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DON'T WATCH IT!!!!, 22 August 1999

Faithless adaptation of excellent books. Hardly worthy of the title or the actors. If you are interested in the story watch the BBC mini-serii that were made in 1993. FAR superior with outstanding special effects and good casting. Don't go in for dross.

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Maltin is wrong..., 26 May 1999

I don't get that Maltin bloke at all. Overlong? Occasionally moving? I wonder what gave him the right to be so jumped up. Has he missed the humour? The perfect castings of Lom. Lovell and Donat? Yes it might be a thinly veiled morale booster, but hello it was WW2 and I am sure even the USA did these but none quite as good or as able to use memories of an epic period in a long and successful history. Pride does count for something here. All I can say is WATCH IT AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF and then laugh at how pretentious Maltin really is.