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Directing Nonpareil!, 25 January 1999

This movie gives a wonderful taste of Australian talent and a little bit of culture heavily masked by the odd world of Baz Luhrmann (Romeo + Juliet- 1996). Mercurio and Morice are great together, not to mention the host of characters who all add tremendously to the picture. A well written, well cast, and well directed movie in every sense. Well worth owning.

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Not a good movie., 25 January 1999

I just thought it was stupid. It plays a "what it" game with the message of the Bible, and I think its technical merit fell way below that of God's in the writing of the orignal story... It seems somehow to cheapen or distort the true message of the gospel. Don't waste your time here. If you see it- don't judge the Bible by this cheap imitation.

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One of the best television shows ever., 25 January 1999

My So Called Life was one of the very best television shows ever made because of a combination of top-notch acting, brilliant directing and clever writing. I think the show was cancelled because the intensity of thought put into each episode was probably not fulfilling to an audience who would prefer programming that required less thinking. It was certainly on the level of shows like ER, and Cupid.