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Trying waaaay too hard!, 20 September 2003

I rented this movie despite the cheap looking box. What I found out the box. This is one of those movies that never quite feels like a movie. The story is totally predictable, the gross out humor is sparce and the acting is wooden and totally unbelievable. This film was trying to be Animal House and Porky's but ends up more like...ah nothing, because there's no story here. Do yourself a favor and watch Police Academy instead. Yaar!

3 out of 7 people found the following review useful: a gay pedophillic way., 8 September 2003

Am I the only one who remembers that this director was convicted of being a

pedophile a few years back? This film is such an over indulgent work of a sick mind I can't even begin to describe it. UNDERAGED BOYS laying lazily in the

sun with their shirts off and not a girl in sight. All of the adult supervision gets carted away leaving these innocent kids in the hands of an sick abductor. He SNIFFS them out and chooses which one he WANTS. One by one he flies them

away to EAT them! I listened to the commentary for the first film (I know, I should have learned the first time) and the director said nothing was creepier than when the CREEPER SNIFFED THE BOYS UNDERWEAR, well freak, this is

travesty of a movie comes damn close. This director needs to stop directing films and read the Megan's Law restraint that is nailed to his front door. AMBER

ALERT...the Creeper may be coming for your kids!

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A grainy little gem., 30 August 2000

This perky little party comedy has something for everyone. My wife and I picked this film up accidentally (the box artwork resembles the steve Buchemi film "Living in Oblivion") and found a great film. We particularly enjoyed the bickering husband and wife. Low budget, you bet...but if your in the mood for something a little different, light hearted and clever, you should check it out.

Pep Squad (1998)
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A true black comedy., 11 July 2000

This film is trash at it's best. The film maker gives the audience a wink and a nod as he takes us into the seedy underside of one wacked high school. Guns a blazing and fists a flying, this film is remaniscent of Ken Russell with a pinch of John Waters thrown in for bad taste. Check it out and get ready to laugh.

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Flat and nary a laugh!, 11 July 2000

What happens when you stuff a film to the gills with recognizable character actors and forget about the script get THE DEFINITE MAYBE. If you look at the box it's all about the film makers and nothing about the story, that's because there isn't one. Bob Balaban does a great job, as he always does, but everything else is completely forgettable. This is a great example of why people don't like independent film. Watch beware!

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Great little indie., 11 July 2000

Normally when I hear 80% of a movie takes place in one room I run for the hills, but not this time. Two hitmen having the most realistic and funny conversations ever caught on film. The writer really had some very clever ideas and the performers took the dialogue and ran with it. I can't wait for this film to come out on video so I can own a copy. Bravo.

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A cute and clever look at mismatched relationships., 11 July 2000

What if you were one of the few people left on Earth, and you found a lone hot chick and you were a sloppy balding dufus? That is the premise of The Last Man. Witty writing and painfully true characters make this film a unexpected treat. But one warning, if you are that fat, balding dufus, you will be miserable through out the film.

Fun (1994)
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Very hip low budget entertainment., 28 June 2000

This film represents the best of independent film. The director obviously recognized the talents of two rising stars and utilized their abilities in this gritty compelling drama. Why this film did so abysmally and garbage like Dogma gets worlds of acclaim I have no idea.

Check it out!

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Super Cool Party Movie., 25 May 1999

This fast moving, funny comedy reminded me of a mixture Woody Allen and Kevin Smith. Loaded with very real characters stuck in strange situations. The main character, a nerd with bad hair, avoids contact with the opposite sex until he is finally stuck face to face with his ex-fiance, yow! I particularly liked the German stoner who gets lured into hanging out with a gay guy for pot (We've all been there before). Check this flick out if you get the chance, it's certainly worth looking into.