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King Kong (2005)
5 December 2005
This film is simply amazing. The best remake I have ever seen, expect nothing but aces in the drama and action department in this film. Peter Jackson manages to helm one hell of a movie, and what is destined to be 2005's top film.

Never have I seen a CG Character garner so much emotion. If you thought the first film is heartbreaking, this one down right makes it tough to not shed at least a tear by the end of the film.

By the way, once the action starts in this film, it NEVER let's up. A beautiful yet sad film, I can't wait to see it again.

Those who are afraid that this film might do anything to take away from the original, do not worry. The time and setting of this film really keeps the original's spirit intact, while carving some fantastical new ground of it's own. Though some of the actual scenery here and there may look a bit fake, you will never ever think that about the main ape himself.
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Great fun, inventive, and independent.
30 October 2002
Quite possibly the best independent sci-fi/kung fu/fantasy/comedy/set to rockabilly surf guitar music ever made!

Ok, so its the only one, but it surely is a great film to watch. Every second of this film is packed with something entertaining, and has quite an amazing soundtrack. Totally worth watching at least once, i recommend anyone to buy or rent this movie on dvd. The red elvis score is also able to be bought as well, and its worth it! The soundtrack will stay with you long after you have seen the movie.
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13th Child (2002)
13th mistake,The Lemon of the Jersey Film Industry
29 October 2002
Problems with this film: 1.) Totally gets the legend wrong, 100%. 2.) Some of the worst acting, editing, writing, special effects, and just about anything else you can think of in a film, that I have ever seen. 3.) It sullies and dirties the state of Jersey instead of bringing mystique or redemption to it. 4.) It actually costs money to see it. If you really want to watch a decent movie about the legend, i suggest you watch "The Last Broadcast". Steer away form the 13th child like the plague!
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