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What a BORE!!!, 12 July 1999

I can't believe anyone can spend one penny to produce this... thing. This... thing has good things: some nice visual (and some means maybe two) and some (maybe three or four) witty lines. And the witty lines are abused going further... Things that are missing: the script (unlikely, offbalance), the characters (superficial, two-dimensioned), the direction (an ethilist baboon could do better).

Incredibly, you start being bored after just ten minutes, as the first of many endless dialogues flows quietly.

Shortly, I strongly recommend that you carefully avoid this movie. It is not worth the price, and it is not worth for free, because it is deadly boring.

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No real fright, but a little fun., 30 December 1998

I rate this one *** out of ****** The title is clearly a joke, there is no way of being scared by this teen-agers movie. When a movie about vampires is not scary, then it has to be fun, and in this way 'Fright Night' has good scores. Acting is good, and special effects too. I found there are too many climaxes in the last 30 minutes, and it gets boring. Anyway, worth to be seen. I noticed two well known faces from cool TV shows: William Ragsdale from 'Herman's head' and Amanda Bearse from 'Married with children'.

Exposed (1983)
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Weak, unrealistic, confused..., 9 December 1998

... it really bothered me. The direction is flat and anonymous, the script is messy, the dialogues are too long and unlikely, the rhythm recalls me a funeral, and the plot itself is meaningless. The only good things in this movie are N. Kinski and a gloomy winter Paris. I rate it * (out of 6).

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Little budget, good movie., 28 November 1998

I suppose this one costed not more than an expensive car. I liked it, nevertheless. Good acting, good directing, interlaced with flashbacks and flashforwards, plus an interesting mix of languages that contributes to the eerie atmosphere. Nice.

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Gorgeous Kaprisky, but confused screen play, 20 November 1998

It's a real shame that this movie has a such confused screen-play. We are acquainted to non-linear plots, but this one exceeds. Probably this is because the director himself performed as a screen writer, and so we often see shots that have a strong visual impact, and are tecnically impressive, but whose function within the storyline is unnecessary and confusing. So many elements remain undetailed, for instance Ethel's relationship with her parents and the underlying political conspiracy. And the mysterious bohemienne writer that appears twice in the movie... who is? And how comes that he is part of Ethel's background? At a certain point you ask yourself what is going on and what the movie is all about.

Editing is not always faultless, and there is some rough cut.

Coming to the bright side, as I noted above there are good shots, both for directing and for acting that is really good by all actors. Valerie Kaprisky who was then 22 old, appears gorgeous and dramatic at the same time. Huster and Lambert also play their parts convincingly.

Rating: *** (out of six)

Death Wish (1974)
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A cool little movie, 1 November 1998

There have been many stories like this one, but this is the father of them all. The reason why I consider it a good movie is the good use of the subject: a man going out and breaking the rule of submission to criminals. Its value is in keeping the facts in the limits of reality. Paul Kersey is not Rambo, but just an architect with a .32 revolver. He doesn't battle gangs (as will happen in DW3). So anyone can identify with him, and since we all are confronted by criminals (more or less) and we often wonder if it is worth to react or just better to be submissive, this movie is important, because it deals with us and our real life. In conclusion, a little cool movie, maybe childish and possibly somewhat fascist, but nice.

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A dark tale of black magic, 27 September 1998

Settled in Italy during the 16th century. This a very good movie. If it has one defect, it's the end, that left me unsatisfied, even if as we all know most of the mysteries unveiled lose their power.

But there is one thing that is worth: the atmosphere, that is really Gothic. The characters are isolated in a forgotten manor, they move slowly, talk slowly, and web you in an enticement of stillness. The only rumors are the constant blowing of the wind and the screech of dust under their feet. (Audio is of the essence for this movie.)

In conclusion, this is worth renting the tape, provided you see it in silent and darkness.