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A little low-budget gem, 6 November 2003

What a treat! Saw this at the London Film Festival and laugh-out-loud loved it. Shot in under three weeks on a budget too low to be called shoestring, first time writer-director Karl Golden had previously only two short films on his imdb CV but has fashioned here a warm and witty romantic comedy that was enthusiastically applauded by the festival audience.

Essentially the story is another variation on the well-used rom-com staple of two people with apparently nothing in common finding themselves together in trying circumstances and gradually falling for each other. Nothing terribly groundbreaking there, but Golden's inventive, clever script provides a funny, entertaining and enjoyable journey even if the destination is no surprise.

To this viewer, The Honeymooners is an object lesson to those who pour millions into making glossy but strictly one-star pap. What really counts is a great script featuring believable and identifiable characters, and a talented cast to bring them to life.