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Cram as much diversity and politics as possible
27 January 2007
Like someone says in the movie about poetry, look behind the words. There are so many issues one has read in the newspaper in the last few years that are displayed in this movie as to make it a joke. There's a water torture, there's gay guy who's murdered, there's a forced marriage, there's domestic spying, there's fraternity initiation that get's crazy, there's a scene where a jilted wife finds out about her cheating husband and in a social group and throws the photos at him, there's some sex, there's a twist at the end, there's nudity, there's an interracial relationship, gee all that's left is someone being thrown from an airplane... hum.

This movie lost me when the old gay former professor is beaten to death and one hear's cries and screaming and realistically that would not be the case as it would be done very quietly, maybe some dull sounds like someone pounding a rock. The makeup on Alec Baldwin in his first scene was too much as I guess they were trying to make him look pale and close to death. Matt Damon basically plays the role very much like his Mr. Ripley character, showing very little personality. Angelina Jolie acting is passable, but she's no Meryl Streep or Sally Field.

The pace of the movie makes up for Matt Damon's underplaying his role. The switching back and forth over a couple of decades is sometimes dizzying, and Damon's character never seems to age.

Of course this movie attacks the "military industrial business", but like all left wing based movies does not recognize that this business was to keep the USA one step ahead of the USSR, who kept putting the pressure on, via, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Angola, etc.

Of course every movie of this caliber depends on stupid, naive people and there's a lot in this one.
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Flight 93 (2006 TV Movie)
Never cried as much in my life
30 January 2006
This was very well done despite being on a small budget. I was shaking through most of it as I was reliving the experience through the actors and events. The acting and writing was excellent and though the real people surely looked different this movie put faces with the names. The characterizations were done very convincingly and I now want to see photos of the real people to see how well the casting was. I know I will never take for granted my next flight and will be aware of those around me and what they are doing. I found myself wondering during the movie, why hasn't more been done to avenge this day as I still have a empty feeling that those that would attack our country have not been hurt enough for what happened on this day so that they or their children won't attack again. There can be no secret of what happens in the end, but it was very interesting how they figured out what the overheard "Let's roll" quote was for. This movie did make me totally forget everything and I was glued to the television. The "I love you" scenes were nicely done. The movie was not boring, though it could have easily have been. But like the movie "Blackhawk Down" it's a very powerful emotional movie and seeing it more than once can be exhausting, but it's a valuable and enlightening movie and needs to be seen by those that can handle it.
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Ghost Whisperer (2005–2010)
Sixth Sense on the tube
24 September 2005
This is so obviously a spin off of Sixth Sense, except the boy is now a girl and grown up. I found the first episode interesting and touching. The characters are realistic and done well. Tyler's best friend is solid and makes me sad that she probably won't be on CSI, because she has such a great role here. The husband is portrayed the weakest, but it's so obvious with his issues and inner struggle he's going to be killed off in a future episode and Hewitt's character will deal with it, probably during sweeps month. I was nervous that the subject with the first episode would be politically slanted, but it treated the Army fairly and even though the son acted like an ass at one point, you can see how someone in his position may behave and he makes up for it later.

The fact that she has this "gift" is explained early (her grandmother had the gift), but I wonder if she will begin to be like Russell Crowe's character in "A Beautiful Mind" and talk to people others can't see. Hewitt does instill confidence that her character is strong and could live with her "gift". If the writing is good and the subjects are taken from the wealth of possibilities this show could be just like Quantum Leap, but it's going to be interesting if Hewitt has that staying power, it looks like a challenging role. Maybe Bruce Willis or Halley Joe Osement will make guest appearances. I hope Shyamalan is paid royalties for this idea.
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Great musical, you won't forget what you see
4 January 2005
The movie makes me want to see the stage performance, though I can't believe it can be better, as this movie is great. The singing is wonderfully integrated into the flow of the acting. The lighting and texture of the scenes are beautiful and insightful. This is a movie that everyone who enjoy musicals would love.

I can't wait till the DVD comes out, because I want to get that to see all the extra stuff. The big screen does make some of the scenes awe inspiring and bigger than life, like the scenes of the Phantom standing apart or in front of other characters, or even the scenes, are rather dramatic. The young lady playing Christine was convincing to me and I felt her being drawn to the Phantom and then her trying to break free from his influence. The guy playing the Phantom was very real and yet possessed a voice that was not too overpowering. He was not very scary, but I did recognize that he was somewhat off his rocker, even though he was a genius. The supporting cast is marvelous and you actually feel like you know some of them.
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Fascinating idea that ends rather abruptly
30 May 2004
The first half or even two-thirds of the movie is interesting. You see

how these strangers interact and how they proceed with their

problem. Naturally I began to think of how I would have dealt with

this dilemma, so you can see how this situation is thought-provoking. With lesser actors it could have been boring,

but the characters were deep enough that I was pulling for some

to get out and not to spoil it, but the one I was pulling for...

eventually figured it out. It felt like a survivor type of show, but within the cubes of a Rubic's

cube, which is what I thought these people were in. If you like

Outer Limits and Twilight Zone type of shows, you will enjoy this

one. I did not like ending though. The last five minutes kind of left me

hanging and not feeling like the survivor really won. Maybe you will

have a different interpretation.
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stupid funny, but on the money, 21st Century "Happy Days"
31 December 2003
This is a hilarious show. Jason Bateman is the straight man for a

bunch of crazy relatives. Portia de Rossi is eye candy and always a

pleasure to watch. The storyline makes me role on the floor

laughing at the blunders and situations and how this family

behaves. Even Liza Minnelli is funny, but hopefully her character is

not a fixture as she's got a overpowering personality even at her

current age, but she's great for the few episodes she's in and

could be the first of many zany characters that enter this family's


The weak part of the show, could be that it's too funny and no way

can something like this crazy last for more than a few seasons. If it

does have a good run and floats in some great guest stars and

doesn't get corrupted with political correctness it will be great. It's

almost a Simpsons in the flesh. Also since the premise of the

show is the squandering of a family business, just how long can

such a task last. To have this series last more than a season or

two at the current ROFL level of comedy will be interesting and

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Las Vegas (2003–2008)
Not bad, some fluff and stuff, but not CSI
1 December 2003
This is Baywatch set in a casino, hotel, resort that's suppose to be in Las Vegas. It's interesting and maybe even a little corny, but having just returned from Las Vegas, I have watched to catch some places I may have been. It's a fast paced show at times and slow at others, sort of a choppy combination. Like the eye candy and wish they would give Molly Sims more material whether it is fluff and showy or dramatic or substantive.

Like CSI there is a fascination with technology, but unlike CSI less blood and guts. Between the two shows you would think a lot of crime occurs in Las Vegas, but it's not that bad.

This is an entertaining fictional show somewhat set in Las Vegas, only when scenes of the outdoors are shown can one then say it's Vegas. Don't feel it's like CSI and Vega$ in that you don't see that much of the city, but that may improve. Wonder if James Caan can keep up this role for more than two seasons.
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Whoa! This is couldn't really happen... could it?
6 July 2003
This the best Terminator movie.

The action and movement of the movie is excellent. There are a

few mistakes and maybe some liberty is taken with some of the

action, but they do not take anything from the chase or the fights. I

still don't understand the scene with the magnetic field, but will try

to stretch my imagination still a little more to make sense of it.

Arnold is not as impressive looking as he was in the earlier

movies, but he still has muscles even if they may not be as big as

they used to be. The ending makes a lot of sense and leaves the

idea wide open for more sequels or a series.

The doctor from the earlier Terminator movies makes an

appearance which is funny and I wished they used him just a bit

more, but his exit was great comic relief. Arnold did not seem to

have any new quotes, but I got the feeling this will be the last time

we will see this version of the Terminator. Maybe Big Lou (The real

Incredible Hulk) will continue with a version.

This movie also teaches that one should be really, REALLY careful

what one says "Yes" to.
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The Reluctant Heroes (1971 TV Movie)
Still remember this movie thirty years later
15 May 2003
Saw this movie as a kid and it made a bigger impression on me then than Patton. Not sure if that's good or bad, but this was at an age before Chips and Dukes of Hazard as well as numerous other series and movies over-exposed the California hills near Los Angeles. On a simple and innocent level it's not a bad story and there's some great actors in it. Remember particularly the scene where the good guys position is overrun and they are able to hide in their foxholes as the North Korean go through. Not sure if that's realistic, but for an eight year old it was.

Would consider buying this movie if it was in DVD or VHS. It's not BlackHawk Down, but it was written for TV in the early 1970's, when people saw enough of what was going on in Vietnam.
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Monte Walsh (1970)
nice story of friends in the old West
8 February 2003
This is a nice film to watch on a rainy evening. Lee Marvin and Jack

Palance did as good a job of acting that I have ever seen them do.

The supporting cast is full of wonderful career action character

actors who you would recognize if you watched a lot of films and

TV in the '70's.

I borrowed the tape from a relative after seeing the remake by TNT

and though I think the remake was better, this was for it's time

pretty good. The way movie progresses noticed a lot of scenes

seemed choppy and there must have been a lot left on the cutting

room floor.

Lee Marvin looked like he was playing his typical Marvin character,

but Jack Palance was likeable and I believe did a better job and

even portrayed his character better than Carradine did in the

remake and Carradine did a great job.

Though it's a "tear-jerker" it's one that tells a story that's not unique

to just the "Cowboys" of the 19th and early 20th century. There are

periods in history when due to evolution of civilization, lifestyles are

phased out or altered due to change of professions needed to


My appreciation of Mama Cass' singing increased when I heard

her sing the title song. She really had a fine voice, it was a plus

that she sung the lead-in rather someone like Joplin. In fact

before I saw her credits in the lead-in I thought the singer was one

of the great singers who had sung a James Bond movie title song.
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The best War movie since I don't know when
3 March 2002
Mel Gibson out does John Wayne. Will now admit Mel Gibson is better than most as he pulls off making you believe his character. Sam Elliot is great also as I can name at least two Sergeant-Majors like him in personality if not in physical stature. The scenes from Ft. Benning made it personal to me cause I know those streets, this movie has to be used in various Army training courses in the future along with "Black Hawk Down".

This movie brings the realness of battle and a ill-prepared war to life. During the movie Gibson tries to explain what war is, and he comes close, but it's simply the struggle of one gang/nation/clan/group of people/tyrant or whoever you want to say struggling with a like force or party for the purpose of imposing one's will on a population or territory, whether for the good or for the bad and what's good to you may be bad to the other and vice-versa.

The North Vietnamese are portrayed honorably as Wallace did the Japanese in "Pearl Harbor". To me the battle scenes are graphic though not as bad as "Saving Private Ryan" or "BHD". The story does show the horror of Willie Pete, and if the do-gooders of the world want something really bad banned from existence like land mines and napalm, then this is what should be banned as it's a terrible and disfiguring substance.

The movie pays homage to those who took part in the Vietnam struggle and it's cause, it's too bad the leadership of that day did not understand how to do the business of war as was evident by Gibson's character being requested to go battle then taking men he had been training away from his unit and then when in the heat of battle requesting him to give a briefing back at the rear somewhere. Some men's name's should be spoken with shame and disgust. MacArthur, Patton, Marshall, Roosevelt, etc. surely rolled in their graves over how this war was conducted. Of course the same kind of leadership was present when "BHD" occurred too.

Worth seeing just on the historical insight it provides.
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Worth seeing, be careful what you believe is real.
10 February 2002
If you have not seen people who weren't really there, then this movie is fine to see. At first you are swept up in the main character's quest for "the idea", but then you are excited about his "secret" mission. Then as he is confronted with what's really real and what's not. You are pulling for him to recover and then hit with the fact, he never recovers, never wins the struggle, but that he conquers and subdues his aliment.

At the end I found a few tears creeping out of my eyes. The acting by everybody is good. There's one scene where a visiting old friend is at the house and a close-up shows he has a pierced left ear. Found this distracting and odd in the days when very few men had pierced ears.

The direction is good and the movie moves along very well, fast enough not to dull you. It reminded me a lot of "The Sixth Sense" in the way some characters at first seemed real, but later revealed to be unreal.
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One heavy movie, be prepared for a gut wrenching ride.
19 January 2002
This movie illustrates why I was in the Army and why I got out. The men are the best and no finer group of individuals will you find in life. And... when someone makes a screwed up decision and your mission is doomed there is nothing worse you will experience in life... that is if you live.

The beginning is slow and there is a lot of story told via words so be aware that reading will be required. The acting is excellent and the way things are done reminded me of how Army life was. Very realistic! The fighting scenes seem a little light, yet don't get me wrong it's still intense and men are hit and wounded in a believable manner. The conduct of battle is accurate.

This appears to be a very precise story, I wish the leadership (in the actual event) had done a better job of backing up the Rangers and Delta Force than they did. It's gut wrenching what occurs to these men. I did not cry during the movie, but after it ended and I was in the car thinking about what had happened and how that mission evolved... I cried like I did the night of September 11th last year. This movie weighs heavy on my heart.

Be prepared to see a lot of blood. If you are a young man wanting to be US Army Ranger, see this movie. If you can handle being in this situation, then good luck. If not, do something else and learn how to type. As I said earlier, the acting is excellent and yes characters are developed and each meet a different type of ending, some good and some dead. Some characters had bigger balls and heart than brains. Snipers should never try (or be allowed) to alone hold off massive group of hostiles... that's what machine guns are for. My heart goes out for those who lost their lives. This movie is worth seeing. If you wonder what bravery and heros are made of, see this movie. John Wayne could not have done a better job of paying homage to these great men.
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Very good movie!
26 December 2001
Enjoyed the scenery and the acting. Didn't realize that 3 hours had gone by. Was wanting more when the movie ended, looking forward to the next installment. Everyone was very convincing in their roles. Chase scenes with horses beats car chases everytime. The villians were especially bad, I think I have had nightmares years before of the type that pursued Frodo in the first part of the chase.

You must take care of bathroom business, before the movie and avoid any drinks during as you will have to go really bad before the big fight scene toward the end. Me and those with me did and did not have struggle holding our selves. The gore is nothing like "Saving Private Ryan", but at times it comes close. A must own when it comes out on DVD.
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Technically good, emotionally, well...
2 July 2001
First let me say that this was a very well produced movie. The technical aspects were great and the affects of lighting and change in texture of some scenes were well done. But the story was hard to follow in some ways and sobering in others. The script could have used a little more work as the guy who was playing "Dad" (Henry?) changed his position or attitude or approach to the "robot/child" project when the going began to get rough. If he was going to switch stances, he could nix the whole deal right there after all he's the one who started this and thought it would be a good idea. This occurrence of a character's personality change has occurred in other Spielberg movies, but because the guy can make such a great movie otherwise it can be overlooked.

The kid can act! The boy playing the robot nailed it pretty good. The ending is a big stretch and he went along, but hey being a robot his behavior was understandable. Jude Law did a great job too, as did the girl who played "Mommy". The trailers show a lot of the "nanny" robot, but she's only in one small sequence and deserved to be in more. The actress playing that role was engaging and should have had more to do with the story.

Be ready for a "Mad Max", "Running Man", "Waterworld", "Escape from New York", "Terminator" foretelling of the future. Seems Hollywood big money is certain we are headed toward terrible future and considering who they back politically, maybe they are right.
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So that's what women want
29 June 2001
This is an extremely cute movie. Enjoyed it thoroughly, though Mel Gibson's character could have been portrayed just as good by Tom Hanks or Robin Williams. Gibson does the job and is very believable. Helen Hunt is wonderful and her performance is worth just seeing the movie. She has moved into the league of great actresses and can on her sheer beauty and ability carry a movie.

The story is cheesy at first and this could be in part blamed on Mel Gibson's overacting, but he may have been pushing it to get the point across about his characters personality. I found it funny that his two assistants minds couldn't be read as they didn't think. There's several little subplots that somewhat resolve themselves at the end, but this does not damage the movie too much and the ending is somewhat sweet.

Very tasteful movie and would put this next to the movie "What planet are you From" on the shelf of life for guys like me.
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pretty good racial harmony story
28 June 2001
Nice movie, but just off from being great.

Denzel Washington did okay, but one could just imagine how alive the character would have been if Samual Jackson had played him. Seemed to me that he (Denzel) was younger than the character and that they tried to make him (not the family though) seem older.

I played southern high school football and on many afternoons (offseason) found myself the only white guy in the school weight room and not having to sing blues or behave such. But Hollywood, this movie as an example, keep making it like the Black way of doing things is the THE way of doing things and it's not. But the wave of that thinking (brainwashing?) has swept over the US for the last twenty years and this movie is just reflection that nothing before Brown vs. Board of Education mattered except the oppression of the Africans. I wish we could just get the over this idea of racism as an emotion or state of mind by and of itself. Racism is a reaction, a defensive, protective attitude just as prejudgice is one's survival mode kicking in and trying to preserve ones state of being. Of course we know where the southern anglo state of being is going these days. This movie did a so so job of showing that Blacks are just as racists as Whites, it mostly showed them as being the better people and teaching and guiding the White folks toward correctness, except for a few token places like the white coach suggesting the winning play.

The way the Titans went onto the field for their games was a joke too. They would have been the laughing stock of the state. It looked silly and only a bunch of queers would do that. If they entered the game this way they surely must have cracked up their opponents and/or made them not take them seriously.
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Michael (1996)
Pitiful, music is good, Andie looks great, that's about as positive I can be about this trip
24 December 2000
Gave this movie the lowest ranking on IMDB. John Travolta was okay, but weak most times. Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson or possibly even Tom Cruise (maybe not with Tom) would have done a better job of the lead role.

Andie McDowell does a wonderful job of being sweet and kind. She must be that way in person, God I hope so, it would be so heartbreaking to think such a beautiful, precious woman would be otherwise. She's a pleasure just to watch. She's not the most perfect woman, but she sure does make you think she is for longer than any actress. True she shows flaws in her character and this one is kind of hard to understand, but the script to this movie sucks... oh, please let me put that in the next paragraph, such comment should not be included in the same paragraph with Andie.

The script for this movie sucks! The directing is ok, but the writing is not very good. The best part of the movie is the music... like a Frank Sinatra tune. The scenery is interesting, is there such a place as the "non-stick frying pan home or birthplace in the world".

If you are in a life and death situation and watching this movie will save you... then ok then it would be worthwhile to watch this flic.
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Cute, somewhat weak in areas, but cute with a touch
14 December 2000
I wasn't expecting much, but found the movie to be nice and not a waste of time. The story quickly gets to meat of the matter in how aliens intend to take over the earth. And the depictions of their planet is interesting, but most of it revolves around a classroom environment.

Annette Bening plays another real estate agent, and so one can guess she's probably qualified to be one in reality by now. Greg Kinnear is typically excellent, he should be a cheaper version of Tom Hanks someday if not already. John Goodman did well as the chaser and did as well as Richard Benjamin did in a '70's Dracula comedy. The story is nice and possibly predictable, as is the ending, but it's a pleasant and feel good movie. Strange for a movie that has the ending like it does (awkward to say the least), but whenever you end the whole thing with a baby laughing it can't be any better. Ben Kingsley was ok as the boss, but his talents weren't used to their fullest, but playing the type of character he was probably didn't require him to tap into his full ability.

Would recommend this movie if you can handle "penis" being said. Every young man should see this movie before growing up and trying "to get into women's pants".

Shandling does a good job of being himself and his expressions are excellent, it's too bad he's not done this type of stuff more, he's much better than Jim Carrey and not as thick as Robin Williams, but then again he does another type of comedy than they do.

Isn't that sound normal when a guy has an erection... ; )

...ok, so that may just be all the blood flushing from my brain to my... ...penis that I am hearing.
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Beowulf (1999)
Had the material to be good, but not the writing or the intention
8 December 2000
This is a sad statement about Hollywoodizing a good story. Christopher Lambert and Rhona Mitra did fine jobs with the sorry script (could see that they could hardly keep a straight face when leading up to the big non-sex scene). Rhona makes any movie worth watching as her presence (sad character outcome though) made "Hallow Man" better than it would have been without her. The dialog seemed forced and not natural, at one point kind of preachy and just plain inappropriate.

The script had so many holes that it would sink quicker than the Titanic pointing down. I even considered stopping or fast-forwarding through parts. What's bad is, I could have wrote a better script and with the same actors minus the techno-stuff made it seem really like an 8th century epic.

This story is begging for a good movie and wouldn't be hard to do. Grendel in the movie was done pretty close to what I imagined, but beyond that nothing else was. Gee, I thought for a second that this was going to be "The Predator" in retrospective, being that alien (same approach to battle and even physically similar) and it's mum marooned on Earth, or something like that.

Still wondering if that was Ray Park doing the stunts for Christopher Lambert, but he's not mentioned in the credits... and maybe that's the way he wants it.

Advise, don't watch if you want to see a visual translation of the classic poem, but check out if you like gore, violence, techno music and a two very strong sexy women showing cleavage.
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Unbreakable (2000)
Good vs. Evil, but you couldn't tell.
6 December 2000
Samuel L. Jackson has done a lot of movies and in them he has been at least fair to fairly good. With this movie he now ranks as my favorite and most admired black actor and I can't wait to see what he does with his character (he surely must get dusted, by an older Ankin or would it be Vader) in the upcoming Star Wars movie. He plays this guy in "Unbreakable" like a fine magician and at the end of the trick you slap your head and wonder how he he did it. He deserves an Oscar!

Bruce Willis does his usual, working hard to convey his character's personality and is quite good. It could be due to David Dunn's lack of personality or for that matter wisdom that people mistake for Bruce Willis poor acting.

The story is much different from "Sixth Sense", but done brilliantly as well. Don't get into the traps of thinking this is another "Sixth Sense" or that we are dealing with just comic book characters. We are dealing with a what if ... weak seeks out the strong and/or evil searches for good. Well worth the trip to the theater and the time.

Without Samuel L. Jackson's performance this movie is lost.
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Simon & Simon (1981–1989)
Fun and interesting
6 December 2000
Didn't watch this series that often when it ran in the '80s, but did catch a few episodes then and saw nearly all when A&E replayed it. It is one of the best action, detective series ever. Some shows are better than some Rockford Files episodes.

The relationship and interaction between the brothers seemed real and genuine. The acting and directing was top notch and the locations are special as one can get a taste for that time period in San Diego or Florida (my favorite episode when they went back to where they started, it was a two-parter) or where ever the guys were.

The acting was the best as this series easily tops Magnum for quality and enjoyment... well except for guys, seeing the sights in Hawaii ; ) and a Ferrari Testarossa and for women, Tom Selleck.
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Very realistic setting, disturbing commentary
22 October 2000
The characters made this movie, but the dialogue and delivery by the actors were not very smooth, but when taken in context that some of the "natives" talk like this, can be overlooked. The script was choppy and bounced around subplots, one that has me concerned.

The side story of the lead character's sister's Anglo husband being taken out for the night of fun and her having sex with another "native" bothers me. This was just a work of fiction, but a reflection of the resentment that American Indians hold toward outsiders either that move into their space or in general.

Otherwise this is a very interesting movie, one that fills the time better than watching sports or gameshows.
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Greer Garson makes this movie!
9 July 2000
After seeing a couple of other movies with Greer Garson, I am convinced that she is one of the most wonderful actress ever to grace the silver screen. I fell in love with her in this movie and only wish there were actress today who would just try to be like her just a little (maybe they can't).

The story is a sweet tale of a amnesia suffering soldier wandering from a hospital after returning from WW1 and happening upon Greer Garson ( I wish I could happen upon such a wonderful, caring, kind, lovely creature) and she takes care of him and love follows. The story gets a little choppy when he regains his memory and forgets Greer's character, but like a boxer regaining his legs the story does too and this may have been by design or due to a difficult period of interpreting the script by the director. Anyway Ronnie Colman pulls his character through. A good supporting cast, though no one stands out, it could be that the two main actors were so powerful no one could distract from the main characters. If you want to see Greer Garson working her beautiful magic this movie is a must.
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Armageddon (1998)
A good but mixed up save-the-planet movie
15 June 2000
Enjoyed this action, puppy love romance movie. The save-the-planet plot is great, but the little subplots or character personalities makes it somewhat unrealistic. The actors do a good job of depicting the people that the story calls for, but they're a little more off the wall than what is believable.

Why is it any time a Hollywood movie has to put together a group of ordinary, hard working, regular joes (men) they have to have weird and out-in-leftfield personalities. This is the case in this movie. Not to give away part of the movie, but I find it surprising that in the days before actual liftoff that none of the "guys" quit or kills himself, as is the case most of the time when real people are thrust in such a demanding spot.

Bruce Willis is very believable in his role and made me cry when he had to. The plot twisted very nicely and the special effects were adequate in making me believe in the rock in outer space. Billy Bob Thorton did a good job and I am gradually gaining respect for his ability as he seems to have just appeared over the last few years. The actor who was the pilot of Bruce's shuttle did an exceptional job in projecting his character, and the unhearlded role of the cosmonaut, who is a major factor in the movie is great. Ben Affelat was somewhat lame, but that could have as much to do with the way his character was written than with him. His love interest in the movie did her part as the ungrateful and big-headed daughter who eventually but too late turns around returning her love for her father. Never knew how important the word "Daddy" was till this movie.

Worth seeing and the bigger the screen the better. Great popcorn eating movie. Would discourage being drunk when watching it cause one could get a headache or worse from some of the rides.
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