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The Rules of "Eye Guess" (1966-1969), 26 February 2000

2 contestants (The Champion & The Challenger) will memorize 8 answers from one same question. One person can answer and the number (i.e.: Georgia, Eye Guess is 8) and that's the right answer where its located. In Round 1, Each right location of the answer worth 10 points. In Round 2, That's worth 20 points and the contestant reach 100 points wins and collect $100 and go to the bonus round called "STOP & G0." There's 7 "GO" signs and 1 "STOP" Sign, Each time when a "GO" sign appears that gives the champion $25 and when it clears all, he or she wins a new car. When the "STOP" Sign appears that loses everything. In the 1st 2 weekdays (January 3-14, 1966) was "Married Couples." In June 1969, The "STOP & GO" game now features prizes. Contestants must compete before defeated.

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The Rules of "CHAIN LETTER", 27 December 1999

There's 4 players separated in 2 teams trying to give the word from a word to the category's title (ie: Gifts for the boss's birthday.") The 1st member named the word pertains that category and the last member of the team had to give a in the same category using the last letter of the previous word as the 1st letter of the new word. Each member has 10 seconds to come up with the answer or otherwise the chain will break and that gives the last team to get a chance to answer it before its too late. The team reach 10 points win and collects $100 and they'll play "Fast Money" for $1000. Championship Teams can compete before defeated.

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Related to Mother Dearest, 27 October 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Comparing to Joan Crawford's Family violent reaction, Gloria Marie Jackson alias Glory Marie did beat her 2 daughters to death in the worst way. The TV Movie focused on the terrible times of the 1960s. The incident was took place north of Tampa, Florida from April 1965 to April 1967. After that, She's finally arrested for insult and battery and she'll take the sentence for either 10 years in prison or death. (Mainly a death sentence.)

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The Rules of the Game, 10 October 1999

The 2 contestants are stationed at "X" & "O" to play tic-tac-toe. 3 Squares Across, Up & Down or Diagonally or 5 Squares were possible. One Contestant picks a square by determined the correct answer or making one up will Agreed or Disagreed the answer. The 1st contestant get 3-5 squares with either "X" or "O" wins $200 and completes the 2 out of 3 match wins $400. The Champion completes 10 games (5 matches) wins $2000 plus a new car. In the 1st or 2nd game was "The Secret Square" and the contestant choose that square can win merchandise prizes from $2000 to $5000 and later it raised up greater than $10,000. Contestants will compete before losing the game. In 1976-1977, The Program presents "The Bonus Prize Squares" and all 9 stars has an envelop that anything such as an car or $5000 cash.

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The $20,000 Pyramid (1976-1980), 5 September 1999

After 4 seasons of winning $10,000 and the title & the value are both changed & raised into $20,000 for "THE $20,000 PYRAMID!" It debuted on January 19, 1976 and the 2 teams are now playing in 2 parts instead of the full Qualifying Round. The 6 subjects on the "Play-A-long Pyramid" was shown. Each subject contains of 7 things to be describe them and also an question for each of the 6 subjects can be read by the host. The Team has 30 seconds to describe number of things to score. However, When the team scores 7 out of 7 that'll be the perfect score of the same number 7. The 1st team scores the most points wins, Otherwise that'll score 21 wins $1000 and going to "The Winner's Circle" for 2 cash rewards. The 1st tryout is worth $10,000 and the 2nd and last tryout was $15,000 and later tried for $20,000. one of each member of the team has 60 seconds to give a list of things from the related subject that collects the value on the pyramid in the following: 3 subjects worth $50, 2 Subjects worth $100 and 1 subject worth $200. The Possible total was $500 as same as the bonus cash of the new feature card called "The BIG 7!" One Member of the team shouldn't use/give a thing into the description in 2 things (Play-Along Pyramid & The Winner's Circle) will might sound a "Cuckoo" and the thing removed from it in several unoccasional ways. ABC-TV finally cancelled the program in 1980.

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A Matter of Innocence (1968), 15 June 1999

This Movie was based on a short story by the late Noel Coward about Miss Polly Barlow. Polly was young when she gone with her stern aunt to Singapore. Once they arrived, Polly was a shy, different little girl from London North in her own right to proved her own innocence and become a woman.