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Not for grandma - but worth the view, 29 December 1998

I have seen this film twice and each time see different elements. The film is a 'shocker' not a family film. Graphic S&M, sexual, playful, obscene, realistic and just outrageous. For mature audiences with an open mind. The story starts by bouncing around Hollywood, looking into the encounters of other hustlers and later as the two main characters develop, finishes in a love story. Tony Ward (long time model in magazine & music video) is portrayed as La Bruce's obsession which might have a tragic ending? you'll have to see for yourself!

Make sure you check your bags after shopping - might have someone else's stuff, 29 December 1998

This movie kept me on edge the entire duration. I recommend this to anyone that thinks about leaving the country for maxing out on the credit cards, or robbing a bank. You can't run, can't hide! Global Positioning technology (GPS) & sattelite imagery work in conjunction with your TV, cordless phone, pagers, bugs, ACK! If you have something the government wants, you and I wouldn't be as lucky as Will Smith to last a few days with wanted information. This is 'BIG BROTHER' people, get off the cell phone if you have anything to hide! Gene Hackman is fabulous as always, and Will Smith is grown up.