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The Best Movie of 1999! Give This One Best Picture!!, 25 August 1999

This has got to be the best picture of 1999. Everyone does an excellent job in this movie from Bruce Willis, Toni Colette and the little boy who can see ghosts. This is one of those movies that doesn't rely on blood and crap to give you chills! oh man, it was great! GO SEE IT! Don't let anyone tell you the ending. Even though I figured it out do not let anyone tell you how it ends! They should make more movies like this. Highly recommended!!

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Excellent and touching, 6 July 1999

Excellent and touching drama about a man who has AIDS and finds out he has not that much longer to live, decided to throw a farewell party for himself and invites his family and friends. And also his ex. The results are dramatic, heartbreaking and even a little humour is in here too. The whole cast does an excellent job but a few stand out... Eric Roberts as Nick who is dying of AIDS, Lee Grant as his mother, Maragret Cho as a best friend, Olivia Newton John as a best friend, and Gregory Harrison as Nick's ex. This is an excellent film that I have watched more then once. It will make you laugh and cry. Oh man, will it make you cry!! The score is excellent also as is the direction. Recommended.

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Excellent Beautiful movie, 6 July 1999

I have seen this movie and each time I like it even better. Its about two teen guys who live next door to each other. One's mom is a barmaid and the other gets beaten on daily by his dad and brother. The two fall for each other with some touching and funny moments. All the actors and actresses do an excellent job!!!!! Why did this movie not win any awards? It deserves many!! The music goes right along with the movie and makes it even better. The four leads, Jamie, Ste, Jamie's mom and their next door Mama Cass lover lydia are all excellent!!!!!!! Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!

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Susan Tyrell always plays a good crazy!!, 6 July 1999

Not bad suspense movie about a crazy aunt played by Tyrell who will stop at nothing to protect her teenage nephew from the people out to get him. Look for an early bill paxton(who is not that great an actor anyway) in an early role as a school bully. Really not a horror movie until the last half when Tyrell goes nuts. But not bad actually!

Nightmares (1983)
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Good Horror Anthology, 5 July 1999

A good horror movie anthology which has four stories about people caught in some of their worst nightmares. The first is about a woman who just has to have a pack of cigarettes late at night and gets chased by a serial killer. The second is about a teen who desperately wants to beat a video game and when he does finds out this video game is alot more then it seems. The third is about a priest being chased by a truck from hell(literally). And the fourth is a family being terrorized by a giant rat. They are all pretty good but is the R rating really necessary?????? I mean with maybe one scene taken out this could have easily been a made for tv movie. Still worth seeing though.

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So unbelievably stupid!!!!!!, 4 July 1999

The 2 worst movie I have ever seen in my life are Troll 2 and this. Everything from the plot, the acting, direction etc is terrible. This is advertised as a horror movie but it is anything but. More like a stupid comedy. you will want to kick yourself for sitting all the way through it. It's about a family so sweet they make you sick and their kids and their kids friends going to a small town for a winter vacation. The people in the town don't like kids too well and apparently only the kids can see this. Do not waste your time on this movie. I can't believe i wasted my time typing out this review for it! Avoid it at all costs!!!!!!

Our Sons (1991) (TV)
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SO SO TV MOVIE, 27 June 1999

Our Sons is an ok tv movie but could've been better. I did get a good laugh out of Julie Andrews calling Ann Margret " A stupid bitch". Ann Margret and Julie Andrews are good but Hugh Grant is annoying as usual.

Coffy (1973)
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Pam is great!, 27 June 1999

Hilarious action movie has Pam Grier trying to fiind her sister's killer. The best parts are the big catfight between Pam and the hookers. And when Pam is trying to get info out of a woman and the woman's lover comes home. Hilarious!

Jawbreaker (1999)
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Not as good as Heathers but a nice try, 21 June 1999

Actually this is not that bad a movie. The ending could have been a little better, but it's still not bad. Rebecca gayhart does a good job as does Rose McGowan from Scream who shows she can play a mean witch. Carol Kane and Pam Grier are good in their short parts. And PJ Soles and William KAtt are in it for less then a minute! What happened with that? Anyways it's no Heathers, but not a bad try.

Good sequel 23 years later!, 30 May 1999

First of all the original Carrie is a masterpiece and can never be topped but the sequel made 23 years later is surprisingly not bad and a pretty good follow up as well. Emily Berg plays Rachel a lonely high school student who discovers she has telekenesis, where she can move objects with her mind. It turns out her mother who is in an institution had an affair With Carrie White's father, so she is Carrie's little sister. One night she is invited to a party with the popular people and when a cruel joke is played upon her she takes out her rage in revenge. From flying CD's to exploding glasses, she lets nothing stand in her way. I dont want to give away how it ends any more. The direction cinematography and score were all very well done. Emily Berg was excellant as Rachel and the jocks and snob girls were good in their parts as well. Amy Irving does a good job as well returning as a high school counselor. The only problem I had with this movie is what happens to Amy Irving's character. Why did nothing happen to Rachel's crazy mother instead? Oh well. A worthy sequel to a masterpiece. I am also surprised it did not do as good as it should have. Ths movie is far better then all the teenybopper horror crap they have been churning out like the 2 awful i know what you did, urban legend, the faculty etc. Recommended!

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