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Tangled (2001)
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Confused, 25 March 2004

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I´m sorry, what was I supposed to feel at the end of this movie? (spoilers ahead) Was I supposed to be shocked because Shawn Hatosy´s character wasn´t such a nice guy after all? Was I supposed to feel sorry for Johnathan Rhys-Meyer´s character? Well, it didn´t happen. He slept with the girl after all, no one put a gun to his head. He had the drug at his house, no one force him. So, Im not sure what was all about in the end. The guy was a creep, he had it coming. So, his friend wasn´t such a wimp after all, that was a relief. I don´t know, I enjoyed the movie, but the end was kind of a waste, trying to turn the good guy into a semi psycho when all I think he did was to get the girl he loved. All right, maybe he went a little bit overboard, but who hasn´t, one way or another? I give this movie a 6/10.

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Nice, 2 September 2003

I really liked this show. The only thing is that I watched it on Hallmark Channel, and in here, sometimes this network cuts the movies so they can fit them in the two hour range they have. So, even though I watched the two parts, I´m not really sure if all the pieces that I find missing, are really missing or if it is a problem of the network. All in all, with missing pieces and all, I find it a pretty well acted tale, with a great story, romantic where it should be romantic, and tragic where it should be tragic. I tape it, and if I can find an original copy, I´ll buy it.

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Sweet, 29 August 2003

I think that John Ritter is rather sweet as the dad trying to keep up with his two teenage daughters, while in the meantime balancing his wife, his job and his son, who is entering the dangerous ground of puberty too. The lines are witty, Kaley Cuoco as Bridget is hilarious, and though sometimes the attitude of Amy Davidson´s Kerry annoys me, I find it all in all, to be a very funny little show.