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A brilliant showcase of Irelands young comedic talent
20 September 2002
I saw this film a few years ago on TV, and have been trying to track it down ever since, with little success. It was a well written, produced and directed comedy look at relationships, and featured a number of stand-up comedians from the irish circuit, such as Ian Coppinger, Kevin Gildea, Anne Gildea and Barry Murphy.

I only wish someone had released this on video, but I can't seem to find it anywhere! If anyone sees a copy, please let me know!
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Clean Slate (1994)
Witty and original
3 January 2002
This is the film that really showcases Dana Carvey's talent for comedic acting. I picked it up in a closing down sale at a local video store - I loved the Wayne's World movies and it had also been recommended by a friend. I was not disappointed. This movie has plenty to keep the audience entertained, and our main character never fails to surprise us with his innovation. This film had me in stitches from start to finish. If your not that inclined to go for Dana Carvey, at least remember this review when you're lingering in the video store and can't decide what to get. You won't be disappointed.
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Inside (1996 TV Movie)
A gripping portrayal of cruelty
16 October 1999
I saw this movie very late one night, while channel surfing just before I hit the sack. I spotted Eric Stoltz, and decided to watch for a little while, as I think he's a very talented actor. I got drawn into the movie completely, and it made an impression on me. The story concerns Martin Strydom, a white man living in south africa, arrested for collaboration with anti-apartheid terrorists. It is told as a series of flashbacks, as the prison warden who held him is being investigated, many years later, by Louis Gosset Junior. From the first day, Martin is put through a brutal campaign of psychological torture, instigated by the warden, who lies to him to make him believe that all of his friends and family have disowned him. I wont give any of the plot twists away (there are a few) but I will say, go and watch it. Its not funny, its not action packed, but it is a good movie
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Swift Justice (1996– )
I Cant believe no one else has seen this
13 July 1999
Well, Once again I'm here adding comments for a great TV show no one else has seen.

Swift Justice is currently being aired over here at about 2 in the morning on during the week. I've seen several Episodes of It so far, and enjoyed pretty much each one. From what I can gather, the show is about an ex special forces guy who is now working as a private detective. He has access to all sorts of Secret Service hardware and databases, and he knows loads of martial arts. in some ways this show is a bit cliched, but its all done very well, and thats what counts. The episodes are written quite well, and full of appearances by those faces-you-know-but-just-can't-name.

I enjoy this show quite a bit, and I watch it all the time
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Roar (1997– )
Well thought out
18 June 1999
I first saw this show about a year ago. They aired the whole season over here, because as it was set in Ireland, it saved our networks lots of time and money,and made them look good.

It mixed a good amount of historical detail with myth, and plenty of swords and sorcery. It also was completely devoid of stereotypical irish stuff like leprechauns and dodgy accents (because half of the cast were from NewZealand). This made it appeal to everyone here as well. It was also full of kick ass battles and warrior babes, with some classy characters, and a great villain in the form of Sébastian roche (the peacemaker, merlin) as the Roman Centurion who tortured christ on the cross, and was cursed with immortality. It really was a good story, and should be brought back as soon as possible!
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Three (1998)
9 March 1999
I stumbled across this show on one of our local networks at two o'clock in the morning, and was pleasantly surprised. It was a show along the lines of Mission Impossible, with a team of 3 agents, recruited by a secret organization to do their work. It had a nice edge to it, and a real sense of action. From what little I saw, I made out that this show had a level of characterisation rarely seen anymore, particularly with Amanda, who had bags of style and attitude. David Warner also put in a great performance as 'the man'. Rest assured, I'll be staying up until 2 next Monday night!
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