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Woody Allen travels through time, 1 December 2015

Owen Wilson plays a screenwriter called Gil Pender who goes to Paris with his fiancée Inez (Rachel McAdams). He has troubles finishing his first novel, and then all of a sudden he finds himself from the 1920's, his favorite era. There he has a chance to talk to people like the Fitzgerald couple, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and Pablo Picasso. Midnight in Paris (2011) is a movie directed By Woody Allen. This Jewish New Yorker born as Allan Stewart Konigsberg turns 80 today, and still comes up with a movie per year. Now there's an achievement! He has made most of his movies in New York, but in the latter years he has gone to Europe. This movie made in France works very well and is one of his finest movies made in Europe. I am a big fan of time traveling, and that's one of the reasons I like this movie. This is like Back to the Future, in Woody's style. It's most intriguing to watch this 21st century guy interacting with celebrities of the past. The meeting with Salvador Dali must be the funniest. The acting work works as it always does in a Woody Allen movie. Owen Wilson is really good as Gil. In supporting roles you can see people like Michael Sheen, Kathy Bates, Marion Cotillard and Adrien Brody.If you want to see a time travel themed movie handled in an intellectual way, you should see this movie.

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Magical transition from Kansas to somewhere over the rainbow, 13 June 2015

Can you believe I just saw this movie?! I've watched many classics over the years, but I just hadn't got to this one. Until this week. And I'm glad I did.The young Judy Garland as Dorothy singing Somewhere over the Rainbow is one memorable moment. And that's just one among lots of others in this movie. And all those lovable characters, The Scaregrow who wants to have a brain, The Tin Man who wants to have a heart and the Cowardly Lion who wants courage. Not to forget The Munchkins. The Wizard of Oz (1939) is a timeless classic, that's suitable for both kids and adults. Some kids may find some scenes rather scary, though. If you haven't seen this one yet, go do it now!

Young Liz Taylor and all grown up Mickey Rooney, 7 April 2014

12-year old Velvet Brown loves horses.She wins one and trains it for the Grand National steeplechase.She is helped by a young drifter, Mi Taylor, who used to be a jockey.National Velvet(1944) is directed by Clarence Brown.This movie has a nice casting.The young Elizabeth Taylor plays the lead Velvet Brown, and does a superb job.Former child star Mickey Rooney plays Mi Taylor, and he does a great job.Today we heard sad news about the passing of Mr. Rooney at the age of 93.His career lasted nearly his lifetime, starting in 1926.Donald Crisp portrays the father Herbert Brown and Anne Revere is the mother Araminty.Angela Lansbury, Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins and Juanita Quigley play the other children.And let's not forget King Charles, who plays The Pie, horse.This movie is a little gem from 70 years back.Especially for those, who dig horses.

The Cure (1917)
The absence of The Little Tramp, 23 February 2014

The Cure from 1917 is a Charles Chaplin film in which he doesn't play The Tramp character.He plays an alcoholic who enters a health spa with a big suitcase full of alcohol.There he meets a beautiful girl (Edna Purviance), who could help him become sober.At some point, all of the spa's inhabitants are loaded after the liquor ends up at the health waters.I have never been drunk in my entire life, and intend never to be, but it can be funny to watch comedians portraying drunkards on films.And Chaplin sure plays a funny drunk.And the absence of The Little Tramp isn't a problem, he was in that costume in many other movies.But how funny the movie is, that's the main issue here.And this movie is pretty funny.

The Count (1916)
Chaplin the fake count, 23 February 2014

Charlie Chaplin is tailor's (Campbell) handyman but is fired after he burns a count's trousers.Then they both end up at a party pretending to be a count.And they both want to win the heart of Miss Moneybags (Purviance).The Count from 1916 is Charles Chaplin's 5th movie for Mutual Film Corporation.This short comedy is pretty funny, not his best though.But it's a lot of fun to watch Charlie taking measurements from the lady customer.The eating scene is mildly amusing.Chaplin shows us his physical comedy skills on the dance floor with Edna.And on some other places, too.He was a true comedian who knew what was funny to the audiences of that day and tomorrow.

Constable Charlie, 19 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Charlie enters a Mission and has a religious awakening, thanks to a beautiful woman (Edna).He then becomes a policeman to maintain law and order on a restless street, where Eric Campbell bullies around good citizens.Of course the little tramp is tough enough to beat the bully, never mind the size difference.Easy Street (1917) is a Charles Chaplin comedy filled with fast-paced action.It is quite funny the way he uses his nightstick, like after the man laughs at him.This movie also contains a drug addict, and there is a scene with a needle shooting up.And Charlie sits on this needle.That was a little shocker to me.But oh well, they show a lot worse stuff in modern movies.

Chaplin saves the girl, 18 February 2014

Charles Chaplin came up with the Tramp character one hundred years ago, in 1914.In 1916 the world had known him for two years.And that was the year he made this film, The Vagabond.This time he's a saloon violinist, who saves a girl, played by Edna Purviance from a gypsy caravan led by Eric Campbell.Then a painter finds the girl and paints her portrait.But does the painter get the girl? Or is it our beloved little tramp who gets her? Charles Chaplin has come up with a great story, once again.The funniest scene is where he performs for the girl.And he keeps falling into a bucket of water.This all reminds a bit of his latter film Limelight (1952), where he also played the violin.Chaplin was also an amateur violin player.He was really an artist, not just a regular movie maker.

Buster the funny detective, 13 January 2014

Buster Keaton is a movie theater projectionist who dreams of being a detective.Sherlock Jr. was made in 1924.It's a silent comedy classic with the stone-faced Buster Keaton.The love interest is played by Kathryn McGuire.Joe Keaton (Buster's real-life father) plays her father.Ward Crane is the villain of the movie.This movie shows what made Buster Keaton a legend in his craft.There are some amazing acrobatic stunts performed by him, like the one where he rides the handlebars of a motorcycle.And the train station scene got his neck fractured, but the show had to go on.A memorable scene is where he walks into a movie screen.And you could hardly call this a comedy without a gag where Buster slips on a banana peel:D 90 years has done no harm to this film.Enjoy this hilarious comedy classic and have a laugh festival!

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A musical classic directed by Stanley Donen, 29 December 2013

It's Oregon in 1850.Adam Pontipee goes to town to find himself a wife.And he finds one.That (un)lucky woman is Milly.He doesn't tell her that he lives with his six brothers at a cabin in the mountains.At first Milly feels more like a maid than a wife.Then he starts teaching some manners to the fighting brothers, so that they could get them some ladies too.Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) is a film by legendary Stanley Donen, who's 89 years old today.Howard Keel and Jane Powell make a very nice pair in the lead.Other actors include Julie Newmar, Russ Tamblyn and Marc Platt, a ballet dancer who just turned 100.There are a few great musical numbers in this movie.I could mention "Goin' Courtin'", which is pretty wild.The dance scene is a lot of fun.This is a movie not to be missed for all you musical lovers out there.

Pink Panther after Peter Sellers, 21 November 2012

Peter Sellers died in 1980, but more Pink Panther movies kept coming.In Blake Edwards' Trail of the Pink Panther (1982) we still see Sellers clowning as Inspector Jacques Clouseau.But his performance consists of flashbacks and outtakes from previous films.Sure the scenes with Sellers are the funniest ones in the movie.And then the ones with Herbert Lom as Chief Inspector Dreyfus.Mr. Lom sadly died on September at the age of 95.It's also enjoyable to watch David Niven appearing as Sir Charles Litton.He was voiced by Rich Little because he was suffering from ALS.Joanna Lumley plays television reporter Marie Jouvet.Burt Kwouk is Cato again.Robert Loggia portrays Bruno Langlois.Harvey Korman is Professor Balls.Capucine reprises her role as Lady Litton.Richard Mulligan plays Clouseau Senior.Julie Andrews is seen as Charwoman.Some of the comedy works in this picture, as does the music by Henry Mancini.And the animated opening titles created by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises is also something you like watching.

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