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Stands the test of time, 14 June 2000

I just saw this movie for the first time and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long!! It's a rare film that makes me laugh out loud, but I definitely made some noise watching this one! Jack Lemmon gave one of the most hysterical performances I've ever seen; add Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, and one hell of a script and you have the classic comedy that all others must try to live up to. I'd give this move a 15 if they'd let me.

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A gem of a movie, 24 January 1999

What a wonderful surprise of a movie. I went into the theatre looking forward to this movie, but not quite certain it was going to be for me. I feared it may be over my head, or that it would be one of those films that left me with my eyebrows raised, wondering if the critics saw the same movie I did.

Well they did see the same movie, and it is everything it's been hailed to be and more. I was enchanted by this film. It was one of the most cleverly written and unique movies I have seen in a long time. The parallels between what Will writes in his play and the actual plot of the movie were ingenious. Joseph Fiennes has been added to my list of must see actors, and Gwyneth was, once again, elegant and a joy to watch. The supporting cast was nothing short of brilliant, especially Geoffrey Rush, who stole every scene he was in.

This movie is a gem from start to finish; It's rare that I leave a movie wanting to turn right back around to see it again. I felt that way after Shakespeare in Love. It's the reason I keep going to movies-once in a great while you get lucky and find one like this.