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Pure Star Wars lore
23 December 2017
I went in the theater not knowing what to expect since I saw headlines in the newspapers saying that the critics loved it but not so much for the general audience. I watched it and enjoyed it thoroughly. I thought it was essentially a return to classic Star Wars lore. In other words, it respects what I would expect from the original universe, the force and the struggle between light and dark sides. Essentially well developed characters, great battle scenes, lots of interesting plot turns and, lots of touching moments. Acting seemed so natural that, at times, I wondered about actors being so much into their characters to achieve this level of realism. And finally, no, I am not a great Star Wars fan. I like fantastic movies in general. I am more of a fan of good movies, and I think this is a great movie.
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Alien franchise revival
20 May 2017
A couple of nights ago I went to the movie theater with a feeling of excitement mixed in with the fear of yet another Prometheus. My problems with Prometheus were of the logical nature, so many plot holes so vast that no explanation could be found to help me feel it made sense. Well, let's be honest: there are a few plot holes in Alien Covenant. But they are not as bad as the ones in Prometheus. So I am not even going to bother with that. Instead, due to what I perceive as an unfair negative reception, I will go over why I enjoyed watching it.

The whole movie is just beautifully filmed, full of sharp images, loaded with a dark heavy atmosphere, specially on the planet. The action scenes are shot in a way that combines and balances well motion and details. I really dislike movies where things just happen so fast and the camera moves so much that you can't see anything. That wasn't the case here. You get plenty of details in the fire of the action, and yet the action is happening just the way it should, with rapid fire motions. The spaceship, both space scenes, and cramped corridors are perfectly rendered. They give you a good sense of how huge the Covenant really is. And the scenes with the aliens were just perfect, horrifying and yet so fascinating. In this installment, I got what I was hoping for, a sense of re-connection to the original Alien movie. Also, a special mention should be made for the sound track. I am not sure if it's because I was in one of the better rooms, one of those with a wide screen and super duper sound system, but it seemed sharper than usual. The sounds sources where clearer than usual, not dulled by too much music... hahh now that I mention music, the score is definitely subdued in this movie. Another plus as far as I am concerned. Movies nowadays rely way too much on music to control your emotions.

Now let's talk about the scenario. The first part contains a critical moment when a decision is made, but you know without the shadow of a doubt that was the wrong decision, because, well, it's an Alien movie, so you know the protagonists are in for a sh..load of trouble. But then, further down the story line, there is this moment when the plot takes a really interesting turn in regard to androids, this is another particular aspect of this movie which I appreciated. Of course, one might complain that it doesn't get enough time, but hey, the movie is already 2 hours long. With all the that happens already, it would have been 3 hours to explore the android topic properly. Here is something else which Ridley Scott, the directory, (who directed Alien, and Prometheus) did and which I really loved: there were some of these classic horror moments when everybody in the theater reacted with anticipation and amusement, because the director staged scenes you instantly recognize if you have watched Alien (the original). But he added a little humor. It was a little like a wink from the director, to all the Alien's fans out there. It was also one of these horror moments when you know something bad is about to happen and you know who the victim is going to be and... but, hell, you know the drill, the tension, the tension rising, and then the release. When flawlessly executed you get this intense feeling of satisfaction. Don't forget that hot moment when you felt the rush of blood, not just the one out of the victims, no not that one (although yeah it sure happens a few times in this flick), I am talking the one that happened when your heart started pumping like your life depended on it. I haven't seen such a good science-fiction/horror film in a long time. On top of that it is the revival of the Alien franchise I was waiting for. I am giving it a 9 stars.
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Beautiful, go see it... What are you waiting for??
5 September 2016
I took my 17 year old to watch this stop-motion animation last weekend. Of course my daughter loved it. It had everything she enjoys, a rich story with all the twists and turns, funny, tender, and even scary moments. All that was masterly done with this interesting visual style that only stop-motion can render, where edges are sharp and colors and textures are rich and wide ranging. I may be old but I love animation, but only when it is creative, out of the norm, one might say "fresh". "Kubo and the 2 strings" is just that, although based on ancient Japanese story telling, it feels like a pumped up, redecorated, brought up to modern standard, old tale. I read in another review a complaint about the voice not sounding Japanese, but just plain American. Funny, it never occurred to me while watching it, as I was way too taken in by the story and the wonderful magical origami. Two hours passed without me wondering what time it was... Beautiful!
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Repeaters (2010)
Undeserved low rating
10 August 2014
At the time of this writing, IMDb rating for Repeaters was only 5.8.

Last week, a good friend of mine recommended this movie to me, and even though we do not always agree on what is a good movie, I watched it, and I am very glad that I did. This movie explores one of the most intriguing premises: what if today was to repeat itself indefinitely, and you had the freedom to do what you want and remember everything you did and what happened, every time the day repeated itself? What would you do? This is the privilege, or the curse, that befell on three drug addicts in a rehabilitation center. It is a privilege if you can learn what you did wrong and use that knowledge to improve the events of this day. But it can be a curse if you see it as a damn trap out of which there is no escape.

The story unravels at a nice steady pace, and things are quickly evolving toward some pretty dramatic situations. The performance of the actors was decent enough, and the director should get recognized for putting together a very logical sequence of events despite the complexity of the story. I am pointing this out because I noticed how often some movies add confusion just for the sake of being creative. Although I generally appreciate the effort, sometimes it's just better to keep things simple so as to get the story across effectively and memorably. And this is particularly important when the story includes many very interesting ideas such as the duration of the time loop, what if it's infinite, what happens if it ends, how will you know, death and time, does what you do have any effect on the "real" time line, and, come to think of it, which one is the "real" time line. Then, when you have all the details of such a story straight and clear in your mind, it's so much easier to mull over them later, as I did, and still do.
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Some good, some bad
26 September 2013
This movie relates the story of a young peasant girl who has to go work in a brothel to help her family in post war Japan. It is partly based on a true event that occurred in 1950, where the Kinkaku-ji temple in Kyoto was burned down by a 22-year-old novice monk (see wikipedia for details). What to say about this movie... Some good some bad. The acting is decent, if a bit excessively theatrical at times. The photography is very classical with beautiful compositions and interesting angles. The story explores two important society issues: forced prostitution and bullying. Unfortunately some inadequacies prevents it from reaching the heights of a masterpiece. One of the glaring issues my wife and I had was this odd picturing of a brothel as a pleasant place where all is well among all the girls and the well meaning Madame. It seems so far fetched, so unlikely, that I kept wondering if this director had ever visited such an establishment. Also, some of the comments regarding the girl made by her first customer seemed very strange and even abnormal to us. I can't reveal them here, but they surprised us greatly. On the other hand the purity of the love story and the drama brought about by the iniquity of society was quite touching. So, yes, I would say it's worth watching, just not as good as I was hoping for.
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L'invention de Morel (1967 TV Movie)
Slow, cool, but meaningful
7 July 2013
A man called Luis, while attempting to escape capture by authorities, gets shipwrecked on a deserted island. He discovers some buildings abandoned long ago. But suddenly people appear on the island, coming to settle down in the buildings, scaring Luis into hiding. After a while Luis gets more daring and tries to find out what is happening.

This movie is the French interpretation of the 1940 prize winning book "La invención de Morel" by Argentinian writer Adolfo Bioy Casares. Since I haven't read the book (yet) I cannot tell you if it is faithful. However the description on Wikipedia seems pretty close.

Although the development is a bit slow it pays to be patient. "L'invention de Morel" is a story of love, and the frequent pair of genius and madness. It's also a philosophical essay on death and immortality. The story progresses as the man shipwrecked on the island discovers what is behind all the strange events he's observing. We follow him step by step as he unravels the mysteries of the island. Most of the film evolves through the voice over of Luis as he writes a journal. This is at the source of an aloofness that keeps all your emotions at bay. The absence of music, except the one brought by the visitors, also contributes to this feeling of detachment. However, what matters most is what Morel did. And this is what will keep coming back in your thoughts later.

Luis' final actions left me quite puzzled. To such a Cartesian mind as mine, it made no sense. But perhaps if you are left alone long enough on a deserted island and there is not even a remote chance of returning to civilization, perhaps then, one might decide that this is the best outcome.
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beautifully shot and acted but...
9 June 2013
steve-599 from Connecticut wrote the text below, 15 May 2013, and I have to say, I agree 100% with him.

*** "Now, to be fair, this movie deserves a 6, but I feel I have to downgrade to 3 to offset the 85% of the viewers who don't seem to realize it only deserves a 6 or less, not a 7.9. Yes, the visuals and action and scariness are not bad, and the movie could easily be a 9 based on that if it had a plot. But the plot fails so spectacularly that is is painful, yes painful, to even reflect on it in any detail. It just makes no sense, cannot withstand even the teensiest probing. Nothing any character does follows from anything. Nothing about the society holds together. The only thing that lets me get to sleep at night is the comforting thought that the screenwriters didn't care whether any element of the story made any sense, they were only looking for visual appeal. The movie can only be enjoyed by non-English speakers (without subtitles), and those who are immune to thinking." ***

After watching this movie I was wondering "well what was the point? And where is the Sci-Fi? So, there is this only woman who is miraculously pregnant and we have to get her to a safe place, against all odds. Fill the show with a lot of violence, action, misery, and decadence and a few heart warming moments, and you have your typical big Hollywood production. This is a "lowest common denominator" type of movie. Here is a list of what's missing: 1. How did humanity get to this point? 2. What is so different with Kee that she was able to conceive? 3. What will be done to use the knowledge resulting from the investigation of question 2 for healing humanity?
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Why such a low rating?
25 May 2012
I saw this cartoon in France when it came out with my daughter, who was 8. We both really enjoyed it at the time. Later I got a copy from friends in France, and we watched it again. There are some flaws, but on the whole it's an excellent story about the dangers of ignorance, the beauty of dreams, and the wonders of the unknown. Some monkeys leave in the canopy of the forest and do not dare to come down to the dark, far away, unknown bottom as they see it as a dangerous place. But when one of them, more daring than the rest finds his way down there, he discovers a lot of amazing facts. The characters are well defined and interpreted (at least in the French version, I haven't heard the English) and, even though the animation is sometimes choppy, it gains back points with the pure beauty of the decors. And sometimes if the story meanders, it is to spend the time necessary to add some "human" touches to the characters. There is a morale too, but I will let you discover it for yourself.
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Religulous (2008)
clever and worrying
17 October 2008
I just come back from watching religulous. I had a great time. Bill makes a lot of fun of all those silly things people actually believe. Obviously since I am an atheist I really enjoyed this movie, and I know that most believers will reject it altogether. But there is one thing that just occurred to me as I read through the comments here, it's the fact that, yes, people like me do not go around advertising their atheism. And I saw someone writing that this was why the religious people would always dominate. Well there you have it now though... Bill Maher's movie is definitely a non-believer statement, and a wonderful one at that. I am also painfully aware that it won't change anything in the sad state of affairs in the USA. But at least it's one solid step in the right direction. Now, why do I say "worrying" in the title of my review, well it's because I think that Bill's got it straight regarding the dangers of religion. How can you expect people to make rational decisions when they reject the teachings of the very same science that provides them day in and day out better lives?
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The Namesake (2006)
Vibrant, touching, and meaningful
30 April 2008
I just finished watching The namesake. The movie starts with an event which will be the key to the message. Yes, this is a movie with a message. And although this is already a big plus in my book, it's also delivered with a mastery which a lot of "would be directors" should learn from. I didn't know Mira Nair until now. A few months ago, I started watching A Monsoon Wedding, but my girlfriend of the time, being Chinese, just couldn't handle it (go figure!) Anyway, I am now really intending to get back to that movie and even explore all of Mira Nair's movies. The story is about a couple of immigrants from India coming to live in Boston, and their experience with life there, far away from their culture, but more importantly, the reason for their first child's namesake. I will not divulge here so many details as others have already done... sometimes sadly enough in too great details for my taste. What I want you to know is that this movie will highlight some of the real important things in life, and help raise your awareness of how much we take them for granted. There are so many beautiful, both fun and sad, moments in this movie that I didn't see the time fly. And then some great views of life in India, the rich cultural background, so full of colors, of ceremonies and rituals, that makes you want to travel there to see it first hand (yes, yes... I now know where will be my next big trip) Please do yourself a favor, rent and watch this definite masterpiece.
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Absolutely beautiful
16 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't know what to expect with this movie. I don't even recall why I put it in my Netflix queue. Probably a friend of mine recommended it. Although I knew already that I think highly of both Forrest Whitaker, and Jim Jarmusch. So I guess I had an idea that this was probably good times ahead. And let me tell you people, I was not disappointed. During the almost 2 hours this movie lasts, I didn't think one second that such scene or that one was too long. This goes completely against some of the critics that I have read in here. I don't know how anyone who's got some critical abilities could come up with such complaints. If you want to see a movie with real dead time, please go see Caché by Michael Haneke. (seriously, you probably don't want to watch this movie)

Anyway, I am not about to relate all the events that happen in Ghost Dog. It's been already done by so many people. And yes, the concept of the assassin following the Samurai's code in the midst of the Mafia world is just a wonderful idea. And this movie certainly contains a lot of great concepts. Such is the one where Ghost dog's friend, the ice-cream guy speaks only French. This is really fun to watch, as they both figure out what the other one was saying despite the language barrier. True friendship goes beyond that barrier!

But there are a few other observations I would like to make. It seemed strange to me that the Mafia gangsters were always watching cartoons. Sure they are other clues to get us to see how incompetent, and uncultured they are. For instance they can't pay all their dues, they haven't paid the rent in 3 months, they sit in the back room just playing cards, etc. But the cartoons? I think that this could have been avoided. Also, the scene of the killing through the sink was a bit too far fetched for me.

On another hand, there is this mysterious dog. What did he symbolize? Was that the animal spirit who tried to remind him of his duties? I loved also the handing over of the Samurai's code book to the young girl. Truly a key moment for us to realize that he's done. His mission is over, and he will follow the code of the samurai all the way.

What else? Ah yes, excellent acting from Forrest Whitaker, but this is probably not really surprising to anyone who knows him.

I highly recommend this movie!
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Irma Vep (1996)
Surprisingly entertaining
22 February 2008
I just watched Irma Vep last night. And I have to say that I enjoyed watching this movie for many reasons. Evidently Maggie is one of the reasons. Beautiful of course and good actress to boot. But beyond that, we have a lot of other things that kept my interest alive all along. This movie presents a self examination of French movie making, thereby justifying the accusation of "nombrilisme" (narcissism) by the reporter interviewing Maggy. This seems to be one of the themes here. A close look at the movie making process in France where a certain lack of coordination seems to be the rule, where a director launches the movie making only based on a whim. And in this case, it's the idea of having Maggie Cheung play the main role of a character in a remake of a 1915 silent movie. What really becomes interesting is the way she gets into the role and really becomes Irma. But I will leave you to discover how and when. At any rate, the movie has the funny effect to make you wonder if French movie making is in that bad a state that it can come up with such an interesting product.
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Code Unknown (2000)
Going nowhere anybody?
18 February 2008
I am French and I must say this is a rather disappointing movie. It starts well with an interesting event in which 5 persons are involved. Then we follow each of them in their own thread of life, switching from one to the other without any connection. This kind of scheme usually leads to some interesting plot where destinies cross each other. But not there. It just goes nowhere. And then it's real, real slow. I usually am an admirer of movies where you get the time to think, to observe an interesting scene. But not here. In this film many scenes linger on without any reason at all. It feels like we are just put on hold! What a bore.
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It worked for me
5 October 2007
I watched La vie et rien d'autre, about a year ago. Well, it stuck with me. And I really wanted to see it again. So I watched it a second time. And some things became clearer to me. The central message obviously that war sucks, that war is a disaster for everybody. And nothing should be done to hide this truth from anybody. That's Delaplane's belief, that's his fight, his moral code. And yes, there is a love story coming to interfere with his dull and depressing duty. Why people can't see that a man such as Delaplane could not handle love, specially while in the middle of such an ugly struggle? I read some negative comments about this film. I just could not understand that. This is a beautiful movie, touching, a bit slow certainly, but the topic does require that we take time to learn all the details so as to better understand the nature of this human drama. What pushes all these people to look for remnants of their loved ones, just to have proof of their death. For what? This we may never understand for not having to live through this. Go ahead, watch this movie. It's not a big action movie, no, it's a reflection movie. A movie that a lot of people who see war as something that's glamorous should have seen, but probably never will... alas!
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very touching film
29 September 2007
I watched Les Mots Bleus last night. I felt very much taken at times by the emotions triggered by a very intimate film making. Alain Corneau takes you very close to the characters and their feelings. And the acting is so perfectly nuanced, so delicate, and therefore closer to the truth. This is one quality that is extremely important in psychological movies such as this one. Sylvie Testud reminded me of Isabelle Huppert in La Dentellière. Same very sensitive acting. And it's interesting that I recently saw Stupeur et Tremblement, by the same director, and they are very different movies, something I really appreciate in a director, this ability to explore totally different type of story and in very different ways. Sergi López is also a great actor. He is so convincing, the way he delivers his father's story at the restaurant... it gave me goosebumps. And of course, let's not forget Anna, the center piece of the whole movie, beautifully interpreted by beautiful Camille Gauthier with this fascinating stare of hers... ouafff! Great acting, great movie making, go ahead, see it, it's definitely worth your time.
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The Departed (2006)
Just as the nay sayers said
27 February 2007
This movie sucked big time. I agree with all of those who complained about the abusive and unrealistic cursing, specially when coming from the cops. It makes no sense that educated people whose job it is to run investigations would keep talking like that all the time. But even if you choose to suspend disbelief on that matter, there are just too many inconsistencies to be able to let yourself taken in for the ride. Other viewers have described them very well, so I thank them for saving me the time. I also felt a great disappointment since I used to think that Martin Scorsese was a great director. Well no more I guess. Just another big commercial production which just doesn't fly... Too many heavy weights and too much pandering to the lowest common denominators, this recipe usually favored by Hollywood only succeeded in giving me an indigestion... buuurrrp!!!
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All about making violence beautiful
26 January 2006
while watching this movie, I was really tempted to stop it, and return the DVD. You see, my ex-wife pushed it into my hands, telling me how great that movie was. I didn't want to watch it because I knew it was very violent. Well, I should have stuck to my original decision.

Violence is presented as an art form in this movie. As if seeing fountains of blood spurting out of people's bodies was a beautiful sight... Sigh, it seems to me that we are back to the roman times with people cheering as the martyrs were being fed to the lions.

So what of the cinematographic skills of Tarantino? Well, yes, I too detected some reuse of master's techniques. I heard the spaghetti western music and saw its very very close-up shots. I got the De Palma's split screen, and the Carrie scene all covered with blood. Even the big fight scene had been done before in one of the Zatoichi's movies. And there were a few others too, but really, what's the point of going on and on? On one hand, we have a pretty simple plot (I am not going to go over that here, others have done it very well) and on the other a director with a vision made up of the great masters ideas. OK, Tarantino does know how to direct a movie, and some of his use of the great masters influence is acceptable, but... here I thought it was just too much. Combined with an overly simple story and an excessive level of violence, his overuse of others grand ideas becomes just that, a succession of tricks. As far as I am concerned, violence and cinematographic tricks are just no substitute for a good story, no matter how many of them you mix into the pot.
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Buffet froid (1979)
cool and totally out of this world
26 January 2006
I went in really having no idea what this movie was about. I do that sometimes so as to get more surprise, in essence to get more out of the experience. Well in this case I was not only surprised but even amazed. Nothing that I was expecting was coming out as I thought... ohhh yes, except at the end. The final was the only logical way to conclude such a strange story. And interestingly enough, that too goes against common sense, whereas in regular movie, the final is often an attempt to surprise the viewers.

Of course this is a farce, of course it makes no sense whatsoever. But the point is that it's funny and clearly out of this world. So, once you get the idea, all you have to do is let yourselves be carried by the flow. In fact, after a while I was even playing with possible next victims... but I was fooled all the time. I am just too Cartesian, hehehe!

At any rate, it does take a special sense of humor to appreciate this movie. The acting by all the seasoned actors is just right, cool, no exaggeration, just enough to get the story moving along, however weird it might be.

In conclusion, this is a very unusual and therefore interesting movie.
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convoluted but interesting
8 January 2006
In this complicated story we follow the steps taken by journalist/writer Daniel Salmon to uncover the truth about murders in the town of Hyères in the south of France. A rather cold blooded writer this Daniel Salmon, and not easily deterred by people dying around him. I think this is not a bad movie even though there isn't much action in it. What counts is more what's not said, what stays hidden from us. The events in this movie will not surprise anyone, because, thanks to a much higher level of access to information, we see so much corruption these days in the highest levels of society. But you might be left to wonder, as I was, what is pushing this writer to keep at it while people are dying around him. The weird part is that he's not even from that city, Hyères. So, what's pushing him to take chances, and endanger other's lives. I don't know. As much as I hate corruption, it's just hard to get sympathetic with such a character. The facts exposed, the way people in position of command in a city can use illegal acts, downright to murder, remains interesting. Specially when you know that it is based on a true story.
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Best adaptation ever
8 January 2006
I saw the first adaptation of Edmond Rostand's novel, the 1950 version with José Ferrer. Despite Ferrer's good acting, it had some things going against it. First it was in English, and the thing is that the whole play is written in verses that rhyme. Of course, you just cannot do that in English. Second, Rostand's story was seriously altered.

Now, with this version we finally get the real Cyrano de Bergerac, a man whose nose is as great as his courage and skill at sword play, his talent at writing beautiful love poetry, and his will to resist all temptation to become the servant of higher powers. We get to follow his adventures, to feel his wonderful love for beautiful Roxane, his attempt to win her love in ways that nobody would ever consider, and his struggle to keep the freedom of his spirit.

I admired the acting, the direction, the lighting, and the costumes. There is so much in this movie to applaud. But the best of it all is that it keeps so close to the original text. I read the play and I just couldn't believe how good this adaptation is. Watch this movie if you have the heart of both a lion and of a lover, and you can appreciate excellent French poetry.
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Only if you are interested in religion
29 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When you are not religious, watching this movie becomes more of a chore than anything. I did go all the way to the end just out of curiosity. The ability to stimulate my curiosity is what made me give it 5 stars. And true, it's well played, well shot, true also that the restraint fits well considering the topic.

But... you've got to be a total devout to believe in the miracle of God giving life back to the boy, just because this priest asks for it. Why did he take it in the first place?

Anyway, all of this doesn't make any sense in the end. Yes Depardieu is a great actor, yes yes and yes, all of this movie is well made... but the topic ... all those grownup men concentrating on such a huge nonsense? I just can't understand that.
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This movie is just too inconsistent
9 October 2005
First it starts with a great sci-fi looking introduction set in Japan. Then we get thrown into a little place in Quebec, and everything falls apart into a mystic's delirium. Oh well. I don't need to add anything to this comment since Greg Novik wrote it all in here already. Thanks Greg for saving me the effort with your excellent review.

I also was quite puzzled and disappointed since this movie was rated 7 at the time when I rented it. I just don't get it, usually high ratings at IMDb are well deserved. Not so in this case.

I can add this though, I have watched a few movies from Quebec lately and this is definitely one of the worst. Save your time... watch Quebec-Montreal for example, much more clever and fun!
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Hollow Man (2000)
Talk about inconsistencies!
7 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
First, I would like someone to explain to me how an image can appear on the surface of an invisible retina. And this is not even my idea. HG Wells in his book "The invisible man" did think of that. I guess the people who made this movie didn't read the book.

Second, in what kind of scientific research environment people would let the major scientist experiment with non-human tested drugs on himself?

Third, on which planet do you have magnetic fields able to go through a metallic door to move the latch? Oh, and please don't tell me that the door maker made sure to use different metals for the door and the latch, one magnetic and the other not.

OK I think I made my point. Too much fantasy, and you get the feeling you are really taken for a moron. Other than that, it's OK. A lot of interesting special effects, but I still was much more impressed by HG Wells book.
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The very first movie I ever saw in a theater
3 July 2004
I don't even recall how old I was when I saw this movie. Probably 7 or 8 years old. The thing is, I never forgot having seen it there, with a bunch of other kids from the orphanage where I was growing up. And I never forgot that I had one of the best times going to the theater and watching it. But a lot of the story was fuzzy in my memory, as I am 47 at the time of this writing. And watching it again last week made me aware of how much there was that I didn't get at the time... the gravity of what the children had done, repeating the silly behaviors of adult, but with a child's perception of the world. Yes, it is funny, and charming, a close up to children's world, with its naive, fresh outlook, its joys and sorrows. Very enjoyable!!!
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Funny et cute
6 December 2003
I really had a good time watching this movie. It started by getting me into a good laugh very early, and then more subtle humor was delivered, well mixed with the romantic plot. A very fresh look at an unexpected love story. Well acted, great scenario, and good sense of humor delivered with a warm heart, what else do you want?
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