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A nice, "FEEL GOOD" mini-series!, 18 June 2000

Crossings is an enjoyable mini-series! Yes, it is very Danielle Steel'ish, but that is what makes it so fun. You know that the good guy is going to get the girl.....and you really enjoy watching them overcome the obstacles along the way. Jane Seymour shines as a ....what's that word that rhymes with witch.....let's say she shines as an over-pampered socialite! Cheryl Ladd's performance was also good and Lee Horsley is always nice to look at!

This also was a good adaptation of the book!

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A must for Guiding Light Fans!, 17 March 1999

Set at the Guiding Light hospital, this movie uses the soap stars in an interesting way! Although the story is not focused upon the GL stars, it offers a peak into their lives at the hospital. Lauren Hutton is very effective as a strong-willed woman having to make time in her life for an operation. Nice plot twists at the end will keep you guessing as to the outcome. Joe Ponazecki as Detective Wyatt is perfect casting!

"Scarlett" (1994)
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Great by itself, but as a sequel??, 9 February 1999

I think that Margaret Mitchell would be rolling over in her grave. As a mini-series by itself, this show had murder, mystery, romance and intrigue. But as a sequel to the wonderful book "Gone with the Wind", this movie did not live up to its original. The sex/violence is NOT appropriate for the characters from the book. Although Timothy Dalton gave a wonderful performance, as did Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, the situations that these two characters find themselves in does not contribute to the characters of Rhett and Scarlett and is most inappropriate to the time in which the movie is set. I was very disappointed.

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If you are an Alien Nation fan, you will enjoy this. But..., 8 February 1999

As an Alien Nation fan, it was nice to see another movie in the series. However, this movie had me asking a lot of questions. Why would one alien species want to exterminate another? The "new alien" could have had some redeeming features, but we will never know. Also, what happened to Vesna - the baby??? If this movie is to be taken in its order, then the Fransiscos would have had the baby. Yet, there is NO mention of her in this film. Interesting! But it was nice to see Bud finally make some decisions regarding his life and his goals. This movie is my least-favorite of the alien nation series.

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A great movie in the Tradition of the Series, 8 February 1999

I loved this movie! It gave us a true insight into the background and history of the "Alien" race. It was nice to see the relationship between Matt and Cathy explored. They are a perfect "inter-species" couple. (The book "Cross of Blood" that is sort-of a sequel to this movie was a real disappointment though!) This movie allowed us to see the spiritual heritage of the Newcomers. It was interesting to see the similarities to the "human" world of spirituality! God did create All "Man" in the same light - regardless of whether or not they were born on "Earth"!!

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Why did this Series only last One Season???, 8 February 1999

This series is fantastic! I do not understand why it only lasted one season. It gave us so many insights into the relationships between people of all "races". It allowed us to see the pain of "inter-species" relationships and the acceptance of beings "different" from us. As the series unfolded, it was uplifting to see how people can overcome their differences to get along and thrive on earth. There are so many lessons that we can ALL learn from this series. We can get along in peace and harmony.

Lace II (1985) (TV)
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This finally answers those nagging questions from #I, 8 February 1999

We can FINALLY understand why Lily has such a dark complexion while her mother is so fair. This movie was, in many ways, better than Lace #I. One can understand why Lily turned out the way that she did. It was nice to see the girls all work together instead of against each other. The ending was very masterfully done. Bravo!

Dark Mirror (1984) (TV)
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This movie had me on the edge of my seat., 8 February 1999

As a true Jane Seymour fan, I was glad to see her in a movie that showcased many of her talents. I could not stop watching this movie and I was NOT disappointed in the ending at all! Vincent Gardenia was perfectly cast as Detective Church. I understand that Jane Seymour's sister played her "double" in those tricky twin shots. This is definitely a movie for any mystery fan!

For anyone who has ever been in love., 8 February 1999

This movie has it all - love, passion, romance. It is a movie that spans the boundaries of time. I was so touched by this movie that I named my son "Richard" after Christopher Reeves' character. It is a "feel good" movie that will stay in your heart forever.

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Every bit as good as the Book!, 31 January 1999

From start to finish, this mini-series had me mesmerized. I have read the book, and this was one mini-series that actually stayed true to the book! Great acting by Dyan Canon in a role that followed her life for 80 years!

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