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Some people just don't get this movie, 17 May 2006

If you're a horror fan who loves gore and are looking for a gory movie, go check out High Tension. If you hate cheesy movies, go rent a new release from Blockbuster. This movie is for people who like quirkiness, b-grade film-making, c-grade acting, cheesy gore and.. FUN. I get the feeling that a few people who wrote reviews for this were obviously expecting something very different. This is NOT a horror movie, only in a very broad sense could it be considered one. It is a movie that is twice as unintentionally funny as any Ed Wood movie. There is no real comedy in Color Me Blood Red but the acting and direction will have you laughing throughout. This movie defines "grindhouse". Now that I've prepared you - Go buy it.

I rated this movie 8 out of 10. It was very good at doing what it tried to do. Giving this movie a 3/10 is a joke, of course it's bad but that is the whole point! A phrase I see a lot on the IMDb is "BAD meaning GOOD", not many movies are more deserving of that praise than Color Me Blood Red.

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memorable, 31 October 2003

Much like the original Creepshow "Where's my cake, Bedelia? I WANT MY CAKE!!!", Creepshow 2 provides us with memorable quotes such as "I feel the need... THE NEED FOR WEED!", "LOCO! LOCO!!!", and "THANKS FOR THE RIDE, LADY!!". This trilogy of horror shorts however does not live up to its predecessor in acting quality, plots, and overall ambience. The first story in the trilogy is an embarrassing detriment to the film and is probably the reason for most of its harsh criticism. The second has its moments but lack of plot makes it just an average horror short. The third segment is the best of the three, with its feelings of paranoia and unrelentlessness.

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Hilarious Splatter Comedy, 19 August 2003

Blood Feast 2 is a welcome treat to fans of campy black comedy (as long as they can handle large amounts of blood and gore). If you liked the first one (or even if you didn't), you should check this out. It's a big improvement over the original. The gore looks great. I haven't laughed out loud this much in years. You can't ask for a better film from H.G. Lewis.


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WARNING: Extremely Overrated!, 16 August 2003

This is possibly the worst film I've ever seen that deals with mental illness, and I've seen most of them, believe me. If you think Gena Rowlands' performance is brilliant then you must think stage musicals have realistic acting. How did she get an Oscar nomination for this? Over-the-top, sensationalist acting like this only belongs on Broadway, not in film. Overall, this film is embarrassing, awkward, and sometimes confusing. If you want to see Cassavetes' brilliant side, go rent Faces. Avoid this garbage.

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not as bad as many say it is, 23 July 2003

This is one of the better John Candy movies out there, if that isn't damning with faint praise. It's not terrific, but it definitely will tickle your funny bone if you're in the right mood. The only real flaw is the soundtrack, which doesn't accentuate the humor enough. If you enjoy comedies about cute moronic characters who are too blind to see their own faults, you will love this.

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not even worth a rental, 15 July 2003

I can't believe that people actually refer to this movie as "classic" horror. The first half is completely boring and full of characters you hope will be torn to shreds by werewolves. The second half is where the film somewhat redeems itself but doesn't do a very good job at it. The werewolves were very awkward-looking. Special effects were decent. The ending is cliched, even for 1981. Avoid.

Uncle Sam (1996) (V)
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could have been so much better..., 4 July 2003

Uncle Sam had potential to be a cult classic. If Big Bill Lustig hadn't tried to take the Larry Cohen screenplay more seriously than it should have been, this would rate up there with Jack Frost (the one about a killer snowman). At any rate, this film delivers some great and often creative death scenes that should please most slasher movie fans. The plot was OK, but could've used more campy humour. See it for the death sequences.

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"Jackass" with a hint of Girls Gone Wild, 7 June 2003

this film documents steve-o and his traveling freakshow touring around the country, but focuses more on the offstage antics than the poorly-filmed onstage antics. if you are familiar with the tv show "jackass", think of that only unedited, a bit more uneven, and a bit more extreme stuntwork. the scene where steve-o lights his naked friend on fire is not to be missed. oh, and if you have a weak stomach, skip the final scene. heh.

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Big Time Disappointment, 20 December 2002

There were maybe 3 decent scares in this movie, It is definitely not a horror masterpiece or anything remotely close to the praise this film has received. What starts off as a seemingly intelligent and promising movie gradually deteriorates into typical formulaic Nightmare on Elm Street sequelesque garbage. Heather Langenkamp definitely goes out on a limb for this one and comes out a winner. A victim of too many good ideas in notes and screenplays, New Nighmare just can't find itself in a 2 hour time slot. Craven's nods to various films such as Blue Velvet, The Exorcist, and Beetlejuice only add a confusing air to the melodrama and latent terror. Avoid unless you are a loyal Nightmare fan.

Zombi 3 (1988)
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Review of English-dubbed version of 'Zombi 3', 21 November 2002

The dubbing/translation in this movie is downright hilarious and provides the only entertainment in this otherwise dull and derivative zombie flick. I haven't laughed so hard in my life as I just did watching Zombi 3 (and I've seen some really bad dubbing in my life, believe me). Seriously, the filmmakers could re-edit this movie and release it as a comedy and make millions of dollars. It's just that funny.

But... If falling off your couch laughing at the dubbing in a Fulci zombie movie isn't your cup of tea, then AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS.

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