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Pee-wee, rated PG-13, 31 January 1999

This is early Pee Wee filmed at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood. I picked this video up to entertain my kid and ended up watching it myself. It was great. Much funnier that the TV show that would come much later.

Cube (1997)
A Twilight Zone episode - revisited., 31 January 1999

Anyone who has watched the Twlight Zone may recall an episode called "Six Characters in Search of an Exit". Where these six people are trying to escape this cylinder shaped room that they're in. The lead character was not a police man he was an army general. He was the one who took charge and motivated the other characters.

Not at all unlike "Cube". Virtually the same predicament and the same overacting (as a few people pointed out). Why were they in the cube? Well, if they didn't know why neither would we so I guess we have to go with their speculation that it was some Gov't plot. That's convenient enough.

I had some problem with the characters inconsistencies in particular. Their personalities were all over the place.

After reading the other comments, I guess I agree about the overacting, but believe me I've seen worse movies. My main criticism was that it mimics a Zone I've seen before. The good part was they made the most out of a low budget set and they managed to stay one half step ahead of the boredom which was nipping at their heels. However it looks like this script was the first one this guy wrote (or sold) so I guess you have to give him a break.