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Beautiful Ella Raines, 2 July 2005

This is one of the old movies I watch year after year. John Wayne in his prime & Ella Raines seems to be ideal for her role. I do not remember seeing her in another movie where she is as beautiful as she is in Tall In The Saddle. To see all the old timers such as Gabby Hayes, Ward Bond, & Paul Fix among others is a treat for an old western fan. The back ground viewed from the the wild stage ride is sort of phony, but have to remember this was in 1944. Still I enjoy it each time I see it. It brings back memories of a simpler time when I use to go to the Rialto Theatre on Saturday afternoon, pay 15 cents for admission & spend a dime on popcorn & drink

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Interesting to see Roy Rogers & Gene Autry in same movie, 13 September 2003

Although the movie is typical of the "B" westerns, it is interesting to see Gene Autry & Roy Rogers in the same movie & realize the Roy surpassed Gene in popularity when Gene enlisted & served in World War 2 Gene actually kisses the girl in the final scene !!

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One of the best mini series, 19 April 2003

I enjoyed the movie when I first saw it in 1983 & just again on tape last week after reading the book. I like the way the characters were involved with historical figures.

It did seem Ali MacGraw played a part too young for her,but came off pretty good. Also the long shot of ships seen in Newfoundland looked pretty phony

Overall a very good movie. I especially like the scenes between Pug & Pamela. Played good off each other it seemed to me.