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Mel & Sue - Grrrr....., 13 February 1999

Late Lunch could be just another chat show, but what makes it special, are Mel (Gedroyc) and Sue (Perkins). Both have been friends since their student days and their personalities complement each other perfectly. Mel's sweet and blonde, Sue's dark (sometimes purple) and sharp. The format of the live show is celeb guest cooks a meal for other celeb guests to eat, and then a Q and A phone in, all in front of a live studio audience. Steve, Matt, Dylan and Dan are the resident band who punctuate the silliness, and provide stonking music. Mel and Sue hold it all together, with topical jokes, silly games and sometimes songs. They're both exceptionally quick, the show rarely flags, and they seem to bring the best out of their guests. Light / Late Lunch has a lot of devoted fans, long may it rock.