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La lista de películas que se proyectarán durante el festival de cine europeo 2011 en Bolivia
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There are a movie or two by every director, but maybe some deserve to have three, four or more, but I wanted to show also my favorite directors.
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50 marvelous directors of all time from all latitudes of the world. There area directors from Spain (Buñuel, Berlanga, Erice, etc.), from Findland (Kaurismaki), from U.S.A. (Coen Brothers, Jarmusch, Lynch, etc.), from Eastern Europe (Kusturica, Palfi, Tarr, etc.), from Canada (Cronenberg, Egoyan), from Bolivia (Sanjinés), from Asia (Kitano, Wong Kar-Wai, Bong Joon-Ho), amazing classic directors (Godard, Kurosawa, Hawks, Lang, Bergman, etc.), a few commercial directors (Tarantino, Hitchcock . . .) and all with their personal and marvelous vision (motifs, imagery, obsessions) which make them indeleble in your eyes. Hope you enjoy their work...