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Good drama/triller marred by unrealistic story line., 28 December 1999

Fado is a sad almost bluesy style of Portuguese Gypsy music that is heard repeatedly trough the movie. As explained by one of the main characters (Igor) it also means fate.

Indeed it's fate that bring the two main characters Paco and Alex together and triggers the problems that ensue.

On the whole I enjoyed it quite a bit. It starts out as an 'on the down and outs' drama/road movie an builds into a suspenseful thriller / road movie.

There were two things that I found unrealistic that kept me from giving it a higher rating (I gave it an 8). The first is the major point of why did Alex give the stuff away. She was so desperate for cash that she sold her passport for a paltry sum and then she gives away things worth thousands to a stranger? Her explanation was unconvincing. Also how did they get through the gate, where were the cops?

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Don't waste your time and money!, 23 January 1999

A Sam Peckinpah movie based on one Jim Thompson's best books starring Steve McQueen would seem like a surefire winner, a classic. Unfortunately the result was an abomination.

The film was hijacked by McQueen who controlled the final cut and watered down a screenplay already watered down from the book. The film was disavowed by both Thompson and Peckinpah and various other involved in its making. The director upon seeing the final cut peed on the screen and shouted, "This is not my film!" Thompson could have (and did) complained, "This is not my story!"

One of the great noir classics with a highly original and ironic ending was transformed into an all too typical Hollywood product with an all too typical ending. A book who's tone was dark and dismal was transformed into a cutesy love story/chase film. The end of the movie had nothing to do with the end in the book which is largely the point of the whole story (I'd like to go on

here but can't without violating the no spoiler rule)

Steve McQueen who mucked things up off camera even disappoints on camera. He puts on a weak performance as does Ali MacGraw (perhaps they were distracted by there spudding love affair)

Other than that Sally Struthers (who I usually don't like) put on an excellent performance the best thing I can say about this flick is that it was not as bad as the remake!

Don't waste your time and money on this, read the book. If your really in the mood for a movie see something by Quentin Tarantino or the Coen Brothers or something else by Peckinpah (especially The Wild Bunch) or (if you want to see a movie adaptation of a Thompson book) The Grifters.

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The original was bad enough, this is worse!!, 23 January 1999

In the 1972 original Thompson's classic book was ruinously adapted for the silverscreen. This remake manages to be even worse. If it was possible I would give this movie a negative rating. The remake's worst sin is that now the book will never be properly made into a movie.

The problem of both versions is that a highly original story was transformed into a typical Hollywood schlock 'star vehicle'. Read the book or see the Grifters or the Wild Bunch

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Priceless trash!!, 5 January 1999


One of the all time classic trash B-movies and in my humble opinion Russ Meyer's greatest work (one of the few that had an actual plot). He claimed it was based on a Greek myth (If anyone know which please let me know). It's late at night and I'm to tired to be more articulate and do 'Pussycat' justice.

If you've seen it, see it again.

If haven't go to it!

If have but didn't like it you're hopeless!

Typical calculated Hollywood dreck that didn't know when to end., 5 January 1999

This movie should have been called City of Death (but as bad as it is it's not as bad as City of Angels which I fell asleep during and only saw because it was an inflight movie). Brad Pitt replacing Nicolas Cage as the ingenuous imortal who comes to Earth to get a taste a'life n' falls in love. One slick cliche followed by another for nearly three hours. The only redeaming things about the movie were occasional funny moments and Anthony Hopkins who played the only three dimensional character in the whole !@## film! It also seems as if they couldn't figure how to end the mess they started

It was based on a good premise too bad it wasn't better done.