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A Triumph, 18 June 2005

I expected this movie to be enjoyable when I sat down to watch it. I was enticed by the trailers and was ready to be impressed. The first ten minutes of the film had me rolling my eyes and questioning every directorial decision by Nolan. Where was this movie going! Suddenly, it clicked. Ducard showed up in Wayne's cell and from that point forward I was in heaven. First ten minutes of skepticism forgotten.

Everything about this film I found fantastic. The performances, for example. Brilliant. Christian Bale shines as Bruce Wayne in a way Keaton never could have. Michael Caine provides some dry humor while being utterly believable as a caring confidant. Cillian Murphy's understated Crane was deliciously creepy and smug, and the Scarecrow scenes were inventive and fresh. Liam Neeson was goddamn extraordinary. Rutger Hauer/Morgan Freeman were decent, and Katie Holmes serviceable.

I wish the other Batman films had never been made. This is not a prequel, folks: this is a re-start. Burton's films, while in line with his body of work (quirky, creative masterpieces), are NOT true Batman films. Keaton sleepwalks through the role and Batman is done a disservice. Bale nails both Wayne and Batman in a way never captured in a live-action film before.

Found the scene where Bruce's parents are murdered surprisingly powerful. Nolan truly is a dramatic talent. THe entire Bruce Wayne backstory borders upon brilliant, with bale and neeson proving they are incredible actors who can deliver a believable yet forceful performance.

Yes, the action is choppy, and yes, the film ends jaggedly. What happened in the aftermath of the fear toxin? Never explained. Very minor quibbles. These are the only faults I can find with this film.

The score is perfect, the performances fantastic, the writing very decent (some corny one liners could have been excised, but who's counting). All in all, an incredibly film that I saw twice and loved both times. This movie needs to be enjoyed by everyone, so that a sequel can be made. Please see this movie. Nolan can learn from his mistakes and improve upon his triumphs. The next film can only get better. See it so there will be a next film! And forget the crappy Burton Batmans ever existed - these movies are different and better.


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Greatness, 4 March 2003

I recently rented the Christopher Walken film iteration of this film and, while I enjoyed it, I wasn't as impressed with the scope of the story of Johnny Smith that it portrayed. It was a small story about Smith and his feeling of responsibility to stop the career of Greg Stillson. The performances were great, the film competent but after watching the television series it seemed underwhelming.

The reason I enjoy the USA television series is because it explores Johnny's interactions with the real world. I like the fact that he actually is met with acceptance as he is skepticism, and that he does have an impact on national politics and events. As much as I love other sci-fi/fantasy shows set contemporarily (The X Files, etc), their failure to show supernatural powers effecting the "real world" has always bothered me. The Dead Zone is beginning to tackle how the normal world would react to a reputed psychic, and it is one of the main factors that keeps me tuning in.

The Dead Zone is also well written, features great, believable performances, etc etc. I could heap a ton of praise on the other top notch aspects of the show, but the main draw is the scope. I hope this show continues to nurture the relationship between Johnny and the outside world. As long as it does, I will tune in.

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A great show from the producers of Freaks and Geeks, 16 October 2001

I was surprised and delighted to find out that Undeclared is by the same guy who produced both Freaks and Geeks & The Critic. I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised, as all three are great shows. It makes me wonder how FOX stays on the air at all with such bungled marketing campaigns. They made Undeclared seem like a brainless teen sex show when it is in fact a smart and very funny half hour of tv. I dislike trendy crap that usually turns on the TRL generation, and the ads made this show seem like it would be in the same vein as other WB crapfests.... but it is a great show. Give it a chance, you will not be disappointed.

More (1998)
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I saw the music video this has been transformed into.., 26 September 2001

And I have to say, the music by Kenna definitely does it justice. I originally saw this film on SciFi's Exposure, and cannot remember the music to it originally. I heard Hell Bent by Kenna before I saw the music video that pairs Kenna's song with this film, and I thought that Hell Bent was originally the soundtrack to More. I guess not, but either way, it does not detract any from the brilliance of the film. I love the song by Kenna, so to me it even adds another layer of enjoyment.

"Sheena" (2000)
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Not bad for late night tv!, 10 March 2001

I caught this show on during the wee hours of the night one weekend, and now make it a point to watch it as much as I can. The show takes place in Africa, and even though it is obvious that it is really filmed on a soundstage, the show has a good amount of variety in sets. The two male leads have a really nice chemistry and play off the supporting cast pretty well. Geena Lee Nolin is nice to look at, although she is a little boring. Did I mention she was nice to look at? I recommend this show solely on her wardrobe, and is still a very competent show otherwise. Check it out!

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The opening credits alone make it worth your time., 22 January 2000

"Jack of All Trades" is the latest collaboration of cult duo Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. I watched it today after the awful "Cleopatra 2525," which is packaged with Jack into an hour show. Sure, Jack of All trades was funny. Bruce Campbell rarely disappoints. The musical opening credits were catchy and hilarious, so I was looking forward to the show. It's another sound-effects filled romp into an exagerrated past with witty dialogue and inaccurate facts, like Hercules and Xena have recently become. Sure, maybe the show is flimsy and the sets are cheap, maybe the effects are bad and nothing is remotely similar to reality. But who cares? Good stuff for Campbell fans.

Ronin (1998)
This movie just rocks, 27 June 1999

Ronin is one of the top ten movies I have ever seen. The Car chases are just great and very well done. Frankenheimer is also very good at directing the rest of the movie. If you like action movies which actually have a plot that makes you think, Ronin is the movie to see.

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Okay to watch but if it was not Star Wars it would not stand out much, 23 June 1999

Well I am surprised to see as I read some of the reviews that a lot of people think the movie was ok rather then good. Thats about where I stand. As a whole it was ok, but there was just to many little things which brought it down. To name a few:

1. Acting - Though the main character acting was good the non main character acting was not. During the space battle towards the end the acting was rather dull. Unlike the first Star Wars where you were drawn into the fight I felt as an outsider during this battle.

2. Too much predictabilty. Yes I know it is a prequel and so you know what is going to happen but they over loaded it during this movie. An example being Anakin during the space battle. It seemed to easy for me that Anakin made it through that ships shields into the landing bay and manages to blow the ship up. Then just as the Jar Jar rase is about to die all the droids stop working.

I could go on but it would take too long. Overall Lucas put too much time into special effects and not in plot. Unfortunately most people will not agree with me because it's Star Wars.

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Very good movie which questions our own existence, 11 June 1999

I thought the 13th floor was very good. First off I liked the detective work involved. Throughout the movie there were hints and clues which helped you "solve" the movie before it ended. To some this could be a bad thing, but I personally like puzzles.

The worst thing about this movie is that it came out too close to The Matrix, thus a lot of people were expecting Matrix like action etc. I personally liked The 13th Floor better because the lack of action. This movie did not need action to keep you interested. The story kept me going.

Jack-O (1995)
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Jack-O, 24 April 1999

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The editing was so bad. The scenes with the pumpkin in it are funny but there is too much dead time. His glowing head is cool but that's it. Don't watch this unless you have an hour and a half that you don't need.

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