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Exquisite morality play highlighted by solid performances., 15 May 1999

Brynner's trademark feline grace and air of disdainful superiority are used to full advantage in this tale of a small town hiring a gunfighter to deal with a hometown boy gone bad. The performances of the other actors and solid direction provide a sharp portrait of a dusty, narrowminded, small-town society. They've created one monster of their own, and invited another monster in to deal with him--now, how do they deal with the new menace? Particularly memorable is the scene in which D'estaing gives instruction in the proper pronunciation of his name.

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An examination of what is means to be "human.", 15 May 1999

Though Forever Knight could be summed up in two words--vampire cop--the series itself examined the aspects of humanity, and what it means to be human, through the eyes of a repentant vampire seeking to become mortal again. Geraint Wyn Davies portrays Nick Knight with the perfect balance of menace and innocence, humor and heartache. The supporting characters are well-rounded and adeptly played, particularly Nigel Bennett in the role of Lucien LaCroix, Nick's vampire master, who loves what he is. Father, brother, devil's advocate to Nick's tormented vampire, he exhibits a feline grace and unflappable poise reminiscent of the late Yul Brynner.