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Party of Five Meets the Addams Family..., 19 June 2001

I have to say that I have totally become addicted to this show after just watching the first three episodes. Rarely does a television show pull me in so quickly. I love every minute of the show when it is on and I actually dread the time when its hour of programming is up.

Who would have thought that a funeral parlor could have so much beauty in it? This show actually made me feel a little less afraid of death now that I can see first hand what really goes on in a funeral home.

The characters are fascinating to watch. They are each flawed in wonderful and thought-provoking ways. All the actors do an excellent job. I have no complaints about this series. I hope it has a VERY long run on HBO. I'm also glad that the show now follows Sex and the City. Now I don't have to sit through all of that terrible show Arliss to get to more of the good stuff. A+

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Not as good as the original, but not awful, 30 April 2001

The sequel to "Cruel Intentions" could have been a lot better if it had not beed titled "Cruel Intentions 2." The television show "Manchester Prep" looks like it must have been a decent show, but it should not have been edited together to make a film. Perhaps the best way to present these episodes would have been to release a video collection that had all the episodes (and maybe a couple of extra ones to end things more conclusively).

Turning these shows into a film sequel just confuses people and takes away from what's been done here. For one thing, there are numerous plot inaccuracies that turn up when comparing this movie to the first film. This movie robs Sebastain of his loveable vicious streak, which we saw in the fist movie. Also Sarah Michelle Gellar's performance as Katherine was certainly more menacing than this actress's work.

This movie lacked a lot in plot development. We saw a lot of things that just didn't add up. Why throw in a scene with Katherine trying to turn good when it will never evolve to anything by the film's end? Why quote lines directly from the first film and then reuse them in this "sequel" as if no one will notice? Why present a ditzy girl subplot that mirrors the Selma Blair subplot in the first movie? Looking at "Cruel Intentions 2," you can't help but wonder why this movie was made in the first place and what direction did it MEAN to take?

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Awesome song, awesome video, 26 April 2001

I absolutely love this song and its video. This video is a lot of fun. I have been a Madonna fan since childhood and I think that her videos only get better with time. The video for "Music" is a comic romp that will make anyone with a pulse want to "put a record on." Madonna has a lot of fun here as she pokes fun of all the raunchy rap videos of today. She proves that a woman can do a booty video just as well as a man can, and still get a number one hit.

So far all the videos from the "Music" album have had a similar theme. Madonna takes traditionally male-dominated video images and makes them her own. In "Music" she takes on the booty-shaking, womanizing rap industry. In "Don't Tell Me" she took on the Wild Wild West with a cowgirl theme. In "What It Feels Like For A Girl" she took on crime and car crashes. Madonna is the ultimate feminist, and these videos prove it.

After all, only Madonna could get a lap dance from a stripper and pull it off without looking ignorant. Madonna just can't go wrong. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of this totally hot video. A+

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great movie dealing with racism, 23 April 2001

This is a wonderful movie from a time long ago. "Broken Blossoms" is a very sad and thought-provoking film that should be remembered for another 100 years to come. This movie deals with a lot of issues that are still important today. Racism, femininity, child abuse, religion, and more are all presented in this little film, and it is well worth taking a look at.

You may need to bring a box of tissues though. This movie has an ending that could make the toughest viewer shed a tear or two. A+

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A wonder cartoon variety show..., 21 April 2001

This is sadly a great cartoon show that has somehow been forgotten by the masses. This show contained four cartoon shows ("The Mini-Monsters," "Street Frogs," "Karate Kat," and "Tigersharks") that were mixed together in small segments during each episode.

My personal favorite was "The Mini-Monsters." This show had a bunch of monster kids attending summer camp. There were a little vampire, Frankenstein monster, werewolf, mummy, witch, invisible man, and many more. There were only two humans that went to camp at Camp Mini-Mon, and they often tried to show the monsters what it was like to be "normal." It was a really fun show, and the monsters were not at all threatening for kids to watch.

"Street Frogs" had a group of street smart frogs that loved to sing and record rap tunes. They had some real style as they made their music. They had some really hip tunes (it is too bad there may never be a soundtrack).

"Karate Kat" was a crime-fighting cartoon with "meow, baby." This was a really fun show with a lead who was literally a cool cat.

"Tigersharks" was a show about a race of humanoids that lived under water. I do not remember much about this particular show because it was my least favorite of the four.

I think that everyone who loves cartoons should try to look up these titles. Each cartoon is available on video in separate installments. Some are even still on amazon. I especially love the "Mini-Monsters" video collection.

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One of the best cartoons EVER..., 21 April 2001

It would be a dream come true for me if "Count Duckula" was back on television again. This was one of the cartoons that I loved most in my childhood. I used to watch every episode of the show religiously. I especially loved the theme song. This is certainly a classic show.

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Very Funny Flick...For Fans of Raunchy Humor, 19 April 2001

This is a film for fans of the CBS show "Survivor." This spoof is VERY funny and VERY sexy (but more funny than erotic I think). If you like dirty jokes, then you will love this movie. Only in a movie like this would contestants bring adult toys, whiskey, and cigarettes for their luxury items. Also, be prepared to see contestants cut their way through the island wilderness using an artificial penis, and more than one contestant who loves to walk around camp in the buff. This movie is a lot of fun, but be prepared for some serious sleaziness!

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Excellent TV Show!!! (A Must See), 19 February 2001

So far "Grosse Pointe" seems to be one of those yet undiscovered treasures on television today. This sitcom has it all--a beautiful and funny cast, clever writing, romance, and hilarious comedy. How could you go wrong by watching it?

I personally love the character named Hunter (the one you love to hate). She gives Karen on "Will & Grace" a run for her money as the biggest sitcom diva out there right now.

Dave and Marcy also make the show a lot of fun with their sweet-natured characters. I really enjoy the episodes that center around these two's star-crossed situation.

Do yourself a favor and check out the best kept secret on primetime television. This show often seems even better than the shows that it parodies. If you like "Dawson's Creek," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Melrose Place," "90210," or "Felicity," then you will LOVE "Grosse Pointe."

Valentine (2001)
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Wonderful horror flick..., 11 February 2001

I just saw "Valentine" and I have to say that it was the best slasher movie that I've seen in years. Unlike the recent trend of 90's horror flicks, this movie is more concerned with being eerie than it is with being self-mocking. For those out there that hated "Scream," there is not one reference to "the horror rules" in this movie (even though the old slasher movie rules do apply here).

This is the perfect blend of 80's and 90's horror. You get the style, cinematography, and good acting of 90's films and the stalking-slasher madness of an 80's flick. I guess the year 2001 is going to finally give horror fans the kind of movies they were longing for. This is definitely a move in the right direction.

Denise Richards stands out here as a fun character. You can tell she liked her role, and that makes her stand out. I loved her in this movie.

Hannibal (2001)
More of a slasher movie than a thriller..., 10 February 2001

I just saw "Hannibal" and I have to say that it is a mix between "Friday the 13th" and the sitcom "Frasier." For the first time we really get to meet Hannibal Lector (who was not really concentrated upon all that much in "Silence of the Lambs"). He is a fun character to watch. He's a snob, he's sadistic, and he uses a lot of one-liners (like a lot of 1980s slasher movies I can think of).

There are some cool death scenes and a lot of gore to see. But don't expect some deeply psychological thriller here. Turn your brain off and just enjoy the madness. If you try to analyze things too much you will ruin the movie for yourself. This movie is definitely less believable than "Silence of the Lambs."

I was happy to see Julianne Moore in the role of Clarice. She is great in this movie. Actually, I think she played the part even better than Jodie Foster did. It's too bad that this is not the kind of movie that could get Oscar attention. The movie itself doesn't have a whole lot to say. It is just a mindless slasher horror piece. If that sounds like your kind of movie, then you would surely like "Hannibal." If you are looking for something intense and haunting, go see "The Gift" instead.

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