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My favourite film (and actor), 4 February 1999

Superb film, wonderfully tongue in cheek. great cameos.

Most of all, given life by an inspired Mandy Patinkin, the greatest singing, acting, sword fighting, cardio thorasic Surgeon in town.

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highly underrated comedy film, 4 February 1999

It's nice to be able to put forward my brief view on an extremely under-rated piece of comedy.

I have seen many reviews about this film which do not do it justice, and believe that the scriptwriting, and the comic acting by the two stars, especially Caine deserve a lot more credit.

I am not a huge Michael Caine fan, although i do enjoy films like Alfie, and Educating Rita, but I thought his comic timing in this film was superb.

There are so many examples of inspired throw away lines, that Caine gives inspiration too.

Eg, the Holmes opens the study door after attempting to disprove his lack of intelligence to find the house keeper is stood there with a bottle in hand who announces in full Scottish Drawl 'he's been at it again' at which Caine close the door and states 'i've never liked that woman'

This line is not inherently funny, but Caine injects it with a wit which eludes most stars. Moments like these, ('progressing nicely') establish Caine in my eyes as a hugely talented comic actor, who, unlike many comedy stars follows the golden rule of playing comedy straight. See his other inspired comic appearance in Dirty Rotton Scoundrels where he acts Steve Martin off the screen, funny though Martin is.

I would love to see more of Michael Caine in this sort of role.

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Lacking Dr Gieger, 4 February 1999

Chicago Hope is full of good actors and dialogue, Hector Elizondo is a notable example. And is fresh in the fact that it has wonderfully light hearted moments which intense programs such as ER lack.

I have two major problems with the show recently, in that it is severely lacking two characters which I believe made it the best series on television rather just the good series it is now.

1) Peter Mchnicol as the eel was a wonderful character and he is missed (although its good to see him on Ally Mcbeal) 2) The major flaw in the series though is that Mandy Patinkin is not there. He is such a wonderfully sincere, intense, and brilliantly funny actor that he gave the series a depth not possible without him. For god's sake bring him back.

Good series, can only be brilliant again with Dr Gieger back at the operating table.