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Rogue winner, 10 February 1999

An interesting foresight into the background to the Barings Bank collapse. The relationship between Leeson and his wife is also explored. Great pre-Star Wars role for Ewan McGregor, and Anna Friel more than holds her own. For those interested in the saga, it is a must-see.

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A wonderfully dark comedy, 10 February 1999

This is a very dark and entertaining story about two no-hopers from the North of England who travel South to attempt a murder. Very dark, and very, very funny.

Mad Cows (1999)
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Crazy love story, 10 February 1999

Based on the best-selling novel, this adaptation about an Australian who has a baby with her aristocratic cad of a boyfriend is written and directed by newcomer Sara Suggarman, who has injected her own particular style into the film. At times, this is over the top - more like a music video than a film - and the jerky camera movements can be annoying. However, this is a likeable film, very light-hearted and at times very amusing. Cameos from the likes of Al-Fayed and Sophie Dahl add a bit of humour to the precedings.

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Unlikely love match turns good, 10 February 1999

A delightful romantic comedy in which two people are forced together when their loved-ones elope together. The unlikely partnership of Ray Winstone (beer drinking lad) and Kerry Fox (gentle writer) is perfect - and the film is fast and witty. Great supporting roles from her gay flat mate and his bank-manager boyfriend.