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loved it!, 21 June 2007

It isn't often that you can watch a movie these days that is truly "heart warming." Tomorrow is Today involves thought,compassion,and love... It made me think, it kind of made me cry (though I won't tell anyone) and it certainly left me with a good feeling about life! Lumiere is an extremely talented director and Hefti gives a beautiful performance... Scout Taylor-Compton is obviously doing well for a reason! The sets were awesome... I liked how barren and isolated the beach scenes were... If a young girl can be someones savior it kind of makes us question who we as adults should be lending a hand to. Good job guys!!!

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Eye Poppin', 27 September 2002

I'm biased to anything Miyazaki does. His water color palette, his depth in characters, and the way he animates motion that no one else can is just so beautiful it that all I can do is shake my head in amazement. It bothers me that western audience excuse is 'they don't get it'. Take another look and focus the details he shows us: the breath of characters, the look they express, comic timing, the imagery, the subtle philosophy, etc, etc. His films never assume his audience as immature, unlike today's American animation.

Watch this movie with the mindframe that anything can happen in this world. Unlearn what you know about cartoony animation and that animation is for children. It's the most entertaining film to come out this whole year.

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Unconditional Love, 23 February 1999

This story tells a lot about human nature, and the movie tries to expand the relationship on the story of Cain and Abel. The focus is mainly on Cal's(James Dean's character) striving to be loved by his father and to be able to love others. What I love about the movie is James Dean supposedly "bad boy" image. I understand where the root of all "bad boy" images come from... or why Cain killed his brother. They are the unwanted child, the untouched child, the shameful, disappointing trouble-maker. The unconditional love at the end of the movie strongly reflect a Christian thematic too. It sends a great message that lacks a lot in today's cinema. I felt Dean's performance was extraordinarily heart-felt, but it is limited to certain scenes. As I watch James last performance, I realize he was just tapping into his ability as an actor. He was at times unrefined, sometimes sloppy, but he was for the most part honest, brutal and a beautiful actor.

Wise Blood (1979)
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Strange and Beautiful, 23 February 1999

I'm used to watching odd films, and this movie may be one of the oddest films I've ever seen. I haven't read too many of Flannery O'Connor's material, except for a few short stories here and there. Her stories are strange, colorful, bizarre, and John Huston's vision has managed to capture that essence. Hazel Motes wants to start a church, the Church without Jesus, after coming home from the war. While he crusades his ministry on the streets of the Deep South, he meets several fanatical characters... the blind preacher, the preacher's degenerate 15 yr old daughter, the homeless and friendless teenager; all of these characters add up to something to the story... I don't quite know what it is, but it's something you won't forget.

Often times humorous, very offbeat and at the end macabre, this movie will linger around your head long after it's finished and it will haunt you in a loving manner that all good movies should do.

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If it wasn't for Cinemax..., 23 February 1999

I just had to comment on this film. To start, there is of course absolutely nothing special about this babes w/ guns flick to the countless others that Cinemax shows on their midnight line up. But what differentiates Picasso Trigger from most is the inventive weapons.

Example #1: Attaching a bomb to a boomerang to blow up the bad guy.

Example #2: Attaching a timed bomb to a remote control car to blow up the bad guy when the target is at grenade throwing distance.

This is what makes movies like these great to watch. It just goes to prove really bad movies can be entertaining and stimulating.