Harrisburg. Heck Girl, Interrupted had major parts of the movie filmed in Harrisburg, it was a decent film but you didn't know it was filmed there by any of the ads. (Found out through IMDB).

It was just a weak plot, I'd hate to say it was bad acting because there were so many good actors associated with the movie. But as the old saying goes "Garbage In, Garbage Out"....doesn't matter how good the actor is if the script is horrible.

So please, if you watch this movie, please don't pass judgement on those of us from (or formly from) Harrisburg. No where is there any Denny's that has valet parking and preferred seating for it's weather folks, I think you have to drive to Reading to find the closest nudie bar and in general we're all pretty smart, well-educated folks.

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Yikes, I actually sat through this stinker, 2 December 2000

This movie was just a horrible movie and I found absolutely no redeeming qualities in it whatsoever. The only reason I sat through the entire movie was to find out what the "big deal" was at the end of the movie. And it just wasn't worth it.

The director tried to hard to recapture the magic that he and Willis created with "The Sixth Sense" and tried just too dang hard. There was too much Hitchcock/Welles type camera tricks that just got old way too quickly. And throughout the whole movie the cast spoke so slow and sullenly that I found myself dozing off throughout the movie.

And the kid in the movie, well, he wasn't any Haley Joel Osment. I'm really hoping that M. Night S's next movie will be a big improvement. I'd recommend if you really need to see this movie to wait for the video to come out. That way you can pause throughout the movie and take a nap.

"Titans" (2000)
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It's trashy - I'm hooked, 23 October 2000

Let's face it, if you're looking for intelligent, meaningful, enriching television - don't bother. However, if you miss Melrose Place and 90210, then this is your show. It's hard to feel sorry for these beautiful rich people, yet somehow I'm entranced to turn in each week, just like with Melrose and 90210.

If you want to watch this show, remove your thinking cap, sit back and enjoy. This show will not stimulate any of your brain cells, but you'll enjoy it none the less

An interesting sci-fi movie, 22 October 2000

While browsing my video store, I picked up a copy of Pitch Black. I heard of 1 or 2 folks who had seen it and made a decent comment on it. After watching it (for the 3rd time now) I would definately recommend this movie to anyone else. I've seen better movies about "evil in outerspace" but I've also seen alot worse too. This movie had a decent plot and an excellent cast. Not only did they have the nocturnal aliens to fight with, but there were excellent conflicts created within the group of humans trying to get off this planet. I especially like the conflict built up between Johns and Riddick. Vin Diesel was an excellent choice for the role of Riddick.

If you're looking for a good sci-fi movie, definately pick this one up; although, not for the kids. There is much gore in this movie that may be very scary for younger childern.

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This is what Wild Wild West should have been, 29 May 2000

I just saw this movie and it was hilarious. I remember seeing Will Smith's Wild Wild West last summer and it was an awful attempt to bring humor, action and interest to the Old West. This movie, first and foremost, was very factual about the old west circa 1881 (Wild Wild West shows a map with all 48 states, which any kid with 3rd grade geography knows that was not the case in 1881). Whoever thought of combining martial arts expert Jackie Chan and surfer boy Owen Wilson should be congratulated, they were the funniest duo I've seen together since Mel Gibson/Danny GLover in Lethal Weapon I. See this movie and take the kids, you'll all love it

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What a disappointment, 25 July 1999

What a disappointment!! Anyone who rated this movie higher than a 5 probably did so cause they liked all the nudity. But let me tell you, this movie was just down right horrible. And I love Stanley Kubrick films! Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket are both in my top 20 of favorite films. This is probably in the bottom 5 and I can't believe I sat through all 2 3/4 hours of this movie. As I left the theatre, it turns out I was not the only one who felt extremely disappointment by this movie. Everyone was complaining about this movie (for those who actually stuck out the entire film, there were several walk outs too).

Where did the movie go wrong? Well, first he cast Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise as the couple. Let's face it, Nicole and Tom are incredible actors on their own. (Kidman - To Die For, Portrait of a Lady, Dead Calm and Cruise - Rain Main, Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men just to name a few). But the other 2 films that Cruise/Kidman starred together in (Days of Thunder and Far & Away) they just have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. This movie just proved it one more time. If either of them is to ever win an Oscar, they should stop starring in movies together.

Second, personally I do think that Kidman is the better of the 2 actors and yet she was practically delegated to a supporting role. She is a strong actress and deserves a much better role than what this movie had to offer her. Did she have to be drunk during the dance scene? All this talk of the sex between her and Cruise was nothing compared to her porn-star romp with the Navy officer. Nicole, you deserve a much better part than what this movie offered. Tell your husband you love him and go find a movie script and a co-star that will help earn you an Oscar.

And Cruise, first, what's this with Doctor's flashing their badges everywhere they go? He was just not believable as a doctor? That whole badge thing was like "Hey, I'm a doctor here's my badge, now can you do something to help me get this plot out of a rut?"

Finally, just a few other things that bugged me. Was it necessary that the prositute have to have HIV? I realize that safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness is an important topic, but it added nothing to this movie. I was slightly offended at the 13 year-old prostitute, just felt it wasn't necessary and quite disturbing. And yes, what's the big deal about having to block out the orgy scene? I mean, we saw the sex, we saw total frontal nudity. And let's face it, this movie should be NC-17 rated. No parents in their right mind would let their kids go see this movie. Then again, no parents in their right mind should go see this movie.

This movie is a sad finale for Stanley Kubrick. He's had a marvoulous film history with some of the most memorable, visual, thought-provoking movies of our time. It's a shame this had to be his last hurrah. If you've never seen any of Kubrick's other films, please rent them so you can appreciate the fact that he was a brililant director.

Well, that's my say. Oh, and get ride of that horrible music in the movie too. That was the most treacherous sound to my ears.

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This is one of the best, 18 April 1999

This movie is one of the best out there, I've rented the movie so many times I ended up just buying the video. I love the segue of how they start in the beginning with how we broke the sound barrier to the advent of the space program. The direction of the film was incredible too. Take the time to rent this legendary film, you'll be happy you did!

The Matrix (1999)
This is a great, must-see movie, 17 April 1999

I'm not into techno gen-X movies, but more of the classical art house type movies. But my friends all kept recommending to see this movie and I'm glad I listened.

Take away all the killer special effects and fancy martial art scenes and what you get is a movie that still has a well written plot! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Go see this movie, it's definitely worth all the hype (oh and an added plus, I had the Star Wars preview too!)

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