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Snappy biopic is fun but holds no revelation, 15 November 2000

Odd that this film has 'Unauthorised' in it's title as there is nothing here that could rile the Playboy organisation. The rise of Hefner seems accurately portrayed , and the man himself is shown as eccentric at times but always driven by his vision of fulfilling his philosophy. Batibkoff is effective in the lead. Picture has nudity but not a lot, despite abundant opportunities from the attrative females in the cast. Kelly Cornwell is an eyeful as the secretary who became an early pin-up favorite under the nom-de-nude Janet Pilgrim. Strangest idea is that the story is narrated by Wagner as Bobbie Arnstein, a Hefner friend and associate who died , a suicide, in 1975, at the end of a drugs scandal that threatened the Playboy Empire. Even though she dies it doesn't prevent her from carrying on the story. Plot goes up to Hefner's happy marriage to Kimberley Conrad, which, sadly, did not last. So, if you are a Hefner fan, you probably already know the details, but it is a breezy tale of a remarkable man, and is colorfully told.

Stripshow (1996)
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A non-typical nudie feature, 20 August 2000

This low-budget picture tries to be serious within the confines of an erotic soft-core feature. Tane McClure is a discontent stripper who in abundant voice-over ruminates on her inner turmoil. She has a love-hate relationship with an aging stud known only as Cowboy, and is also befriending a confused younger girl. Most of a film is shot at what looks like an abandoned motel, the desolate look matching the inner life of the characters. McClure initiates the girl into Sapphic love and the world of stripping but never finds happiness. Of course, the movie acknowledges it's intended audience and does offer plenty of scenes of the ladies in action at the Strip Club and between the sheets. For the pneumatic McClure, at least she given more to do than her usual decorative roles.

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Lively B-movie about five merchant sailors on a night's liberty, 22 May 2000

Although strictly a 'quota quickie', this British picture is lively and passably entertaining in it's episodic telling of the adventures of five sailor's spending a night in London. The two youngest go looking for girls but only find prostitutes ( discussed in a surprisingly frank manner) although photogenic Francesca Annis and naive Colin Campbell do find common ground. David Lodge heads for bed with floozy Margaret Nolan ( a popular glamor model of the time--she was also in 'Goldfinger') for a saucily comic diversion. Bernard Lee takes the acting honors as a quiet, mature gentleman who is almost caught in a badger game. Add to this an appearance by Merseybeat group, The Searchers, and you do have a fairly peppy Saturday Night Out!

Best (2000)
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A superficial biopic, unworthy of a sporting legend, 13 May 2000

As George Best has said, it is always difficult translating a sportsman's life to film, and this is no exception. In fact, the viewer needs to know the story of Best first to be able to follow the quick changes in character. We see George Best arriving in Manchester as a naive kid, experiencing a rapid rise to stardom, and just as swift a decline into alcoholic stupor, but without any idea of why. John Lynch co-wrote the script but seems all wrong for the charismatic Best. He remains sombre throughout, even when the team are on top. Ian Bannen gives a solid reading, in one of his last roles, as team manager Matt Busby, but again, the part is unlightening about his relationship with George. Of the supporting cast, I can only single out Linus Roache who is remarkably like the real Best teammate Denis Law, in speech and mannerisms.

The picture does have a lot of digitally retouched football footage, adding the actors into the action, but it is often shown from odd angles that lessen the impact. Why didn't they just use the actual players for these sequences ?

So, this joins the list of disappointing sporting lifes. Better to watch a documentary about the man instead to see the real magic.

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Colorful B-Western with a female angle, 9 January 2000

This is one of hundreds of B-Westerns made, but does have a few advantages. It is in photographed in in bright colors, which makes it dazzling to watch. The cast is filled with sturdy veterans like Bob Steele and Jim Davis, although Jack Buetel,star of 'The Outlaw' is as charmless as ever. Best selling point is lovely Mala Powers as the lead, a White girl raised by Indians, out to track killers of her adoptive parents.As a buckskinned beauty ,she is decidedly the main attraction. Bill Williams lends his skills as the heavy. Packed with action and gunplay, this is a successful timefiller

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An exploitation-style look at the modern day pimp's lifestyle., 14 November 1999

This HBO documentary looks at the lifestyle of the modern day pimp, without any condemnation or real depth. These swaggering men (and one woman) discuss how they control their 'hos' as if they were regular businessmen. Although no regular businessman would dress in their flamboyant style which seems a parody of those 'Blaxploitation' characters in the 1970's movies. We see them preparing, with great seriousness of purpose, for 'The Pimp of the Year' competition, while guest star Ice-T tells of how proud he is of his pimp background, which he sees as little different to the record or film industry. Pointedly, violence towards the women is never addressed. All we see is a troupe of apparently adoring (and often skanky looking ) acolytes. As far as we learn from this, the prostitutes need a good pimp to look up to and 'take of them'. These fellows wax philosophical about their calling while seemingly lacking any moral view. Having said all that, the pic is lively and colorful, with a lot of amusing characters on display. Remember---never make eye contact with your pimp.

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A light hearted comedy set at the first Olympics, 7 November 1999

This is a frivolous light hearted comedy about about Greek farm boy, Trax Colton, who decides to enter the first Olympics in 1896. The movie follows his struggles through to his success. It's amusing to watch the primitive conditions athletes competed under back then, and the lack of formality. Real-life Olympic hero Bob Mathias plays the American captain. A real attraction is Jayne Mansfield, who as a beauty promises to marry the winner of the marathon. She appears in a number of skimpy, revealing costumes, trying to tempt the virtuous Colton, to humorous effect.

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Intriguing drama of aristocrat recruited by a 'suicide club', 3 November 1999

This is an intriguing version of Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Suicide Club", with ever-urbane aristocrat being recruited by an apparent group of boring rich people, willing to kill themselves for sport ! All is not as it seems and after Montgomery encounters mysterious Russell, the stage is set for a surprising revelation and an exciting climax.

Exit (1996) (V)
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Hackneyed actioner with erotic background, 31 October 1999

As a fan of Whirry, I watched this on TV (in German !). It was disappointingly routine, aimlessly plotted, with thin characters. It starts like an erotic drama (Shannon's forte) before lurching into a hostage thriller (Bradley's usual setting), thus failing at both. I think Whirry is deserving of a lot better than this hackneyed entry