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A little cheesy,and ridiculous at times,but still a good film, 9 April 2000

This movie intrigued me as a youngster. I liked VINCENT and BOB,the two heroic robots,and always wanted one of my own. Maximillian is still today one of the scariest villain robots I've ever seen,besides the Terminator. There are several problems with the film,such as our heroes trying to make their way to the escape ship near the end. They are subjected to deep space,without space suits,all this happening dangerously close to a black hole! Talk about ridiculous! But it's fun to watch,and makes one think about what is truly beyond a black hole...

Two out of Four stars

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Oh yeah! This movie is great!, 9 April 2000

This is one movie for anybody who has worked,or is currently working,in corporate America. Deep down,we all have this urge to rebel and seek redemption for the hard work we do,with little to no reward. Mike Judge illustrates this concept extremely well. Watch for Milton the mumbler...he is hilarious! I also liked Gary Cole's Bill Lumberg character...the perfect example of a boss who couldn't care less about his employees. Best scene in the film...our heroes finally get their revenge on the uncooperative copy machine! Brilliant!

Three out of Four stars

Simply original masterpiece, 29 March 2000

This movie proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jim Carrey can be taken seriously as a dramatic actor. I was very disappointed that he was snubbed by the Academy Awards for this performance. Ed Harris also performed extremely well,for his portrayal of "Truman Show" creator Christof. What is so captivating is that this movie is so original,and so well conceived. Peter Weir is magical with his direction. An American masterpiece,The Truman Show should not be missed by anybody. It's funny,touching,and simply incredible.

**** out of ****

Kids (1995)
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Depressing to watch, 16 March 2000

What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that idiotic perverted pre-teen Telly,as he goes around having unprotected sex with young girls,all the while being HIV positive and not even bothering to get himself tested. This film is depressing to watch,seeing these kids drink,smoking weed,and having unsafe sex. Hopefully,parents can watch this film,then have one hell of a serious talk with their children about the dangers of unprotected sex and drug use. I know I will,when the time comes.

** 1/2 out of ****

Oh my goodness...., 17 January 2000

This sequel to Mortal Kombat involves a bunch of video-game heroes trying to save the Earth from the clutches of bad guy Shao Khan. Special effects are downright terrible,the acting is,well,I wouldn't even call it acting,and it's as if the film is trying to throw too much at you at one time. If you must watch this movie,make sure it's on television,where you won't waste your money on a rental. This movie is just abysmal.

1/2 of a star out of **** (I think I'm being too nice there)

Lots of special effects,and not enough story, 21 December 1999

This first Star Trek film drags on longer than it should. Too many shots of the refitted Enterprise,and while they look nice and pretty,too many special effects are shown. The crew seems lifeless,and unfortunately,so does this film. The sets are unattractive;the bridge looks dull and boring. It really doesn't contain the 'magic' that the Original Series brought to television. Followed,fortunately,by the brilliant "Wrath of Khan".

** out of ****

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Holy stinko,Batman!, 21 December 1999

I don't know why Joel Schumacher twisted the Batman franchise the way he did with this joke of a sequel. I will never comprehend,nor accept,the fact that Batman,a dark,forboding symbol of vengeful justice,carries a "Batman" credit card. Robin is reduced to a whiny brat who wants his own bird-signal,and Mr.Freeze spouts more one-liners about cold and things frozen than the whole Adam West series did altogether. Batgirl was introduced very poorly,and Poison Ivy,albeit seductive,is just not a good villainess. Mr. Schumacher,how could you? HOW?

*1/2 out of ****

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Oh no..., 21 December 1999

The fourth installment in the Superman series has our hero swearing to rid the earth of all nuclear weaponry. The special effects are downright bad,and there are obvious problems,such as when Nuclear Man takes Lacy Warfield into outer space,for one cannot breathe in outer space,and would also be frozen to death almost instantly. A very weak story in what was originally a good series. Stick with Superman I and II. Leave the rest alone.

* out of ****

Good Trek flick, 21 December 1999

First decent Star Trek film featuring the cast of "The Next Generation" finds Picard and crew going back in time to prevent the Borg from changing history. Hardcore fans of Trek will find numerous continuity problems,and the script is somewhat weak. The Borg look absolutely terrifying,and the Borg Queen is played seductively well by Alice Krige. Features a good,sweeping score by Jerry Goldsmith,and strong performances by Stewart and Brent Spiner. Followed by the weak "Insurrection".

*** out of ****

Good final film for the original cast, 21 December 1999

Possible peace between the Klingons and the Federation,as well as a brutal murder of a Klingon chancellor and the framing of Kirk and Dr.McCoy afterward,highlight this adventure. Strong performances by most of the cast,especially Plummer as Shakespeare-quoting Klingon bad guy Chang. Sadly,this is DeForrest Kelley's(McCoy) final appearance in a Star Trek film. However,it serves as a fitting end to a legendary crew. Followed by the very weak "Generations".

*** out of ****

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