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Black and White isn't always as it seems., 2 May 1999

A great movie! Great effects on the make-up to make the characters black and white. Especially on Joan Allen. Reese Witherspoon is a talented actress, who can make any movie-goer love her. The acting, effects, and plot were divine. Not your average film....but better! If you haven't already seen it, then you're in for a real treat. If Pleasantville 2 came out, it would be first on my list for must sees!!

Superb!, 2 May 1999

Great film. A 10. Edward Norton is a fabulous actor. I love how the flashbacks are all portrayed in black and white. Graphic but enjoyable. A must see. That's all I have to say!

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Poetically good!, 25 April 1999

Very good, and upbeat for the times. LOVE TUPAC!!!!!!!! (WES SIDE) Janet and Regina are very good actresses, great poems by Maya Angelou. Sexy, dark, and dramatic.

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Robin Williams does it again!, 25 April 1999

What Dreams May Come, was underrated. Everyone I know said it was boring, weak, too sad, or some other bad comments. But all I can say is that Williams does it again!!! After Patch Adams, which I personally didn't like, and Good Will Hunting, another Williams I didn't like, I found out Williams can do drama!! I thought he was only good in comedy like Mrs. Doubtfire, or even Jumanji!! What Dreams May Come is definitely touching, and sad, but who doesn't like a drama once in a while??? The visual effects are dazzling, and the acting is great. Cuba Gooding, JR, is an excellent actor, and was very, very astounding, even if he didn't play a big role. 10 out of 10 in my book, and all those critics who hated this, don't believe em', see this spectacular film today!!

HELL YEAH!!!!, 25 April 1999

A repulsive, great, pukin wild ride! First of let me tell you that Casper is very hot!! This film is definitely not appropriate for young kids, because parents, this is not Star Trek. It is gorey, grusome and a favorite of mine! Ok, I like sick films, but who doesn't once in a while? If you like seein bugs being blownup, and people getting eaten in the worst kinda ways, this flick's definitely for you!!! Fair acting, but a 10 out of 10 all the way, Baby!!!!!!!!

Shag-a-delic baby, yea!, 25 April 1999

I totally agree with Wild-2 when he says this is Mike Myers' best work!! Hilarious, and side-splittin! 10 out of ten, loved every minute!! oh yea!

Friday (1995)
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Friday is the day........ and movie!!, 25 April 1999

A favorite!! Chris Tucker and Ice Cube are awesome. Totally wild and wacky. Thugs and ghetto all the way!! Wes side baby!!! superb!!

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Cute, friendly, and smelly diapers., 25 April 1999

Great film in my opinion. Baby Bink is unbelieveably cute. With his dimples, playfulness, and giggle, it is hard to believe why it bombed. I think it deserves major props for being kid-friendly, instead of the hard-core things people are used to seeing. It is great for all- ages, a 10 out of 10, spectacular!

Too bad the ending sucked!, 25 April 1999

Forces of Nature was an adventursome, fun, and grabbing movie...with one small problem, the ending. For those of you who've seen it and feel the same way I do, then you know. Ben Affleck is surely eye candy, but come on, people, face it, Forces of Nature, would have been sooo much better with a racier ending. More spur of the moment, it was too limp and unrealistic. Sorry, but I give it 71/2 out of 10

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A pathetic dried-up, tried to be, boring, comedy, 20 April 1999

No plot, bad acting, no character build-up, can hardly be summarized, weak, slow, stupid, sad, pathetic, annoying, wretched, no details, no main-point, uninteresting, did i mention PATHETIC, beyond dull, montonous scenes, unthoughtout, poorly planned, scary, should-have-never-ever-been-made, watching the blossom of a daisy would have been more exciting, shallow, should be banned from the view of the public, unexciting, and retarded. Although i love Fran Drecsher as an actress, she should have never been cast as Joy Miller.

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