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Mr. Science on acid..., 25 February 1999

Perhaps the most mesmerizing film without actors since Ballet Mecanique. Swiss pranksters Fischli and Weiss once again present their own peculiar take on art, this time as a recorded demonstration of simple physics and chemical reactions. Gotta see it to believe it.

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The space race observed through and colored by the cold war atmosphere and pop culture of the '60s -- but in the bizarro universe!, 25 February 1999

From the moment the first lilting notes of Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk" start to drown out the explosions of a failed rocket launch, the viewer becomes aware that this is not your everyday (every year?) paean to the heroes of our space program. Combining an amazing array of archived documentary, "official," and B-movie footage -- Soviet as well as American -- Stone demonstrates that the race to the moon may only have been a sideline of the greatest propaganda battle waged during the cold war. Brims with irony, humor, and an absolutely amazing amount of information.