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Invincible (2001)
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not very good for a herzog, 8 April 2002

I found this film hard enough work, and not very exciting. I don't think the acting was very good from the main actors except Tim Roth was pretty good, he always is. The strongman was played by a real finnish 'world's strongest man' who never acted before this film. He's a physical specimen carved out of wood, but he is also wooden as an actor. His girlfriend has been beaten up by roth, and all our hero can say to her is 'But ..why?' like he's doing a maths problem. Very unemotional! I guess he was supposed to be simple minded. I didn't really care what his fate was. A few good bits, like the hypnotists' show and the bit when the big fellah lifts tim roth up in the boat. But overall if you're expecting anything as good as aguirre or fitzcaraldo you'll be disappointed. 6/10

King Kong (1933)
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Holy Mackerel, what a show!, 1 March 2002

I could never tire of this movie, i've seen it so many times and always watch it when it's on tv-in fact i watched it just a week ago! It's one of those films that is rewatchable countless times, like many other 'monster' movies. But this is the best 'monster' movie , it is so well made-it is a masterpiece. Everything is right-the effects,the photography,the score,pacing,continuity. My favourite part would be the big middle chunk on the island. Ann captured-natives dance-a sacrifice to kong-rescue mission-defeat of stegasoraus-swamp adventure-swamp escape-log catastrophe-trex battle-snake creature fight-pterydactil disposal-rescue/escape-kong wrecks village-gas bomb. There is almost no let up in the action in this sequence. I have seen two versions of the film though. One was cut, the other wasn't. Some scenes that were cut: kong pulls a native out of his hut and stomps him into the mud. Brilliant. Also the bits when kong chews a native, and when he chews on a new yorker. And when he throws a woman down from a scraper into the street. Needless cutting in my book. A lot of people complain about the acting. The acting is swell. Robert Armstrong is perfect as the over enthusiastic director who is completely responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people but has absolutely no scruples about it. He provides the silent chuckles of the movie e.g my one line summary is actually what denham says when he sees the savages and their dancing. And Bruce Cabot to Fay Wray: ' hey, i guess i love you!' in a moment of clarity. Overall a smashing film with a great climax. And kong is supposed to have the hots for fay wray too when he plays with her and her clothes

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perfection., 21 February 2002

All budding animators should see this one. It is one of the all time great cartoons. The scene when the twister lifts the band up is transcendent. It still awes after all these years. The cartoon starts off in a light way, with donald duck interfering with the band,playing turkey in the straw against their william tell overture. The action is guided by the music, and vice versa-when mickey tries to swat a bee by waving his arms, the band play his instructions,when he gets ice cream down his pants and tries to shake it off, they play some belly dance music. There's great attention to detail in the cartoon, the music script follows the band as they fly about in the storm, when mickey is flying about and passes through a window frame the blind shuts after him. And the music is great and complements the animation perfectly. They shoulda sent this cartoon into space with the other stuff on voyager.

Music Land (1935)
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awesome masterpiece, 14 February 2002

I would rate this in the top 10 short cartoons i've ever seen,totally marvellous stuff. Even if you hate disney films you should see this one. It's got the perfect combination of great animation and music which is the hallmark of the great silly symphonies. The backgrounds are wonderfully rich. It's chock full of action/adventure. Highlight: the moment when the isle of jazz attacks land of symphony, the saxes and trumpets etc blasting out musical notes like missiles, it's something to behold. Available to buy on dvd.(walt disney treasures:silly symphonies). 10/10!!

good action flick, 14 February 2002

THe opening sequence of battle scenes was the high point and the rest ain't too shabby either, but it does drag in places, there's only so much sword fighting i can take. it starts at bilbos party and goes up to the point where gandalf and boromir are killed, i think it covers the start of book 2.

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top drawer, 17 January 2002

Surely one of the greatest short cartoons ever made. Second for second, this is the most action packed cartoon i've ever seen. Mickey donald and goofy battle a big house fire and rescue clarabelle cow. The opening sequence is the title of the cartoon burning up and it pulls back to reveal the house on fire. The music in these 1935 mickey mouse cartoons is always spot on, adding to the drama. The flames are anthropomorphic ones, i.e they are animated, they run around like kids, they have legs, they grab windows and shut them etc. It's a visual feast of a cartoon,and it clocks in under 8 minutes. It's the kind of thing they don't do anymore, but it is available on dvd with all the colour 1935-1938 mickey mouse cartoons, and these are worth seeing.

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chock full of action, 17 January 2002

one of the better 1936 mickeys. mm hardly appears in it though, the main player is donald duck as he battles it out with harpo marx, and he swallows the ball and becomes a target for the rest of the players. The laurel and hardy characters are spot on and overall the animation is a treat. Available on dvd now along with all the mm 1935-1938 shorts.

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iT's a hoot!, 18 December 2001

'Laugh or cry, the choice is yours'. These words uttered by Duncan Thickett, the world's worst comedian. Hilarious sketches with partridge the calfs and tony ferrino too.Alan does a great Kate Bush medley at the end. Paul Calf: ' do you know what i hate, people who win the lottery and say it won't change me. Here's a quid, give me your f--in ticket.' Duncan THickett:'A lot of comedians these days do what they call self deprecation, the audience likes that, he doesn't mind havin' a go at himself. So i'm going to try a bit of that. Ahem. I'M A RIGHT C--T ME!! THere we go...see people can identify with that. Well he can(pointing to someone in audience)' Tony Ferrino 'Ah yes, stoke newington, i know it well. I have a villa there..' Pauline Calf: 'did someone drop you on your head when you were a baby?' -friend:'No..' Pauline: ' THey f--kin should have' Excellent!

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the insufferable jim davidson, 23 November 2001

Popular tv game show where star snooker players try to win money for normal people. it is hosted by none other than jim davidson, one of the most unfunny comedians of the last 30 years. john virgo, former player and current tv commentator, picks the balls out of the pockets. Awful.

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Classic Sleaze for the whole family, 1 November 2001

Classic Home invasion feature. David Hess and his partner make a lovable pair of sickos, the intensity never lets up. The main character seems to have eyes in the back of his head, he misses nothing. One of the more extreme films floating about, recommended to fans of the sleaze genre!

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