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Best Movie you could possibly play!, 17 July 1999

An entertainment product that has somewhat died in todays blurry textures gaming, Wing Commander IV - the price of freedom is truly the pinnacle of PC gaming - exciting, fast paced and not without some real tear jerking moments. Yes, the interactive movie that I personally loved since it began. This game brings the slendour of Hollywood and the interactivity of computer games to your home with the 0 minute (!) introduction to the electrifying ending this has you, Christopher Blair (In a role played by Mark Hamill who I think is better as this particular character than Luke Skywalker) facing your worst enemy - your own kind. This is the aspect of the amazing story and video sequences which is interesting, some video sequences will depict the second thoughts the pilots have about shooting down their own kind. With two shocking plot twists later on, this is a game to play/watch. Gameplay? Never better. This is the pinnacle of PC gaming and the movie even surpasses other sci fi movies out there.

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Underrated Classic!, 13 July 1999

In Star Trek filmdom, it is often cited that the fifth installment is the weakest. However any film that contains the line "Please Spock, not in front of the Klingons" and the 'triumvirate' (Kirk, Spock and Bones) singing 'Row,row, row your boat' around a campfire has to cherished for future generations. Basically the story is about Spocks long lost half brother (!) hijacking the Enterprise for a meeting with God, yes, God who was in another Galaxy all this time. Along the way you'll see Uhura doing a sexy dance, Scotty hamming it up and hitting his head and Kirk falling off a cliff. High camp all the way and fun because of it, which is what Shatner wanted. Remember: 'What does God want with a starship?'

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Go Charlie!, 2 July 1999

Whatever you do, don't shack up with Paul Kersey, or you'll regret it - The fifth outing for Bronson in his famous vigilante series. Even in his 70's gunning down scum is never on the bottom of his priorities list. Now any movie ending with a Roman numeral may put off some people, but this movie is totally enjoyable and you'll cheer Charles everytime he guns down members of the mob headed by a very nasty mob boss. The Death Wish quintology ranks right up there with the Godfather and Star Wars Trilogy.

The Swarm (1978)
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A Disaster Movie Classic!, 18 June 1999

Combine millions of killers bees, a pile of actors including actors supplementing their fortnightly pension cheques and the ever cockney Michael Caine and what you have is a silly and entertaining camp classic. Fun for the whole family. Just don't expect intelligent drama from any movie with the name 'Irwin Allen' listed as producer, though.

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Quite good really!, 16 June 1999

This movie, the last hurrah for Lee's Dracula (The best, mind you) is really quite good. Set in modern London, it truly has a great serious style and benefits greatly with NO post-modern comedy bits and pretty boy actors...Ah, the good old days of horror movies. Excellent low budget production values, hence the more realistic looking special effects.

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Get some early 70's horror into your day, 16 June 1999

When watching horror movies thoughout the century, it's often the early 70's when some of the most unintentionaly funny but played straight-as-a-diplomat movies came out. This movie is one of them, however this differs from just about any previous Dracula movies as the setting is now modern London, full of randy teens and just about everyone has sideburns (The males at least, ever seen a woman with sidies?). Very enjoyable movie with fine performances from the two leads, Christopher Lee and the energetic-for-his-age Peter Cushing.

How to make a bad movie..., 28 February 1999

Now what was Buster Keaton's grand daughter, Camille thinking when she starred in this film? You know the story - lone female writer is attacked and brutally molested by a gang of 4 country hicks, including one mentally handicapped person. Rape scenes in movies is nothing new or rare, but then again they don't exactly tax viewers taste by going over 30 minutes. Of course, the heroine exacts revenge on the men by....having a bath with one of them. yes, that happens. which of course leads to a very bloody scene with surely enough had me crossing my legs. Watch this only if you're a lover of purely bad films

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Sick, Sick, Sick, Yes!, 28 February 1999

Ah, this movie makes me yearn for the good old days of the 1970's - when cinema trash like this could be released (and it is uncut on video!). Lovers of 'rubbish' movies like me would find much to admire about this 1978 release but more sensible people be wary: scenes of female torture, female torture and did I say female torture? Fiendish bad guys include some weird bald guy who sure looks like he gets off on some fetish (necrophilia to be exact!) and an evil dwarf. Some may consider this 'camp' based on its excessiveness, but the way it was put together makes this movie seem slightly more realistic. Compare this movie to 'The toxic avenger' for example.

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Underrated, surely!, 5 February 1999

As the 'last' carry on it is often cited as the worst of the series (Along with the awful Carry on England). There's plenty of really bad d*** jokes, theres a couple of (very) soft porn scenes and some peeping toms. On the plus side there is a rather nifty pop tune 'love crazy' sounding very 70's. Kenneth Williams puts in a good performance even though it is an embarrassing movie (Credibility wise) however the rest of the remaining (whats left of the) carry on crew don't do much. I actually enjoyed this as a 'so bad its fairly good!' movie, plus any movie that sends up the 70's porn movie genre deserves a quick look!

Worthy movie indeed., 13 January 1999

A worthy movie indeed. It has all the elements that truly make a horror sequel 'all that': the brutal killings, a host of 20 something unknown actors with 1 well known actor, the obligatory hay stack romp, and of course a shock ending. All contribute to a watchable horror flick which is quite similar to its prequel and sequel funnily enough.