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This game is the very best...Like no game ever was!, 12 December 1999

This is actually the blue version in America. This along with the red version is one of the best games in video game history. Ok, You begin your quest to become a pokemon master in Pallet Town. When you leave the town, professor Oak aproaches you and tells you that it's dangerous in tall grass because wild Pokemon live their. Then he brings you inside and lets you choose your Pokemon. I chose a Squirtle (I feel really bad about letting him evolve) my enemy, MattG chose a Bulbasaur. Then we battled and I continued on my quest. I have collected 47 pokemon and earned six bages so far. I reccommend this game to adults and kids alike. It is a must. The real blue version actually never made it the US!

Onibaba (1964)
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One truly horrifying movie portrait of cruelty and evil in feudal Japan., 4 October 1999

This film is so frightening! A young woman and old woman must literally kill to survive in a war torn Japan! They live by ambushing soldiers who get lost in the jungle of grass that they live, stripping them of their armour, and then tossing the bodies into a pit, and selling the armor for food. When the son and husband fails to return from the war, only his friend returns. The friend and the younger woman start to hit it off everynight. So the old woman retaliates by stealing a scary Kabuki mask from a samurai general and using it to scare the woman every night when she trys to go to the man's hut. Finally...The mask won't come off!! Be prepared for the terrifying shock ending! The B&W photography in this film is incredible. The Blair Witch project uses similar shots in it's B&W portion. It also has a great use of WIDESCREEN and makes the field of grass seem like a horrifying jungle!! Watch this film.

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Top notch Japanese horror movie., 3 October 1999

If your looking for a film which will shock you, frighten you, and will make you shiver, get this!!! It's an incredible Japanese horror movie which is an airplane disaster movie/vampire movie/alien invasion movie/apocolypse movie. You will be amazed. The film begins with a Japanese airliner losing control when they see a blood red sky, evil birds, and a UFO, crashing into a desert. The survivors lose all their food and water and have to cope with Gokemidoro, a blob like alien. The creature enters a man through a wound in his head, in a truly incredible scene. The man becomes a host to Gokemidoro and attacks the survivors, and keeps knocking them of, one by one, in different grotesque ways (most of them get their blood sucked out even though one man explodes and a woman is possesed by Gokemidoro and speaks in his voice and then becomes a horrible rotted corpse). Finally, the last two survivors escape only to find................. Just watch the movie. This is a must for any one who likes Japanese cinema. The dubbing is atrocious though, but this doesn't hurt the film that much.

One of the worst films ever made., 21 September 1999

When I watched this, I JUST COULDN"T BELIEVE IT!! It's so painful. You know what your in for just from the song over the opening credits! It's about this convict (played by the heavyset Coleman Francis) who escapes from jail and goes to a corrupted Cuba to carry out a bay of pigs operation. If you think Ed Wood is a bad director, he looks like Orson Welles in comparision to Cloeman Francis. See the MST3K episode, or don't, because this film will cause you as much pain as Mike, Crow, Servo, and even Dr. Forrester experienced!

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No film ever has hurt my soul like this did., 13 August 1999

God. This film is so vile, so disturbing, and so dumb that I almost died watching it, and that was the MST3K version!!! A scientist and his wife get lost in a cave on their honeymoon. While they are trying to climb out of a termite infested pit, they are attacked by vampire bats (come on, they don't attack people). The husband is bit. He trys to get a rabies vacinaton but he keeps having a horrible allergic reaction. Then he becomes a bat thing and starts killing people. But, we don't even see him. When we do, he looks more like a big bearded guy more than a bat. Do not watch without MST3k, and even then still beware.

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The cheesiest., 13 August 1999

MAN!! This movie is the cheese. It's about a astronaut who is taken over by an unknown force and goes mad in space. He begs his friends down on Earth to push the red button and blow him up. So they do so. However, his hand survives the blast and starts killing people. Though, it horrifies his girlfriend, a med student finds it and takes it home. It kills his landlady, and then takes him over. The kid starts acting weird and kills people and attempts to kill the crusty old man who says "No dancing, not allowed!" in his restaurant. The hand is picked clean by cats but then it is attempted to be shipped away and....Well....let's just say never trust the delivery man. This really scared me as kid.

Squirm (1976)
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A really great horror movie., 11 August 1999

This film gave me vivid nightmares as a kid. It has a scene where worms burrow under a guy's face. It was just on MST3K. It has a creepy song that plays over the opening credits (as Tom Servo puts it, It's evil little kid music). And DON'T, I mean don't eat spaghetti while watching this movie or within a week of viewing this film.

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One disgusting movie!!, 10 July 1999

"Sidehacking is the thing to do, cause you don't need to have a hi IQ" This film is just a disgusting movie with tons of vile scenes. One rape scene drove the poor people who write MST3K mad. I remember the old MST3K episode as being great. I can't wait till it's released on video. This is similar to Just for the Hell of it.

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Great entertainment., 5 June 1999

Very funny, but still not as good as the show. The FX and sets are much better but unfortunately, kind of hurts it. It was the purposely cheesy sets that makes the show funny. Also, the film they trash, This Island Earth, is a bit too good for MST3K. It was one of the best and most big budgeted Sci-Fi films of the 50s. However, if you can get past those defects, the film is very well done. I saw this in theaters, and it was very exciting to see an MST episode on the big screen. It is also good on tape. They make great jokes, and some of the host segments are hilarous. This serves as great entertainment for anyone. This especially is funny for anyone who has never seen an MST3K episode.

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A truly haunting and horrifying film., 5 June 1999

A painter is haunted by horrific nightmares with ghosts and demons. He and his wife try to leave their home and retreat to an exotic island, but the nightmares are even worse there! This Ingrid Bergman film truly plunges the viewer into a state of suspense. It has a similar effect on you that the Japanese film Kwaidan does, it takes you to a creepy world were demons live and insane apparitions haunt you. Really a beautifully made film.

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