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Disappointing, 6 November 2007

This was one of the most disappointing movies I have seen in a long time. The trailers made it look like a funny movie that would appeal to dog and animal lovers. It was none of that! It was a sad, slow, melancholy film. Perhaps I would have liked it a bit more had the trailers been more honest in their presentation. But I watched it expecting to laugh out loud and only managed a few, a very few, wry smiles.

Molly Shannon is hilarious, but perhaps she works best as a supporting actress and not as the main character. Her performance was boring and very one dimensional.

Wasted a couple of hours watching this very tedious film.

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Unbelievable Awful, 22 June 2006

I found the DVD on a shelf at a rental condo I was at. Had never heard of it, but Sandra Bullock was on the cover, it was late, so why not give it a go. What a terrible, terrible movie. Perhaps one of the worst ever made. If IMDb allowed a zero rating, this would be it. In fact, I'm tempted to raise my score on the other 5 movies I have rated a 1 on IMDb, just to show how bad this one was.

The writing was bad, the plot was non-existent, the acting was terrible, the camera-work looked like that of someone using a video camera for the first time. My wife and mother-in-law were smarter than me, they went and found something else to do. I kept watching, thinking something has to happen. And you know, NOTHING EVER HAPPENED in this movie.

Go watch a snail crawl across the sidewalk, go watch water dripping from a faucet, anything is better than watching this.

Huh? Why?, 9 January 2006

Boy, am I glad that I watched this movie for free. I would have been very unhappy if I had paid even a dime to see it. What a terrible movie!! Easily the worst movie I saw in 2005. It sucked!!!

Plot? We don't need a plot! It's George, Brad, Julia and Catherine. Everyone will just want to watch them. Cheadle, the other member's of Ocean's 11, and Garcia - why did they bother to even show up? The acting was wooden, the plot non-existent, the camera work annoying.

At least Ocean's 11 was watchable and even fun. But this drivel is insulting. George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones acted in a movie called Intolerable Cruelty together, but this movie was intolerable cruelty to the viewer.

And now I hear there may be an Ocean's 13! WHY?!?!?!

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Disappointed in the story, 13 August 2005

I was really looking forward to watching this movie. The acting of Joan Allen and Kevin Costner was outstanding, they did very well in their roles. Unfortunately, I found the storyline to be very disappointing.

Supposedly, the movie covers 3 years and Allen's character stays mad and unhappy the whole time. She has 4 older daughters and never allows any of them to express their anger or sadness that their father has abandoned them. Anytime anyone of them says anything to Allen she doesn't like, she reminds them to have pity on her, to understand her pain. What about the pain of the daughters? I understand that this movie was about the mother, but it wasn't realistic in how the daughters' roles were developed.

Also, the movie trailers made it look like there was more humor than there was. This was a tragic story. While I knew it wasn't a comedy, I expected more humor. All the funny parts were in the trailers.

Overall, a disappointing film.

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Don't understand why movie is rated so low., 31 January 2005

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this film. We had wanted to see this when it first came to video/DVD but didn't get to it. Frankly, I then forgot about it. Last week, I was reminded of the movie and went out and rented it.

I have not seen the Ang Lee movie, "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" so can not comment on how it compares. But we really liked "Tortilla Soup" The performance by the cast of Elizondo, Pena, Obradors and unknown (to me) Mello; was very good. Raquel Welch was a bit over the top, but all in good fun. The interaction between the father (Elizondo) and daughters was believable and you could sense the love he had for them under his stern exterior (and you knew his daughters knew it too).

As others have mentioned, the food preparation and serving scenes were colorful and very beautiful. Shows there is a lot more to Mexican cuisine than what you run into at most restaurants.

This movie will make you smile, like enjoying a good meal. 8 out of 10

Surprisingly good, 30 August 2004

I am not a big fan of Sandler's movies, most of his stuff I find too over the top and sometimes even cruel. So I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy "50 First Dates" so much. The only other movie of his I liked was "The Wedding Singer", which also starred Sandler and Barrymore. I guess that is the recipe I need for a Sandler movie - add Barrymore. They have very good chemistry on the screen.

"50 First Dates" was funny - of course. But it was also touching and warm. Also liked Rob Schneider, as Sandler's friend he was funny and outlandish. The guy just cracks me up.

Not an outstanding movie, but it's entertaining and fun to watch. I felt good after watching it - that's enough. I give it a 7 (out of 10).

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What were they thinking?, 24 February 2003

Lilo & Stitch is quite possibly (no strike that), IS the worst Disney animated film I have ever seen!! It is just a bunch of video bites strung together - no plot, no point. Ol' Walt must have been thinking, "I gotta get back down there, it's falling apart."

I have seen most animated Disney pictures - the ones that came out when I was a kid and those that have come out since I became an adult, I can't remember any that are anywhere close to being this bad. Then I see that Ebert gave it 3.5 stars and it scores 85 on RottenTomatoes, what am I missing? But my wife agrees, there went an hour and a-half we will never get back.

Highly Disappointing, 21 October 2002

I have been looking forward to this movie ever since I learned that they were making it. The story of the Four Feathers is a beautiful story. But this movie was VERY disappointing. Anyone that does not already know the story will be very confused by this movie. It does a very poor job of really capturing the story. How can it just completely leave out the emotional impact of the love of Harry's life giving him the final feather? This is what pushes him to do what he does - to redeem himself in the eyes of Ethne. It is merely mentioned in passing in a conversation that it was she who gave Harry the fourth feather. Unforgivable!! In fact, in many ways the movie makes Abou Fatma the hero and Harry just a bumbling Englishman who benefits from Abou's successes. Now maybe this is closer to the truth of the British Empire in the late 1800's. But it is not true to this story.

If anyone wants to see a much better version of The Four Feathers, rent the 1977 TV movie with Beau Bridges in the role of Harry Favarsham. Or, read A.E.W. Mason's book.

Great . . . until the end, 29 January 2002

As my wife and I watched this movie, we were loving it. Spacey, Hunt, Osment and Caviezel were all very, very good. The story was sweet. Real uplifting.

Then we watched the last 15 minutes - why, why, why, why, did they have to end it the way they did? There was ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO!!!

This was a 9 until the end, then it became a 6 or 6.5. A movie I would wholeheartedly recommend to everyone -> to a movie I have to think hard about recommending to anyone.

Are you kidding!, 5 March 2001

This movie was absolutely terrible. Easily the worst movie Richard Gere has ever made. While he doesn't make fantastic movies, most of them are very watchable. This was an unbearable film.

Who could care about any of these rich, idle women? Whining all the time about nothing important. Gere mailed in this performance, it was just a paycheck.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen. (My wife said it was THE worst movie she has ever seen and she loves Richard Gere.)

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