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The best show to ever be canceled after one season!!!, 21 September 1999

I love this show so much. I know it was canceled because of bad ratings but I think it was because the network moved it around so much. There is no reason why this wonderful show could not be put back on the air. Why do networks give up on great shows so fast??? If they would have stuck with this show it would be a huge hit right now. Remember Sinfield didn't get good ratings to begin with either. Shows just need time to find their audience you no vision network execs.

"Dweebs" (1995)
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Really funny show that would have only gotten better, 7 June 1999

I loved this show and I was so sorry to find out that it was canceled. The networks don't give shows time to find their nitch sometimes. Seinfield, Family Ties and a lot of other shows weren't big ratings getters at first but someone with vision allowed them time to find huge audiences. This show would have found an audience too but the network had no vision.

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This wasn't a documentary about Kurt and Courtney, it was a documentary about making a documentary about Kurt and Courtney!, 6 February 1999

I'm sitting there the whole time thinking that it's not edited very well and that it isn't put together well in general, and then I realize that it's because the guy tried to tell the truth and got his funding cut. There is not one person in the whole documentary that seems credible at all. No new answers and not really any new questions except the main one - how did this guy get a peice of crap like this released.