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Some famous random actors with their last name as 'Cox'. Any more Cox will be welcomed to join the list.
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Movies listed by ascending order of the year's release. "Conan The Barbarian" is the best of them all in my opinion.
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A list of my favorite Russian-American actors who were all born in the former USSR and who can speak Russian. Alive or deceased.
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Some popular actors and actresses who were born in 1978. The year I was born too :P
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2004 is my favorite movie year. There were all kind of great movies, from historical epics, to comedies and sci-fi/fantasy/horror and dramas and it was also a year when I got laid.
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My list of favorite actors who play the best Russians or appear to play Russians well at least. (The list is still in working progress, any suggestions welcomed.)
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A list of young rising stars.
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Some famous actors with hard to pronounce or hard to remember or spell names
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A list of my favorite Post-Apocalyptic movies. This is solely my favorite list and doesn't reflect anybody else's opinions, yours could be very different from mine and that's fine too.
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My only favorite dead and living composers in particular order with six composers scoring Ah-nold movies.
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A list of some good old post-apocalyptic movies. Some are not even that good, but so bad that they are good. That are either ultra-low budget, pure trash or quite dated by today's standars but still can be fun to look at. Starting with the good ones on top and going to bad ones to the bottom.
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My favorite top 10 list of zombie movies in chronological order.
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Some hot actresses who were born in 1978.
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My top pick of the most popular and gorgeous actresses who were born in 1975.
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Just a general mashup of my favorite villains from the 80s mostly in particular order.